The obsessive love


Title: The Passage of Toxic Love

Author: Mina Fathi

Publisher: Liosa

Subject: Extreme love

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 408

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book The obsessive love by Susan Forward
The book “Passing Through Toxic Loves” by Susan Forward deals with emotional relationships between people. Humans are not always the same in the course of their lives and do not have the same feelings. Sometimes experiences and relationships between people discourage them and destroy love and affection, but misconceptions and misconceptions that people are always the same in their relationships, make it harder to leave the relationship.

“The obsessive love” by Susan Forward
The obsessive love

In her book, Dr. Susan Forward addresses the most important human issues, namely love and feelings and romantic relationships, especially in the form of extreme and unhealthy loves, which are the red lines of unpleasant and subtle romantic and pleasurable emotions and feelings. Most of Forward’s talk is about interpersonal relationships, written in plain language and suitable for everyone.

Two people who are no longer in love like before and are looking to leave but are hindered by the other person’s emotional behaviors are among the worst in the relationship. Irrational and stubborn behaviors or behaviors resulting from threats and humiliation that become very painful to face.

In the foreword to the book, Forward describes the life of Gloria and Jim, describing some of the hurtful behaviors: “Jim believed that Gloria did not inwardly want their relationship to end. How could he want such a thing ?!
The love between the two was very beautiful. According to Jim, Gloria was just a little scared because of Jim’s excessive love for her, which worried her. In fact, Jim thought that the love he gave to Gloria with such intensity was a rare and unique gem that few people get in life, and he was sure that sooner or later, Gloria would find the power and glory of this love and with “It will be easy to cope with.”

In these real-life examples, Dr. Forourad tries to articulate appropriate strategies and methods for readers so that they can return to normal life more easily.
The book “Passing Through Toxic Loves” is suitable for lovers and lovers of self-help books.

About the book “The obsessive love”

The book focuses on the obsessive behaviors and interpersonal relationships of people who no longer love each other and find it painful and difficult to separate.

He has also tried to identify the subject of love and affection with examples from the lives of real people, as well as extreme and unhealthy loves. Behaviors that become dangerous and harmful with this type of love and the parties are not willing to accept them.
The book has 13 chapters, which are: “Chest-loving lovers”, “Unparalleled god”, “Flood invasion”, “From pursuit to revenge”, “The complex of being a savior”, “The audience of obsessive lovers”, “The audience is also obsessive”, “When a breakup leads to violence”, “liberation from attachment and emotional obsession”, “obsession with the need to continue the relationship”, “ready to be liberated”, “dismantling the obsession”, “confronting the reality and nature of the relationship”, “disappearing” “Ghosts of the past”, “Keep your balance”.

In a part of the book entitled “Intruding to go to the house of the person in question” we read:
“Often, an obsessive lover gets to the point where repeated phone calls, patrolling, and wandering around his beloved’s house are not enough for him, and only make him more eager to meet him. So with all the creativity (and often stupidity) you have come up with to make and pay for my excuses, he suddenly finds himself behind that person’s house;

Excuses such as that he thinks he can not find something, that he may have left it in his house, or that he has passed by and said that he should stop and say hello, that he may have a problem and need guidance, or that he has borrowed a book before. Brought back.
Although in a romantic relationship none of this is a nuisance or harm to the person, but in a broken relationship, the person feels that the lover is obsessed with the toy and, as a result, reacts to such behaviors with more anger and rejection. Is.

As for Margaret, this extravagance continued until she once appeared behind the door of David’s house in a very untimely and inappropriate way. “One night he went to a single party with his friends and told me that he might call me himself after the party was over ….”

About the author of the book “The obsessive love”

Susan Forward is an American psychologist, therapist, and author. He was born in 1938. Forward has worked as a lecturer and consultant with many Southern California psychiatric institutions.

Interestingly, several books published by Susan Forward have been categorized in the New York Times bestseller list.
Forward’s works include “Toxic Mothers,” “Emotional Extortion,” “Toxic Parents,” “Toxic Wife Parents,” “Feminine Men,” and “Passing Toxic Love.”

Introduction Is it impossible to give up – despite the pain?
Are you eager for someone who is not physically or emotionally available to you?
Do you believe that if you love him enough, he should love you?
• When you feel insecure, does that make you want him more?
Do you find yourself calling over the phone or waiting for hours for the phone to ring?

I wish someone would let go of your hand?
Does not a lover or ex-spouse believe it is over?
Do you receive unwanted phone calls, letters, gifts or appointments?
Does this chase cause you so much anxiety that it affects your physical or emotional health?

In this valuable self-help guide, Dr. Susan Forward provides clear case histories as well as the true voices of men and women caught up in obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Whether you are obsessed or obsessed with such an obsession, here is a proven step-by-step program that shows you how to recognize “connection forcing”, what causes it, and how you can do it. Defeat yourself so that you can continue to build healthy, lasting and painless relationships.

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