Money, Money, Money, Money,Money


Title: money, money, money, money, money

Author: John Milton Fag

Translators: Mehta Ghaneh; Maryam Mosayebi

Publisher: Teymouri

Topic: Multilevel marketing

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 63

Language: Farsi



Money, Money, Money, Money,Money  by John Milton Fag
In Money Money, John Milton Fogg introduces you to the concept of network marketing and its various aspects, in complete and simple language, and teaches you how to run your own business without the need for high costs. Launch.

About the book Money, Money, Money, Money,Money:
Network marketing can make you rich and more equitable than other businesses, and there is an equal opportunity to earn high incomes. Here, if there is a limit, it is set by the person himself; Otherwise, there is no customary, racial, gender, age or experience discrimination. Network marketing provides a completely equal opportunity for everyone.

Network marketing is not an academic subject. Not that it is worthless; But because it is so simple;
A novice network marketer can also teach you the basics of this type of business in one afternoon; So that you can start earning money right away and start a sales network for yourself. Money Money Money Money, in addition to introducing you to the basics of network marketing, discusses ways to make money and make a profit through it.

Learn more about John Milton Fogg:
He is a writer, speaker, professor and educator, photographer, salesman and editor. Milton Fogg holds a bachelor’s degree in photography from the University of Philadelphia and has spoken in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Crete, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, and Costa Rica.

He is the author of two direct selling magazines, Upline and Network Marketing Lifestyles, and is the editor of the Networking Times and co-author of Success.

This book is suitable for those who are interested in various fields of marketing and are gaining experience in this field.

In part of the book we read:
Permanent income, like the income from the copyright of a book author, composer, songwriter or inventor, is very similar to the income from investing in stocks or real estate. The author writes a book once; But after that, each volume of the book that is sold receives a percentage of it. The composer also composes a song once; But then, whenever that song is played on the radio or the tape or CD is sold, he gets a percentage of it.

An inventor also invents a device, and then, whenever one of those devices is sold, he receives a small percentage of the selling price.

The investor also buys a share or property, then receives a monthly return on that investment or rents on that property.
In all of the above cases, individuals invest their initial time or capital (or both) and then sit down and receive sales revenue, dividends, property rents, etc. as long as that product or investment exists and sells. They do.
This is the secret that the rich of the world have known for centuries and kept it a secret from others; But if you’re not rich or talented enough to write a bestseller, make a music album, invent a better soundtrack, or raise extra money to invest in stocks or real estate, you do not need to worry; Because network marketing enables even ordinary people to start a business and earn a steady income like the rich.

If you offer a product or service that is consumable and reasonably priced and people buy and consume it for years; So network marketing can bring you a steady income. Also, if you offer a product or service that is non-consumable and durable, you can still make a good living for many years with the help of network marketing.

Index of the book Money, Money, Money, Money,Money
The story of a human being
The source and origin of all evils
How and by what means do you make money?
Sales of goods or services through network marketing
Network marketing is not a plan to get rich quick.
Network marketing is not taught anywhere (for example, Harvard University, Stanford, etc.). Why?
Network marketing does not require a lot of capital to start.
Network marketing is not a network for distributing goods and services.
There is no employer-employee relationship in network marketing.
In network marketing, a person’s income is not earned through membership.
Sales through network marketing
The secret of rich people
How To Make Money In Network Marketing?
Step 1: Use the company’s products yourself.
Step 2: Introduce the product.
Step 3: Support
Why do people buy from network marketers?
Network marketing is the fastest way to grow a start-up business

Part of the book
Money, … in life, there must be things more important than money. That’s right, there is; But there is another truth: with money, things get better. It has always been so. “I was both bankrupt and rich, but believe me, it’s better to be rich,” said Francis Albert Sinatra, a great singer-songwriter. He was right. He was right.

Susan sold the diamond ring she received from her aunt, and I sold my grandfather’s 18-carat gold watch so we could pay for food and rent. We had two children. It was Christmas and all our money was only $ 100; But today, the situation is different.
We have money. Now I can have my teeth fixed. I can go skiing with my kids. If something bad happens, I can cover the hospital bill. I can give Rachel (who is thirteen years old) $ 500 to spend on shopping in the market. Buy a guitar for Johnny (who is eight years old and a native musician). I can have a new two-wheel drive car that can take Susan and the kids up and down the snow and ice of the mountain safely.

I can go to Hawaii and buy a new TV and a video player, and easily pay for it and give people enough gifts to get rid of. Wow, how I love this job. If I die tomorrow, I know that my wife and children are financially secure for the rest of their lives, imagine it!
I am free. I am free to answer. I am free to grow myself spiritually. I am free to be at home until my children return home from school. From man to do what I love. I am free to make a constructive impact on the lives of millions. I’m free to let my hair grow very long. I am free as much as I can be the best, because I have the wealth. I have money. And I know how you, too, can get the money you need to be the best you can be.

What if there was a way … that you could make money through a secure career? What: You had the money to start

– Accommodation gave you creative guidance and control of activities …
– Gives you the opportunity to be your own boss …
– Allows you to decide for yourself, part-time or full-time, when, where, how to work and with whom.
-Meanwhile, he trained and trained you …
– It was based on a reproducible system and had already passed the test on tens of thousands of ordinary people …
– In it you could really get everything you really deserved …
– Even with a small chance but a lot of seriousness and hard work, you could really achieve significant success. But there is a way. And this book wants to show you something that was made for you.

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