Title: Shirin

Author: Modabpour

Translator: –

Publisher: neyriz

Subject: Persian story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 825 p

Language Farsi

Categories: ,


Shirin written by the author named and the owner of the pen “M. Modabpour” is a story about two characters named Armin and Babak who have a family relationship (cousin). Armin and his cousin emigrated from Iran to continue their education many years ago, when they were part of the prosperous families of the society and grew up according to the customs there. In addition, these two people are in a good financial position.

In general, “M. Modabpour” at the beginning of the book intends to challenge the cultural differences of countries and their customs and, in a way, their fate …

The story of “Shirin” begins on a night when Babak invites a number of his friends to their shared house with Armin.

Since they were from two different cultures together …….

Excerpts from the sweet book (text pleasure)

I am Armin Research. About six or seven years ago, we left Iran with my cousin, Babak Sotoudeh, to continue our education. During this time, we both live in a stylish apartment. Our father is financially very well, tonight Babak invited some of his friends to our house, although I was not bored at all.
Babak Armin! What blind owl did you come to in the bedroom ?! My head hurts. Let me sleep for half an hour, then I will come myself. Babak Doo, you have been sleeping for one thousand five hundred years to take away all our treasury! At least stay awake for a while! پاشوپاشو Ugly. The children are upset (sweet)

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