More insane than Farhad


Title: More insane than Farhad

Author: M. Baharloui

Publisher: Hanging Mind

Subject: Persian story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages:  P 1528

Language: Farsi

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More insane than Farhad is a novel by “Masoumeh Baharloui” which has been published in two volumes by Mind Hang. This long story takes the reader on a journey of 1,500 pages and accompanies him for days. “Mader than Farhad” is about a girl’s life, contrary to the names mentioned in the title, both of which are male love myths in Iranian stories. A girl named Perry, with a past so hard and deadly, that her trace has remained on her mind and soul forever and has made her sick. This difficulty and disease is so great that every time he remembers the past, his body becomes depleted of strength and power and disappears.

Perry is doomed to have a strong memory, and this memory is the punishment that tortures her. One of the wonders of Perry’s memory is that she sometimes remembers things that happened in her absence. He lost his parents as a child; His father left his wife and children when he was the only little girl, five years old, and pursued another love. Despite the rich wealth of the father, his children live in poverty and suffering due to poverty, but this is not the only hardship of a full life. The death of the father comes and this time it is the turn of the mother to deal a double blow to them.
Perry is an intelligent girl who would have been even more capable if it were not for the suffering of life. While studying, he worked as a secretary in his brother’s company, but there he met a man named Mehrab. A dry man with a cold personality who constantly has a fight between him and Perry. But who knows what fate has in store for him? Is the fairy’s fate influenced by her interest in the altar? “Masoumeh Baharloui” in “Mader than Farhad” reveals this issue.

Excerpts from the book Mader Than Farhad (2 volumes)

As a kid, I used to love being like water, always flowing. Wherever I go, I take greenery and freshness with me. Water was my life pattern; The water that is full of purity and freshness, clear, so clear that it becomes the mirror of a village girl when it blooms behind her ear. Children are strange but lovable creatures. They are not looking for material things, if they have a hundred gold earrings, then the two cherries that they listen to are worth all the gold in the world. Children are like water full of joy, but if this water is blocked, if the events go hand in hand to stop the movement, that water becomes a swamp that others can not even bear.

I looked at the profile. He continued: You find yourself in a small lonely stream that is far away from everyone, alone, very lonely, but you do not know that the other small lonely streams follow in your footsteps and in the end everyone reaches the sea; You are a stream. Amin is another stream; Isn’t Amin alone? Aren’t all your family members alone? But you all make the sea. A big sea called family that you can join with others and be alone. But being a swamp is hard, you know you are alone until the end until you are dry.

I heard a voice behind me saying: Do not you want help? I was about to fly away from happiness. It was Fariba. I said: God, you will be sent to me from the sky. Farzaneh laughed and Farhad, who had just reached us. He said: What is going on here? Fariba turned around with a smile and looked at her and said: My aunt is behind the red light and can not pass. Ms. Peri says when you go inside, tell Ahmad Agha to come and help him. Farhad said: “Our lady fairy was underestimated. Mojtaba and I specialized in rescue and rescue. Come on, Mojtaba, we have to deliver a shipment to our destination.”

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