Title: Monochrome

Author: Shapoor Bakhtiar

Translator: Mahshid Amir Shahi

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: History, Forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 271 p

Language: Farsi

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Monochrome is the title of a book written by Shapur Bakhtiar, the last Prime Minister of the Constitutional monarchy in Iran, first written and published in 1982 in French under the title: Ma fidelite (meaning loyalty) and its primary purpose was to inform non-Iranians about The events of the Iranian Revolution (1978).

This book, after some time under Bakhtiar’s supervision, was translated into Persian by Mahshid Amirshahi, an Iranian writer and journalist, entitled “Monochrome”.

Bakhtiar considers this book as a service that he has done to enlighten the minds of foreigners while fighting relentlessly against the enemies of Iran.

All rights to the author of this book have been donated to a charitable foundation.

Learn more about Shapur Bakhtiar’s monochrome author:
Shapur Bakhtiar (July 25, 2012 Shahrekord – August 6, 1991 Paris) Iranian politician, former Secretary General of the Party of Iran, expelled member of the National Front of Iran, founder of the National Resistance Movement of Iran (in 1980) and the last Prime Minister of Iran before the 1979 Iranian Revolution Was.

On December 6, 1978, an agreement was reached with the Shah on a prime minister.

After being accepted by the Prime Minister, in the meeting of the Central Council of the National Front of Iran, Bakhtiar was expelled for non-observance of organizational discipline, violating the previous resolutions of the Central Council (regarding the illegality of the Pahlavi monarchy).

And without obtaining permission from the Central Council of the National Front to head the government, was voted and with the vote of the overwhelming majority of members, Bakhtiar was expelled from the National Front.

Summary of Shapur Bakhtiar’s monochrome book
The Shah told me a few days before his departure from Iran:

“I can not stand the writing of vulgar words about me on the walls.”

I [= Bakhtiar] answered:

“If His Holiness gives me five or six days, this situation will change.”

That night I told TV reporters:

“With the exception of Mossadegh’s short term as prime minister,

For forty years, there has not been a prime minister in Iran who has the courage to take on all his responsibilities.

Today I have to tell you that I take on all the responsibilities.
If things go awry, you have to attack me.

I do not take refuge behind any official, the government is responsible to the nation.

Five days later, the king said to me:

“They do not write anything against me on the walls anymore, but your service is good !!”

“The rule is the same,” I replied.

I do not think anyone has said that to him in the past.

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