Beyond the curve


Title: Rape

Author: Kobo Abe

Translator: Ali Ghaderi

Publisher: Morvarid

Subject: Japanese short stories

Age category: Adult

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Beyond the curve
In the book Beyond the curve, Kobo Abe, the best-selling Japanese author, tells the story of people who find themselves in unusual and unrealistic situations and are forced to challenge their identities. The Yumuri Prize-winning book shows many signs of Kafka’s influence.

About the book Beyond the curve:

Kobo Abe first published this collection of short stories in 1991, and it includes readable and surreal stories that have a similar framework: the average person is confronted with an unusual and nightmarish world and is forced to identify himself. Challenge and question. For example, one of the stories in the book Beyond the Curve is when a man returns from work and encounters a foreign body in his house. He tries to get rid of the body but eventually realizes that he played a significant role in the death of the stranger. In another story, the situation is similar, and Abe tells the story of a man who realizes that he has become a rare plant and is present in a garden.

With this readable book, Abe combines the Yumuri Prize and combines the elements of science-fiction and suspense fiction, giving you a fascinating and extraordinary concoction.

Beyond the curveBook Excerpts:

– A fun and amazing work. (Library Journal)
– The mesmerizing stories of Kobo Abe. (The New York Times)
With this collection, Abe establishes his position as one of the most important modern writers in Japan. (Publishers Weekly)

Who is the right Beyond the curve book?
If you are interested in literature, especially Japanese short stories, do not miss the opportunity to read this fascinating book.

Learn more about Kobo Abe:
The author, originally named Kimifosa Abe, was born in 1924 in Tokyo. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Manchuria and entered medical school at the request of his father, but his education was incomplete due to mental problems and a period in a psychiatric hospital. Abe turned to peddling during the war and published his stories at his own expense.

Influenced by Western literature and familiar with schools such as Surrealism and Existentialism, this prominent author adopted a different style of Japanese literature; Many critics compare his stories to those of Edgar Allan Poe and Kafka. There is a consistent content in Abe’s plays and fiction, which is the issue of self-alienation and identity.

Among Abe’s works, we can mention women in flowing sand, faces, friends, and so on. Not to mention that he has received awards such as Akutagawa in 1951, Yumi Yuri in 1962 and Tanizaki Prize in 1967 in his literary career.

In a part of the book Rape, we read:

My fiancé and I went out for lunch. I forgot too late that I did not have money with me. My ears were red. I was wondering what could be done when my fiancé saved me and said, “Today I will count.” From early morning until then it was the only happy thing I heard!

My fiancé took a picture of you from his bag and gave it to me and said, “I just took this picture. “Put it next to the previous photo.”

It was more beautiful and attractive than the photo that the intruders had taken from my bag. I thanked him. I wanted to tell her everything, but a feeling told me to hold her hand for now; Maybe it was because I still did not know everything; Now, there was no reason for me to worry about it; He could not do anything …
After separating from my fiancé, I felt very lonely. My mind was disturbed and I did not feel any progress in the situation …

The bowl of my patience was full. Over time, my face lit up and my will to fight grew stronger. I promised myself to go back home and leave their rights in the palm of their hands …

Before I left the office, I went to my fiancé … As usual, he expected me to have a drink or whatever; But without any introduction, I put my salary envelope on the table and said: “Can you take this home and keep it for me …?! Indeed, tomorrow is Sunday; Do we agree to go to the cinema …? “So I’m waiting for you to follow me.”

Index of the book

About the author
Legal violation
The crime of Mr. S. Karma: A summary of a long work
Irrelevant death
Special Envoy
Imaginary soldier
Interview with Kobo Abe

Another part of the book Rape

I encouraged myself and said that over time, this problem will be solved like many other problems, and after I understand what the problem is, I realize that it was a trivial matter and I was worried. It was the easiest way I could calm myself down. At seven-thirty, hearing the whistle of a factory not far from where I lived, I realized it was time to go to the office …

I came, I just had to pick up my bag and I usually did not have anything important to put in my bag and take with me to the office, and I only held it because it was so stylish; You may be surprised, but I paid for it for three months!

I looked around the house. Within minutes, I searched carefully to make sure my bag was gone. I told myself that someone had probably entered the house and since he could not find anything to eat, he just took the bag and took it with him …

I ran out of the house and decided to go to the police station first and report my bag missing; But suddenly I forgot that I forgot my name. How could I enter the police station without my name and details; If they asked my name, what would I answer …?!

I said to myself, shouldn’t my name have been stolen ?!

This feeling of surprise gradually turned to anger and then to astonishment …

At the same time, and of course empty-handed, I moved towards the office. It was rush hour in the streets and cars and people were going crazy. Without a name, I felt lonely and helpless! This was the first time I walked in the city without a name! I was shy and I had lost my self-confidence, I felt the emptiness in my chest was getting bigger and bigger …
I forced myself to remember my name one more time, but to no avail. As if I never had a name! I decided to go back to the bittersweet memories of the past so that maybe one of them would make me remember my name; I remembered the events and the words word for word moment by moment, but it seemed that the places where my name should have been mentioned had also disappeared from my memories! The more I knocked on this door and that door, the more frustrated and of course I became confused …

I arrived at the office late. As soon as I arrived, I entered the reception room and checked the names of the staff;

Fortunately, I had not forgotten my position in the office and I went straight to my name; Third row from the left, second name: S. Karma

S. Karma … I tried to remember that name and I repeated it several times; But every time I mentioned my name, I did not have the passion of someone who uttered something and suddenly remembered it!

So I was beginning to doubt whether this was really my name or not ?!

I nodded so that maybe this confusion would leave my head and come to myself; But not only was it useless, I also felt that the hole in my chest was getting bigger …
I decided to get out of these things and  I convinced myself that the name had nothing to do with me and that something had probably gone wrong. Then I moved to my room on the second floor; The door to the room was wide open and I could see the table from the hallway. My bag was next to my desk! I told myself that I must have left it yesterday when I left. I was thinking about my bag when I reached the front of the room. It was unbelievable; Suddenly, someone quite like me appeared …!

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