Title: Rebecca

Author: Dafteh de Moriah

Translator: Zahra Sardarian

Publisher: Aso

Subject: English story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 456 p

Language Farsi



Rebecca is a novel by Daphne Dumourier (1907-1989), an English author, published in 1938. Many consider this work by Jane Eyre to be the best work of the author.

Daphne Dumourier’s famous book Rebecca is a classic romance novel that has been very well on the shelves of bookstores for the past 80 years and continues to attract the attention of book lovers. Join us to find out why Rabeh Ka’s book is so popular and why you can enjoy reading it after 80 years.

Rabeh Ka is Daphne Dumourier’s famous work, much influenced by Jane Eyre’s story, which, if it is, has a unique and strong narrative character.
Rabeh Ka is the story of vice versus innocence; That no moral thing is at first sight what is visible and only the passage of time that tells us who is in the role of the devil and who is the angel.

Rabeh Ka is the story of the life of an honest and chaste girl who marries a rich man and with this marriage, has inadvertently entered the strange and complicated fate of her husband, Mr. Maxim Duvinter. Maxim Devinter is a wealthy and noble man who has just lost his wife and lives alone on his personal property. The young girl, whose name is not explicitly mentioned throughout the story, was originally the mistress of a wealthy and well-to-do woman named Mrs. Wa Hopper, who met Mr. DuVinder during one of her travels with her servant. Mr. Devinter, who is heartbroken to see her, proposes to the young girl.

The continuation of the story is in fact the culmination of the narrative; As the young woman seeks to discover the identity of the former lady of the palace, Rabeh Ka, and intends to behave like her. The main challenge and conflict of the story is formed in this part of the story, which keeps the reader eager to read the rest of the story.
The book begins with one of the most famous beginnings in the history of literature: “Last night in a dream I saw that I set foot in Mandrel again” and is narrated by a young woman whose name we do not understand until the end of the story and is known only as Mrs. Duvinter. It becomes. The story is about a young servant woman who meets a rich man and the young man proposes to her.

After living for a while, the young girl realizes that the young man has lost his beautiful wife in an accident, and the course of the story reveals the secret that the young man, an attractive and deceased woman, is a corrupt and lustful woman, and the night he waits for his lover. Suddenly, she confronts her husband and is killed by him after giving false news of her pregnancy, and her husband, Mr. Maximilian Dovinter, drowns her body in the sea with her personal boat.

A year later, when the body of Rabbi Ka Maxim Dovinter was found, he was dragged to the trial table. The burning of the palace of a rich man and the revelation of the secret of his charming and beautiful wife is a sign of the hidden and half-hidden truths of human existence, which is adorned with a glorious appearance. While inside this dazzling appearance, people are tormenting and tormenting each other, and none of these truths come to the eyes of the simple-minded and outward-looking people who look at it from the outside of this life.

Narrator: Maxim DeVinder’s second wife, who is the narrator of the story, but his name is not mentioned in the story.

Maxim Duvinter: Owner of Manderley; At the beginning of the novel, he has just lost his beautiful wife.

Rabeh Ka: Maxim DeVinder’s ex-wife, she is described as a beautiful and intelligent woman, and her fate is mysteriously revealed throughout the novel.

Ms. Denver: Mandela’s senior employee, whose character is sinister, is heavily dependent on Rebecca throughout the novel.

The most famous adaptation of this work is the film Rebecca starring Lawrence Olivier, which Alfred Hitchcock made in 1940 and won an Oscar.

This book has been translated into many languages ​​of the world. Hassan Shahbaz, Nazgol Nikouei and Maryam Eskandari and Mohammad Sadegh Sibt al-Sheikh are among its translations in Iran.

Is this book for you?
Rabeh Ka’s book has a fascinating story that fascinates every reader; So that not even a page can be skipped. Another feature of this book is its unique and perfect atmosphere. Dumourie connects you with the storyline and the atmosphere in it in such a way that you can easily create a space in your mind, all the events of the story and find yourself inside the property of DuVenter and next to its young wife.

This book is suitable for those who want to make them interested in books and reading for the first time; Therefore, it can be the best gift for first graders.

The story of Rabeh Ka has also attracted the attention of filmmakers because of its charm. In the meantime, the late Alfred Hitchcock has masterfully portrayed it, which I suggest you enjoy.

Excerpts from Rebecca’s book
How good it was to invent a device that kept memories in a bottle like perfume. From then on, they did not fade or become obsolete, and whenever you wanted, you would open the bottle door and it was as if you were living the moments again.

We can never go back; There is no doubt about that. The past is still very close. The things we want to forget and leave behind come to life again, and that sense of mysterious fear and unrest that gradually leads to blind and unreasonable horror may, as in the past, suddenly become our constant companion.

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