A Study of Provincial Life


Title: Middle March: The Story of a City

Author: George Elliott

Translator: Reza Rezaei

Publisher: Ney

Subject: English story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 2 volumes

Language: Farsi

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A Study of Provincial Life is the work of George Elliott.

In the nineteenth-century series of great English novelists, beginning with Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters and ending with Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy, George Elliott’s most unique modern novelist in his skill and ingenuity in describing motives, They know nineteenth century English.

The characters of Middle March’s novel, despite their apparent simplicity, have a complicated inner life. Some insist on criteria that everyone simply admires rather than encourages, others rely on habits that everyone encourages rather than admires. Middle March is the story of a city with all its dimensions and relationships.
Reza Rezaei has recently translated this voluminous novel, which has been published in two volumes by Ney Publishing. The cover of this novel contains critiques and comments in praise of this great novel, including the words of Julien Barnes, Terry Eagleton and Virginia Woolf, all three of whom are well known in Iran. Terry Eagleton, a literary critic and theorist, believes that “cognition, emotion, and morality are united in the works of George Elliott.

George Elliott was one of the foremost intellectuals of his day, with a thorough knowledge of art, music, theology, psychology, sociology, and the natural sciences, and was fluent in several languages. “His astonishing achievement was that he made all of this the foundation of his literary creativity.” Leading author Virginia Woolf also considers Middle March to be a major work of nineteenth-century literature. Julien Barnes, whose novels have recently been translated into Persian and known to Iranian audiences especially for translating “Understanding an End,” calls Middle March the greatest English novel of the nineteenth century.

[The original title of the book is “A Study of Provincial Life”. Study, in the words of the painters, means “study” or, in other words, “study”, so the literal meaning of the novel is the sub-title: “study or study of city life”. The novel began as a sequel to Blackwood Magazine and eventually went on sale in an eight-volume series. This work narrates the lives of several Middle March families.
The protagonist of the book is Dorta Brook, a young girl who asks for the marriage of a priest and a scientist! In the name of Edward Casoben gives a positive answer. Elliott sees this marriage as a sign of Dorta’s extremist feelings and beliefs that cause a young woman from a respectable family to make such a terrible mistake. Middle March shows the status of women, the nature of marriage, idealism, personal interests, religion, political and educational reforms, the emergence of new medicine, the construction of a railway, etc. in a small village in the form of 84 chapters. Elliott examines the reasons for the failure or success of Middle March marriages, including Rosemond Ziba and Dr. Leidegate, Fred Vince and Mary Garrett, and finally Ladisla and Dorta.]

At the beginning of this novel, we read: “Is there anyone who is interested in knowing the history of mankind and how this mysterious potion behaves in various tests of time, but does not reflect on the life of Saint Tersa … Some have said that erroneous lives are the result of unwanted ambiguity The Almighty is born in the flower of women. If women’s disability was limited to counting no more than three, then the social destiny of women could be carefully examined scientifically.
But there is ambiguity, and the limits of fluctuation are really wider than can be deduced from the similarity of women’s wig makeup and popular prose and poetic love letters … “And his kind tricks tremble for unfulfilled goodness and are scattered among all sorts of obstacles, instead of focusing on something that will be remembered for a long time.”

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