Nader Shah


Title: Nader Shah

Author: Sadegh Reza Zadeh Shafaq

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Publisher: Tosaku

Subject: Nader Shah Afshar

Age category: Adult

Cover: hardcover

Number of pages: 264 p

Language: Farsi

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Nader Shah should be named one of the most famous kings of Iran.

An explanation about Nader Shah Afshar states:

Nader Shah Afshar (born 1067 AD in Dargaz – killed in 1126 in Quchan) who was called Nader Gholi before his reign,

Nicknamed Tahmasb Gholi Khan from the Afshar tribe of Khorasan, who was the king of Iran from 1114 to 1126 and the founder of the Afshari dynasty.

He is one of the most famous kings of Iran after Islam.

The repression of the Afghans and the expulsion of the Ottomans and Russia from the country and the restoration of Iran’s independence as well as the conquest of Delhi and Turkestan and his victorious wars made him very famous.
He is also the last conqueror and conqueror of Asia. Nader then goes to war with foreign enemies

And drove the Russians out of northern Iran, but during the war with the Ottomans, who occupied western Iran, he noticed an insurgency in eastern Iran and left the war half-finished and settled down.

“Shah Tahmasb Safavid, given Nader’s growing power and fame, and with the intention of asserting his existence, pursues his war with the Ottomans in order to retake Yerevan, but is severely defeated.”

Learn more about the author of Nader Shah Afshar’s book:
Sadegh Rezazadeh Shafaq was born in 1271 in Tabriz

He completed his primary education at the Tabriz School of Education and his secondary education at the Memorial School (American School) in Tabriz.

Coinciding with the shooting of the parliament by Mohammad Ali Shah in 1287 Sadegh Rezazadeh Shafaq with a group of classmates and like-minded people led by a young American teacher

Howard Baskerville himself formed a group called the Salvation Army and joined the Constitutional Mujahideen.

Until in one of the ambushes on April 3, 1288, Baskerville was shot and killed.

After the conquest of Tehran by the constitutionalists and the establishment of the constitutional government, Sadegh Rezazadeh, who was still an American school student

With a few libertarians, they formed an association called the Patriot Population

And published Shafaq newspaper under the management of Agha Rezazadeh, Sadegh’s father, from September 2012

Which was published once a week and Sadegh Rezazadeh wrote major articles

And so the word aurora was added to his last name.

Summary of Nader Shah Afshar’s book by Sadegh Rezazadeh Shafaq
One of the great disasters that had a great impact on the history of ancient Iran, such as the passage of dome ships that stir the ocean.

It exposed our whole country to developments and once again brought the Iranian nation through the whirlpool of terrible waves of events

And he set up seditions, wreaked havoc and caused bloodshed

But in the end, the Iranian nation has been free and victorious since such an exhausting time

Although worn out and painful, the income was the emergence of a brave brave countryman named Nader Shah.

Rare ancestors were from the Gharghalu tribe of Afshar, and his tribe, like other tribes in the Khorasan region, lived in summer and winter and lived a primitive life.

Nader was born on the 28th of Muharram, 1100 AH, and on the 24th of Shawwal, 1148, that is, at the age of forty, he established the Iranian crown.

And was killed in 11 Jamadi al-Akhr 1160, and it can be said that throughout his life he was sixty.

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