Shoe dog


Title: Shoe dog

Author: Simon & Schuster

Translator: Anita Hajivand

Publisher: Atalay Watan

Subject: Business people, biography, history, sporting goods, industry and trade

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 456

Language: Farsi



Shoe Dog The open-toed shoe is one of the books recommended by Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.

The book begins with the narrative of an ordinary day in the life of an elephant who, in the city of Oregon, goes out to run and thinks of his city where nothing great has happened, and the important sentence given in this part of the book The main concept of the book is a sentence from his teacher who says:

Cowards never start and the weak die along the way and only we are left.

The whole story starts from a critical moment. Twenty-four-year-old Knight, traveling to Asia, Europe and Africa, struggling with the big questions in his mind, concludes that the unconventional path is the only way for him.

Instead of working for a corporation, he makes something entirely with his own hands; Something new, dynamic and different. Knight describes many of the deadly dangers he encountered along the way;

Breaking defeats, ruthless rivals, countless skeptics, vindictive and hostile bankers, as well as exhilarating victories and narrow escape routes. World War II has just ended and US-Japanese relations are improving, and Japan has been able to prove itself to the world as a new industrial hub.

So Phil Knight decides to go to Japan and become the sales representative of one of the most famous Japanese brands in America.

How to form and build the giant Nike company with just a $ 50 order, first-class staff selection, how to choose the name and design of the Nike logo, the bittersweet events of the Nike brand and… all and everything are described in this book.

Who is the author of the book?
Philip Knight, born in 1938 in the United States, is a distinguished businessman and philanthropist. He came up with the idea of ​​founding Nike in 1962, and after producing the shoes, he first started selling them himself.

He was born in a quiet place called Oregon in the United States and studied and graduated there. It currently owns one of the largest brands in the world, Nike, which is ranked 18th in the world.

In August 2018, Forbes named him the 26th richest person in the world. Phil Knight’s father played an important role in his life. His father opposes the elephant working in the Oregon newspaper office, forcing the elephant to look for another job.

This sparks the fact that the elephant has its own business. When Phil Knight had the idea for Nike, he was backed by his father’s $ 50 to go to Japan and put his idea into action.
Knight cleverly chose the name Nike for his dreams, which was the name of the god of victory in ancient Greek mythological literature. As if it brought legendary power to its brand.
By choosing this name he condemned himself to victory, do not be afraid of any defeat, the power of his faith made him believe that he will be the man of battles that will end in victory.
Phil Knight, the founder and founder of Nike, the 15th richest man in the world, has written in this amazing book the story of creating a brand to one: from living in an ordinary family to creating a billion-dollar Nike brand, the amazing path of the founder of one of the world’s largest companies; Conquer obstacles and overcome problems and move forward step by step. The path to improvement.

Regardless of what business you have or what fields you have studied. This book is the story of achieving desires and aspirations, the story of failure and returning from the depths of darkness of failure, the story of not wasting talent. This book is not just a guide for business people and management.

Rather, it is a readable biography for any reader who believes in himself and his dreams, a biography that teaches us to fight and not to give up. Every runner knows this.
You run and run for miles, without really knowing why. You say to yourself that you are doing this for a purpose or that you are looking for a crowd; But the real reason you run is that its replacement – standing – scares you to death.
Thus, on that morning in 1962, I said to myself: Let everyone say that ideas are stupid … You go on, it’s not. Do not even think about standing until you get there and do not think too much about where it is. What happened is not just.

It was an exceptional, predictive, and necessary piece of advice that I unexpectedly managed to give and take from myself. Half a century later, we now believe that this is the best or perhaps the only lesson we can and should give to ourselves and others.

The story goes back to one of my last classes; Seminar on Entrepreneurship. I had written a research paper on shoes, and it had gone from a normal task to a complete obsession.
As a runner, I knew one thing about running shoes. As a business expert, I knew that Japanese cameras had created a deep rift in the camera market, which was once dominated by the Germans.
Therefore, I wrote in my article that two Japanese shoes can have a similar effect. The idea caught my attention, then it inspired me and captivated me. This idea seemed clear, simple, and at the same time huge.
I had been working on that article for weeks. In the library, I read everything I found out about exports, imports, and the establishment of companies with exemplary craving.

Finally, in a very formal tone, I presented my article to classmates who were as bored as ever. Not a single person asked anything. They greeted all that love and excitement with sighs and empty eyes. The professor thought my crazy idea was a good idea, so he gave me a grade of A.

Open Shoes, Memoirs of Phil Knight (1938), American entrepreneur and founder of the Nike brand, is one of the most famous sports brands in the world. This book was selected as the best management book on Amazon in 2016.

In this book, Filneith, the founder of Nike and the 15th richest man in the world, tells the story of the emergence of the Nike brand. This book is the story of achieving desires and aspirations.
The guide to achieving everything from nothing is the guide to listening to the voice of the heart and pursuing aspirations.
The story of failure and the return from the dark depths of failure. The story of not giving up talents. This book is not only a guide for business people, but also useful for anyone who believes in themselves and their dreams. A biography that teaches to fight and not to give up.

The book Open Shoes tells the life of Phil Knight, an American entrepreneur and founder of the famous sports brand Nike, and depicts all his failures and victories until he reaches his ultimate goal. This book has been selected as the best management site on Amazon in 2016.

The story of the open-shoe book (Shoe dog: a memoir by the creator of Nike) begins with one of the normal days of the elephant; The day when he puts on his shoes like any other day and goes out for a daily run. He was very interested in running and always dreamed of becoming a great athlete. But this wish did not come true.

At the age of 24, despite his best efforts, he surrenders to this fact and then thinks about how he can feel like an athlete without being a professional and great athlete. It was at this time that the idea of ​​offering some kind of running shoes to Japanese shoe factories came to his mind.
The book Shoes Openly shows that in order to be successful, you do not have to be a certain person with a certain position or live in a certain place. This book is the story of achieving desires and aspirations, failing and rising, discovering talent and using it, and is not only a guide for business people and management, but also suitable for anyone who believes in themselves and their dreams.

In fact, the biography of Philip H Knight teaches you to fight and not give up on your dreams and goals.

Open Shoes is known as the best book in the field of management. Also, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, famous figures in business, considered it one of the best books of 2016. As Bill Gates puts it: “As a singer, you expect to be severely defeated throughout the story, while today, around the world, on every major street you walk on, the special Nike logo is shining.” .
This work is considered in the field of motivational books. Phil Knight’s simplicity and honesty overwhelm you and you want to be with him until the end of his life story. The book’s writing strangely gives you a sense of motivation and hope, and says that if you want to, you too can achieve great success like Phil Knight.

In a part of the book Open Shoes, we read:
When I finally got the point across with my dad and found the courage to talk to him about my stupid idea, I deliberately chose to do it early in the night. It was always the best time to talk to Daddy.

At this point, he relaxed and sat on the couch in front of the TV with his stomach full, stretching his arms and legs. I can still turn my head and close my eyes and hear the laughter of the audience and the squeaky songs of my favorite TV series Train and Rohid.

He was most interested in Red Buttons. Each episode began with the singing of a rejection: Haha, huh, oh, strange things are happening.
I sat down on one of the back seats, smiled halfway, and waited for the next business messages. I had practiced my speech over and over in my mind, especially the beginning. I mean, do you remember my stupid idea at Stanford …?

It was one of my last classes. It was a seminar on entrepreneurship. I had written research articles on shoes, and that article had turned from a normal task to a full-fledged intellectual preoccupation. Since I was a runner, I knew a lot about running shoes; Because I was interested in business.

I knew that Japanese cameras had taken over a large part of the market that had previously been dominated by the Germans. So in my article I mentioned that Japanese sneakers might be able to do the same.
The first idea was interesting to me, then it created a desire and motivation in me and finally I fell in love with it. In my opinion, it was a very obvious, simple, potential and very big idea.

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