Can’t hurt me


Title: You Can’t Hurt Me

Author: David Guggins

Translator: Mehrdad Yousefi

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Athlete, autobiography

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 304

Language: Farsi



You Can’t Hurt Me Overcome Your Mind and Make the Impossible, which is a New York Times and Amazon bestseller, depicts the biography of the world’s toughest man, David Guggins.

A man who, despite a difficult past, through hard work turned himself into a world-class endurance athlete and the face of the US Armed Forces.

In the book Can’t hurt me: master your mind and defy the odds, David Goggins tells the story of his bitter childhood days.

A black boy who is forced by his father to endure the most severe mental and physical torture, and poverty and depression erode him like sand for many years.

But fortunately the story does not continue with these sufferings and at a turning point David decides not to be a loser anymore. He tries to use all his strength and talent and succeeds.

Gugins shows you who you really are and what your abilities are. Surely you think you are aware of this;
But your belief does not show the truth. Denial is the biggest safe haven. Do not worry. You are not alone.

Around the world, in every country and city, millions of people walk the streets with soulless eyes like zombies, get used to it easily, consider themselves victims, and unaware of their abilities.

The truth is, you all make restrictive, habitual choices.

This is like a normal sunset, and like a fundamental gravity. This is how your mind is formed.

That’s why motivations disappear. Even the best motivational speech or self-help method has only a temporary effect.

They do not repair your brain system; They make your dreams bigger and do not make your life happier. Motivation changes almost no one.

Humans change by reading, getting used to, and reading stories.
With the help of the book you can not hurt me, you will understand what your mind and body will be able to do when you use your maximum capacity.
Understand how to achieve that capacity. When you are motivated, everything in your path becomes a fuel for your transformation, including racial discrimination, gender discrimination, injury, divorce, depression, obesity, misery, or poverty.

David Guggins is now recognized as a symbol of the United States Armed Forces and one of the world’s leading endurance athletes.

He is the only person to date who has successfully completed specialized training in the United States Navy, Army Ranger, and Tactical Air Controller.

With the help of this book, he tries to convince you to make the most of the capacity of your mind and body.

In other words, with the steps you have outlined, you can hasten success, pride and peace.

This book will be very useful and effective for all those who are unaware of their abilities and talents and also consider themselves victims of the circumstances around them.

Bookmarks You Can’t Hurt Me:

– David Gugins opens the door to pain, evil, darkness, and the worst, as well as the best of humanity, and the power of the human soul … and this is only in Chapter One.

If you are looking for a book that can inspire in a turbulent world, read this book. (New York Times)

– I have found that having people like this man is inspiring. Not everyone will experience the life of David Gugins, but he is proving that anyone can live that way if they have the right atmosphere. (Kelly Slater, Eleven-Time World Champion Surfer)

With the completion of David Guggins’s book, you will put aside your victim mentality. The place you go after reading the book is entirely up to you.
As a man with a big vacuum in his heart, he tells you that there is no excuse in life, only that there are reasons to try harder. (Jim DeFelice, Author of American Sniper)

In a part of the book, you can not hurt me, we read:

The food was good; But even though I was not more than six or seven years old, I knew that our family dinner was a formality and nonsense compared to other families.

In addition, we had to eat fast and not have time to enjoy it; Because the doors opened at seven o’clock in the evening and we no longer had the right to waste time.

We had to be in place and the equipment had to be ready.

My father was like a sheriff and he completely controlled us when he put his foot in the DJ room.

He examined the whole room with a keen eye. If we made a mistake, we would hear his screams or sometimes his fists.

That hall did not look special under the ceiling lights; But as he dimmed the lights, red decorative lights shone in the square and were reflected in the spinning mirrors, making the disco roller more attractive.

On weekends and nights, hundreds of skaters crowded in. Most came as a family, paying $ 3 for entry, half a dollar for skating, and entering the field.

I was in charge of renting skates and managing the entire station. I took the stool with me everywhere like an armpit. Without it, customers could not see me!

The big skates were under the counter and the smaller ones were high and I had to climb over the shelves, which made the customers laugh.

My mother was just a cashier receiving receipts.

For Tranis, money was everything. When people came in, he counted them and counted his income every moment, so when he went to the cash register after work, he knew almost inside.

It was in our best interest for the money to be in place.

Guggins begins the story with a description of the bitter days of his childhood. A black boy who has suffered the most severe mental and physical torture from his father.

Poverty and depression have dragged David Gugins down like sand for many years.

Fortunately, the story does not continue with the suffering of this black boy;
The turning point comes and David decides not to be a loser.

He tries to use all his ability and talent and succeeds.

David Guggins is now recognized as the symbol of the United States Armed Forces and one of the top endurance athletes in the world.

David Guggins is the only person to have completed specialized training in the United States Navy, Army Ranger, and Tactical Air Controller.

In this book, he tries to convince the reader to use the maximum capacity of his mind and body.

In fact, with the help of the steps outlined in this book, obstacles can be overcome and success, pride and peace can be welcomed.

Undoubtedly, the honest tone and intimacy of this book have a great impact on attracting the audience.

Who do we recommend reading the book You Can’t Hurt Me

We recommend reading this book to all those who are unaware of their abilities and talents and consider themselves victims of circumstances.

Sentences from the book can not hurt me
When I opened the door, the alarm sounded and I was shocked! I was dry.

I leaned against the wall and listened to his footsteps.

The sound of knocking on the stairs came and I knew I was done.

He came down the stairs, came to the inn in a towel, coffee, and a suit, and aimed his rifle at the front.

I could see the barrel of the gun coming out of the corner of the room slowly.

As soon as he came out of the corner of the room, he saw me standing six meters away; But he did not lower his rifle.

It targeted my eyes right in the middle. I stared straight at him, with pale faces. My feet were stuck to the floor.

No one else was home. Part of me was expecting him to pull the trigger.

At that time, I no longer cared whether I survived or died.

I was a tired and simple eight-year-old boy who was tired of being afraid of my father and disgusted with Scotland.

After a minute or two, he lowered his rifle and returned to the upper floor.

No blessing in life has been so overlooked and inevitable. I have shared this blessing many times and I have learned to be eager for it;
Because if you dissect your fractures well, you will find clues as to where you need to correct and how you will ultimately achieve your goal.

You can not let a simple failure take you off course or let it dominate you so much that it endangers your relationships with those close to you.

Everyone fails sometimes. Life is not supposed to be fair; Let alone accept any of your wishes.

For David Guggins, childhood was a nightmare. Poverty, discrimination and physical harassment colored his days and darkened his nights.

But with self-discipline, mental stubbornness and hard work, Guggins transformed himself from a depressed, overweight and hopeless youth into a symbol of the United States Armed Forces and one of the world’s top endurance athletes.

He is the only person in history to have completed elite training in the US Navy Special Forces, Army Rangers and Air Force Air Control Combat Team, and is seeking a record in a large number of endurance sports.

This is why Outside magazine named him “America’s Most Trained (Real) Man.”
In You Can’t Hurt Me, Guggins shares his amazing life story with us and reveals that most of us use only forty percent of our abilities.

Gugins’s story shows that anyone can reverse pain, overcome fear, and use their full potential.

Summary of the book Can’t hurt me: master your mind and defy the odds
Find your power
Many people escape the hardships and obstacles of life, while overcoming the hardships and coming out of them alive will increase the inner strength.

Hardship and pain make you a stronger version of yourself as long as you did not face that hardship, just like a weightlifter who does not find a six-limbed and muscular body by sitting on a bench and eating unhealthy foods, but by trying. Hard work and regular exercise and many other tasks are needed to become stronger.

If you have endured many hardships in life, instead of trying to take advantage of them, master them and think about how all these pains, challenges and sacrifices have made you stronger.

Take advantage of difficult life situations to move forward and overcome difficulties every day, this is where the power lies and you will get better every day.

Do not forget that if you do not struggle in life, life will be difficult for you and you will have no power against it.

40% rule
The 40% Rule David Guggins says you only do 40% of what you can really do in any situation while you know you can do a lot more.

There are many things inside you, monsters that you have never tried to hit, and among them is a governor who always forbids you from doing difficult and dangerous things so that you do not suffer more.

Overcome the inner governor
Governor is a concept that is often used in cars.

This tool restricts the flow of fuel and air inside the engine to prevent the car from overworking.

Without a governor, the car will move much faster than usual.

You also have in mind a governor who:
Knows your limitations
He constantly tells you not to take risks and to keep yourself away from hard work
It feeds on your sense of insecurity
If you want to have a great life, you need to know how the Governor will stop your mind and challenge your safe haven.

Look for pain, as if this is your job

This sentence is different from what most people tell you. You have to push yourself 10% more than you can normally do, which is difficult and painful, but with it, you can gradually control your inner governor.

Many of the things you want in life can only be achieved by challenging the safe zone, and this happens when you can deal with the pain and suffering of life.

According to Dr. Susan Jeffers, to have a great life, you need to expand your safe area, and to do this, you need to face your fears and overcome them.

Mirror of responsibility
One of the best ways to deal with a governor is to write down your goals in the mirror every day.

We all need constant reminders of our goals, otherwise the brain will follow simple and easy paths.

If you do not have a specific work plan for today, you may spend your day watching your favorite TV or game or entertain yourself with simple tasks.

But if you know exactly what you want, what you need to do to achieve it, and you write your responsibilities on the mirror, you will not have time to waste and you will try to achieve them at any moment.
With the mirror technique you are constantly asked questions like “Did you do what you said you would do?” Or “Are you pursuing the goals you set?” And خواهید you will encounter and you need to constantly analyze and review what you have done.

In the Mirror of Responsibility, Guggins also suggests that you identify the challenges you have to face and overcome every day, and then attack them.

The ultimate key to reaching your maximum
At one point in his life, David Guggins dropped out of SEAL training in the United States Navy because of medical problems. Re-enroll in SEAL training. How?

Gugins believed that he had to succeed because of his family, and especially the baby he was on his way to, it was not just for him, and these thoughts motivated him a lot.

He had to overcome the problems he had on his way, no matter what the problem.
Joining the Navy was his only mental choice, he had no college degree or anything special, so he re-enrolled in SEAL training and completed the entire training despite a broken shoulder and leg.

Guggins did this because he had forced himself to do so. Commitment is the ultimate key to achieving your maximum.

Either you commit to it or your life will force you to do it!

A prerequisite for great success
Gugins had pledged to do so before he could enroll in SEAL training, so he lost more than 45 kilograms in three months to qualify for training.

Do not think that you have to be prepared in every way before you start anything, but what is important in the first place is commitment, after you make a commitment, you will realize what is needed.

Gugins has always put himself in the position of asking, enrolling in training, competing, registering as CEO, and… he was committed to finding a way to success anyway.

Finally one day…
Many people hope that the day will come when they will have an easy life and their dreams will be fulfilled.

This way of looking at life is very dangerous because it makes you always think about shortcuts and, like many people, cultivate the mentality of winning, as a result of the pain, hardships, challenges and struggles that come your way. You are far from achieving your dreams, you will never taste real growth and you will not achieve what you set out to achieve.

After Gugins broke the Guinness World Record for the longest 24-hour sit-in, many praised and celebrated him, but for him that moment was just another time to take on another difficult challenge.

This is the mindset we should have in life, we should start from scratch every time and know that our work never ends, every day is a new battle that we should try to win.

Callus closed mind
You have probably seen in weightlifting, due to the friction of the hand with the weights, the athlete’s palm closes the callus, and the heavier the weights, the more the calluses become.

Guitarists also face this problem, and their fingers become calluses due to excessive contact with the hard surface of the guitar.

Calluses may cause pain, but it is because of them that the weightlifter can lift heavy weights and the musician can play pleasant songs.

In life, too, you have to do something difficult to do, your mind will be closed, because no lofty goal can be achieved without difficulty, and to achieve that, you must leave your comfort zone every day.

The golden sentences of the book Can’t hurt me: master your mind and defy the odds
You are in danger of a very comfortable and safe life, a life in which you die without even realizing your true potential.
No one intends to help you, no one will come to save you.
We are either getting better or worse.
Pain opens a hidden door inside the mind that leads to a peak of efficiency and beautiful silence.
Your most important conversations are the conversations you have with yourself.
What separates me from almost everyone else is that I did not allow desire to dominate me easily.
Everyone fails sometimes in their life, life is not supposed to be fair.
I do not stop when I am tired, but when I finish.

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