Ayesha After the Prophet


Title: Aisha after the Prophet

Author: Kurt Frischler

Translator: Zabihullah Mansouri

Language: Farsi



Ayesha After the Prophet by Kurt Frischler
Aisha after the Prophet is a novel written by Kurt Frischler and translated by Zabihullah Mansouri, published by Amir Kabir, in 1343. The above book is a translation of a book entitled “Aisha, the beloved wife of Muhammad” (German: Aischa Mohammeds Lieblingsfrau). The book, written by Sabet Ibn Artat, the secret police of Mu’awiyah, the son of Abu Sufyan, deals with the “fixed” investigation into Aisha (wife of Muhammad, son of Abdullah, prophet of Islam, and daughter of Abu Bakr, the first caliph after the death of the Messenger of God). is. As we can see from the contents of the book, Aisha was directly and indirectly involved in all political events after the death of the Prophet of Islam.

To obtain information about Aisha’s life and report to Mu’awiyah, Sabet ibn Artat investigates the following people:

The names of Bint Um Amr (Um Amr was my Roman midwife, Aisha’s mother).

Shanfareh, an Arab poet whose job was to be a poet and a bandit.

Antar Ghulam Khadijeh, wife of Muhammad and later Ghulam Fatemeh, daughter of the Prophet of Islam.

Labid was a famous Arab poet who was Aisha’s cousin.

Musa ibn Abdullah, the custodian of the Kaaba during the period of ignorance and revelation.

Soodeh, the second wife of Muhammad.

Amr ibn Fahil, who was a shepherd, helped Muhammad and Abu Bakr hide in the cave.

Musa ibn Iskar, the senior cleric of the Jews of Medina.

Zaid Ghulam, the Prophet of Islam.

Amr Ghulam Umar ibn al-Khattab and later Ghulam Aisha and the Prophet of Islam

Hussein bin Ali, the third Imam of the Shiites

Abu Abbas, son of Abbas, uncle of the Prophet of Islam

Ibn Hisham, the scribe of Umar ibn al-Khattab, the second Sunni caliph

Salman Farsi, a companion of Iranian origin, the Prophet of Islam

Yalal Sarraf Ayesha

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