129 German-Persian short story


Author: Parviz Zoljalali

Publisher: Associate Professor

Subject: German language teaching, German short story, Persian short story, German language

Age category: Adult

number of pages: –

Cover: Shameless

Language: Farsi



129 German-Persian short story by Parviz Zoljalali on the subject of teaching German. In this book, short stories are written in German and a Persian translation is inserted at the end of each story.

There is also an audio CD of the text of the book with the book so that readers can listen to the pronunciation of the book while reading it and improve their listening skills.

All the loved ones who have experience in learning foreign languages ​​said that it is good to learn a foreign language, not only by learning a word or going to a language class, but you should try different ways to learn The language took time.

One way to learn the language is to read short stories in the same language.
A different thing that has been done in this book is that the Persian translation of each story is written next to it, and the reader can, in addition to measuring his understanding by it, give the reader the opportunity to Get acquainted with the words and meanings of each word and in general with each sentence that is incomprehensible to him and get acquainted with new concepts.

Another way to learn the language is to watch the original language video with subtitles.

Of course, we recommend that the subtitle be in the same foreign language, but if you are one of those people who are just starting to learn the language, you can use your native language to help you understand these concepts to get started.

Learning a language through storytelling should be such that each meaningless word must be found in the dictionary and learned. It takes time to learn a foreign language, and it is not possible to just go to classes and learn vocabulary without constant communication and study. According to a friend, we have to mix so much with the language of our lives that we dream with that language.

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