The Count of Monte Cristo


Title: Thr Count of Monte Cristo

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Translator: Zabihullah Mansouri

Publisher: Book Gallery

Subject: Literature – Foreign Story

Number of pages: 2491

Cover: Hard

Language: Farsi

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The Count of Monte Cristo is the work of Alexandre Dumas

Reading adventure and historical novels is indescribably fascinating and exciting for most people. Books that we always give priority to other people in our list of offers. “The Three Musketeers” and Kenneth Monte Cristo are among the most famous books in this category, which have made Alexander Dumas world famous.

The book by Count Monte Cristo has a fluid, unique and at the same time adventurous story. In this book, many stories are intertwined, in the heart of which there is also a psychological aspect. No doubt, after reading a few pages of Count Monte Cristo, you will be so absorbed in the story that you will not miss a moment of the book.

Synopsis of Kenneth Monte Cristo
The story of Count Monte Cristo takes place at the end of the reign of “Napoleon”. Edmond Dantes is a mysterious young prisoner with many faces. He has just started his business and plans to marry his childhood friend, a girl named “Mercede”. But on his wedding day, he separates from his mistress with “Mercede” on charges of betrayal and espionage, and of course the jealousy of those around him, and is exiled to a remote and scary prison from which no one has come out alive.

Dante’s imprisonment is for the political purposes of a young and ambitious judge named Wilfor, who is involved in the indictment. In prison, Dantes constantly thinks about his innocence and why he is in prison and decides to take revenge. He manages to escape from prison and finds a treasure, this is the beginning of the struggle for liberation.

The subject of death in the book of Count Monte Cristo
One of the interesting things we see in Kenneth Monte Cristo’s novel is the death of the characters in different ways. Death with guns, strokes, poison or swords is seen in this story and in different parts of the story we see that Kent watches the brutal and cruel murders with coldness and indifference.

Throughout the novel, Dumas repeatedly speaks of the fascination of death, pointing out how eager people are to watch death. “There is no scene in life more fascinating than the scene of death,” Dumas emphasizes in part of Kenneth Monte Cristo’s book. The reader of the book, willingly or unwillingly, enjoys following the deaths of Duma’s story and waits to see if Kenneth Monte Cristo will take his revenge or not, and it no longer matters how bloody this revenge is.

About Alexander Dumas
Alexandre Dumas, the famous French writer, was born in 1802 in Wheeler Coutret and was the son of a French general. After completing his education, Alexandre Dumas worked as a secretary in an office because of his beautiful handwriting. Duma’s father explained the details of the French Revolution to Alexander, and later in his novels he was able to create the exciting and terrifying atmosphere of the period with his unique pen.

In addition to novels, Alexandre Dumas also wrote plays. After the publication of The Book of Count Monte Cristo in 1850, high book sales turned Alexandre Dumas into a great billionaire, who built a palace of gold called the Count of Monte Cristo in France. The doors of this palace were always open for friends and strangers, but in the end, due to extravagance and extreme generosity, it was emptied and its creditors sold his palace. It is interesting to know that the word revenge is still used in Europe with the name of Count Monte Cristo.
In 1851 the Duma went to Brussels, where he wrote memoirs of his life. He then returned to Paris to work as a journalist. Secondly, in the last years of his life, he faced financial and family problems and loneliness. The great writer died on December 5, 1870, at the age of sixty-eight at the home of his son, who later became a great writer, in the city of Deep.

Works of Alexander Dumas
During his writing career, Alexandre Dumas wrote many valuable and dramatic works, each of which became famous in his time. One of the most important works of this French author, which is still very popular all over the world after Kenneth Monte Cristo, is the beautiful novel “The Three Musketeers”.

It can be said that the main style of Alexander Dumas in all his books is a story based on dialogues between characters. Most of Duma’s books are dialogues between characters, but it can be clearly said that each of these sentences adds to the reader’s historical knowledge and information.
Other literary works published by Alexandre Dumas include “Queen Margo”, “Joseph Balsamo”, “Motsuro’s Necklace”, “The Forty-Five Guards”, “God is the Maker”, “The Exiles”, ” He mentioned “Red Sphinx”, “Leaning Tower”, “Amouri”, “Black Tulip”, “Travel Impacts”, “Hell Pit”, “Ascanius” and “Love Dove”.

Adapted from the story of Kenneth Monte Cristo
Many films and series are based on the story of Kenneth Monte Cristo, the most recent film of the same name being a film directed by Kevin Reynolds, which was released in 2002.

Translations of Count Monte Cristo in Iran
Alexandre Dumas’s books have always been popular with readers around the world because of their fascination and thrill. There are many translations of this magnificent work in Iran. Translation of “Mohsen Farzad” from “Ofogh”, translation of “Mohammad Taher Qajar” from “Samir”, translation of “Parvin Adib” from the publication of the book “Parseh”, translation of “Mohammad Taher Mirza Eskandari” from “Hermes” and translation Zabihullah Mansouri “from” Negarestan “publishing house are readable translations of the beautiful book of Kenneth Monte Cristo.

We read in parts of the book “Count of Monte Cristo”
When Dantes found out that his friends had deceived him, he vowed to take revenge on them, but Faria’s father was upset. He shook his head and said, “Revenge is wrong. “I’m really sorry I helped you.” Dantes smiled bitterly and said, “Father! “Let ‘s talk about other things.” The next day, they talked about different things. Dants was very interested in learning.

Farba’s father taught him things about mathematics, science, history, other languages, literature and medicine. Danz knew a little Italian, but after about six months he was able to speak Spanish, English and German. A year later, Dantes had learned so much that no one believed he was a normal sailor. Danes, a gifted young man and Faria’s father, was a very skilled teacher. “In another year, you will learn everything I know,” Faria’s father once told him. Two years after the acquaintance, the two prisoners again thought of escaping and digging a tunnel that would lead to the tunnel of their cells.
According to the new plan, the tunnel reached under a corridor guarded by a guard. Then they dug a pit and covered it so that the guard could fall into it. They then caught him and tied his hands and feet, and escaped through the window of the corridor that faced the sea, using the rope ladder of Faria’s father. The next day, digging began. Gradually, Dantes gave up his morals and rude behavior as a result of living with Faria’s father, and, like the educated and noble, he became a polite and dignified young man.

Less than a day after Andre was imprisoned, he was told that someone had come to see him. Poor Andre was constantly thinking about his misery during this time. Eventually he came to the conclusion that this situation would not last long. “A strong man is behind me,” he said to himself. They gave me a lot of money at once. Then I met all the rich and aristocratic people. Then I was about to marry the daughter of a rich money changer.
So surely someone is interested in me. But who? Kenneth Monte Cristo? You mean Kent loves me? Kent must be my real father. A father I have never seen. Now someone has come to see me. He must have come to say that Kent would arrange my release from prison soon. But when he entered the waiting room, he was surprised to see a man he had not seen in ten years. “Good morning,” said Bertuccio. “You?” Andre said, looking around in horror. You ?! ” – You were not happy to see me? “Why are you here?” Said Andre. “Who sent you?”

No one.

How did you know I was in prison?
I’m Kent’s servant. Some time ago, when you came to your house, I knew you.
“Oh, so he sent you, Kent?” Said Andre, happy. “Well, tell me about your father.”
Bertuccio asked: “Father ?! “So who am I?”
Count Monte Cristo is one of the most adventurous stories of Alexandre Dumas, so that every time we read a book, we are faced with a new story. The story of the book takes place at the end of Napoleon’s reign. A 19-year-old sailor named Edmund Dantes has fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Mercede.

This book is one of the most famous classics in the world, which at the time of its first publication was among the best-selling books of the year. The main content of The Count of Monte Cristo is to show the contrast between revenge and forgiveness and strength and weakness.
Edmund Dantes, a imprisoned sailor and mysterious traveler with several faces, wants to destroy the aristocracy of Paris with his legendary riches. On the day of his marriage in 1815, Dantes was imprisoned in the port of Marseilles on the false charge of supporting Napoleon, and was imprisoned for fourteen years for slandering his love rival, Fernand, and his business rival, Danglars. Politician is a young and ambitious judge named Wilford who is involved in his imprisonment.

In the dungeon, several years after his imprisonment, he discovers that another prisoner is digging to escape from prison. Eventually, he also works and discovers that he is Abe Faria, an Italian priest and scientist. Abe Faria gives him a map of the rich treasure of Monte Cristo Island.

But Abe dies just before they can finalize their escape plan. With a very clever plan, Dantes escapes from prison, obtains treasure, goes to Paris, and takes terrible revenge on his three bloodthirsty enemies. Dantes transcends all human and divine laws and, like destiny, becomes ruthless and unwavering.
This book can still be interesting for readers due to its richness of strange innovations and thanks to its clarity and honesty of expression. The strangest stories are told in this work. The author does not care about exponential truth. His style is generally smooth and dynamic. However, many parts of the book contradict the psychological truth of the characters and the possibility of events. The novel’s unparalleled fame continued with a play based on which the author himself arranged and staged.

Alexandre Dumas, a French general, based on the many documents he obtained, created enduring novels, all based on French history. He is one of the most famous French writers of the 19th century, who rose to fame for his adventure and historical novels such as The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo.
He wrote The Count of Monte Cristo in 1844. Duma, with the power of his pen, has dealt with real characters in the form of a readable novel in order to write an exciting novel. Alexandre Dumas died in 1970 after 68 years in France. However, about 213 films and series have been made based on his novels. Kenneth Monte Cristo has often been the subject of adaptations of various film and television works.

In a part of Count Monte Cristo’s book you read:
The smugglers welcomed the other occupants of the boat that had entered Monte Cristo. They delivered a shipment of Turkish-made carpets to them and received their regular wages, one hundred francs per person. Edmund, like everyone else, got paid, but smiled; Because the smallest piece of jewelry in his handkerchief was worth ten times as much as the crew received.

When they anchored in Leghorn again, Edmund informed the captain that he had no plans to continue the voyage. The captain offered him twice the usual salary, but Edmund thanked him and refused. Seeing Jacopo’s confused face, Edmund pulled him aside and said, “My savior. I want to suggest you. I need someone like you, someone who is loyal and has a secret. “Will you work with me?”

Jacopo’s face parted. “What could be better?” So that’s right. “As I guessed, you are not just a sailor!”
“I really enjoyed traveling on this smuggling ship. “But in addition to the other things I know, I am also a sailor … Now take your belongings and wait for me in the city square.”
Edmund walked over to the jeweler and the gem dealer’s house and showed him four small diamonds for sale. The broker was accustomed to being indifferent to what was being offered to him, but his eyes sparkled when he saw the four diamonds. He did not ask Edmund any questions. Even where did little boatmen like him get these jewels? He immediately gave Edmund forty thousand francs and told him to come to him whenever he had jewelry to sell.

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