Title: Macbeth

Author: William Shakespeare

Translator: Abolhassan Tahami

Publisher: Look

Subject: English play

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 232

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Introducing the book Macbeth by William Shakespeare
Macbeth’s book is one of the greatest tragedies in the world. Many believe that this book was written between 1600 and 1605 AD. This tragedy refers to a historical event and Shakespeare seems to be recounting Scotland in that history.

The desire for power has led to bloody and horrific wars, and many have taken the lives of innocent people to gain kingship and power. Macbeth’s book is a 16th-century tragedy that shows the devastating consequences of an interest in power and the consequences of coercion and power-seeking.

Macbeth is a brave and worthy warrior, he is honored and honored by the King of Scotland for his merit. He and General Banco were returning to Scotland after a victorious war against the Norwegians when they encountered a group of wizards and the wizards informed them of their future. Macbeth’s sorcerers address him as Amir Kador, telling him that he will one day become king, and informing Yanko that his children will ascend the throne.

These words surprise the commanders. Interestingly, some of the sorcerers’ predictions come true when they return to Scotland. The previous emir, Kador, was ousted for betraying the king, and the king decided to succeed Macbeth. The person who becomes Amir Kadour will be the crown prince after the Shah’s children.
Macbeth tells the story of prophecy to his wife. Knowing this prophecy, Lady Macbeth does her best to influence her husband to force him to kill the king.

This temptation works. The day King Duncan goes to his palace to congratulate him on his victory. The conspiracy is carried out and the just ruler of Scotland is tragically killed. After killing the king, Macbeth orders the killing of Yanko’s children so that the sorcerers’ prophecy that Yanko’s children will become king will not come true.

Scotland endures an atmosphere of oppression and repression, many compassionate people leave the country and are replaced by the lowly. This process continues until the sorcerers’ predictions come true and Macbeth sees the punishment for his evil deeds. This tragedy is Shakespeare’s shortest play.

About the author of the book Macbeth, William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare is a great English poet, writer and playwright. He was born in 1564 in Stratford, England and was baptized. William belonged to an aristocratic family. His father was a court official and his mother the son of a wealthy local landowner.

He spent his school days in his hometown of Stratford. At the age of 18, he married Anne Hathaway. It was 8 years older than Shakespeare. Anne and Shakespeare had three children from this marriage. Susanna was the first child of the marriage, and in 1585, she gave birth to twin boys and girls.

After marriage, Shakespeare moved to London to work. His life in London was so miserable that William, of that aristocratic descent, was first forced to guard the horses of people coming to theaters in order to survive.
William became very interested in acting and was finally able to go on stage as a member of Lord Leicester’s cast. In addition, he wrote and edited the plays of this theater group. William’s extraordinary talent draws the attention of the court and the person of Queen Elizabeth I, and the English court supports this talented author, ending Shakespeare’s era of poverty.

Queen Elizabeth I was a revolutionary ruler who, with the help of her advisers, brought about fundamental change in Britain. The foreign policy of this ruler was not aggressive, so Britain experienced peace and tranquility during her reign. The Queen’s support for writers and artists such as Shakespeare creates a golden age for the growth of culture and art in England.
Shakespeare’s literary activities are many. He did not limit himself to writing plays, and he left many poems and poems in which there are themes such as love, betrayal and nature. Shakespeare’s poems were published even earlier than his plays. The author’s plays were published in the mid-1590s, including works such as The Midsummer Night’s Dream, Richard III, and Henry IV.

Shakespeare’s most popular and inspiring works, such as King Lear, Macbeth and Othello, were written in the first decade of the 1600s. Shakespeare ends his career in early 1610 and returns to his hometown of London to live the last years of his life in peace and wealth. William Shakespeare reaches eternal peace on April 23, 1616 in Stratford.

Shakespeare’s influences and his style of work
According to many critics, William Shakespeare is the most important English poet, playwright and writer in the world. He revolutionized the field of playwriting and for this reason he is considered the father of English playwriting.

His plays are divided into tragedy, comedy and drama. Shakespeare’s writing style belongs to the school of classicism. The school became popular in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, the followers of this school created their literary works inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, the followers of this school try to create harmony, balance, harmony and beauty in their works.

Inspiring them from the past means that everything necessary has been said, there is no new word but those old words have not been understood, nature is the main source of inspiration for the writers of this school. There are currently more than 40 literary works by Shakespeare.

Many literary critics have analyzed Shakespeare’s works by writing Gunannon’s essays, and many writers find his writings inspiring. Undoubtedly, Shakespeare is one of the peaks of world literature.
One of Shakespeare’s most valuable works, written during the author’s heyday, is called Hamlet. This tragedy is Shakespeare’s longest and most famous play. Hamlet loves his parents as virtuous and kind princes. But because of the circumstances of his day, his life changes. . Upon hearing the news of the king’s death, the young prince returns to Denmark and sees that his uncle has ascended the throne in his place and has married his mother.

Hamlet is deeply saddened by this incident and dreams of his father saying that Hamlet’s uncle had killed him with poison. In this story, a mistake causes Hamlet to kill his beloved and complicate the situation. In this tragedy, human nature is criticized. The difference between Macbeth and Hamlet is that Hamlet has no intention of harming those around him, but destiny. He is sad.

In a part of Macbeth’s book, we read:
Banco: Now you are the king and Amir Kawdour and Amir Glamis are what the fortune tellers promised you. You arrived; And I’m afraid that you have done something ugly to achieve your goal; But they said that the kingdom will not come to your children and I will be the source and father of many kings. If, as their prophecy shows about you, the truth has come out of their mouths, they have made good truths about you. Why can’t they be good for me and fill me with hope? But shut up, that’s enough!

Nightingales – Macbeth in royal attire and Lady Macbeth in Queen Lennax’s top and elders.

Macbeth: This is our dearest guest.

Lady Macbeth: If we had forgotten her, there would have been a vacuum in our glorious celebration and everything would have been ugly.

Macbeth: Tonight we are spreading a glorious reading and I wish you well.

Banco: What will the prince order? My obedience is bound to him forever with an unbreakable thread.

Macbeth: Do you have a riding song today?
Banco: Yes, my dear server.

Macbeth: Otherwise, we would have benefited from your good and precious vote in today’s council; But we will use it tomorrow. Are you going too far?

Banco: Shahriara, far enough to take my time until the evening: If my horse is not sharp. Must Of Night. Borrow one or two dark hours.

Macbeth: Do not overdo our celebration.

Banco: Shahriara, I will not forget.

Macbeth: We find out that our bloodthirsty cousins ​​have fled to England and Ireland. They do not confess to their tyrannical patriarchy. But the hearts of their hearers are astonished with foolishness. Tomorrow, when we deal with an important government plan. We will talk about this again and reveal everything. Do not sit down early; Goodbye until your return at night. Will Fliance accompany you?

Banco: Yes, my dear server! Time is short.

About Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Macbeth is a book of tragic plays by the great author William Shakespeare. No one knows exactly when this play was written, but critics estimated its time between 1599 and 1606. Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most popular writings, some parts of which have been turned into poetry.

It is interesting to know that William Shakespeare himself played a role in the first play he performed. The story of Macbeth is based on the Scottish Wars, which are tied to Shakespeare’s talent and imagination and create an amazing story.

Macbeth’s tragedy is based on the historical events of Scotland, but Shakespeare, in accordance with his own artistic and literary tastes, has changed it and mixed the events of the wars. This timeless play best portrays the story of the physical damage and the negative psychological effects of the increasingly greedy politician and those seeking the spirit of domination.
The first example of this play was published in 1623 in a collection of Shakespeare’s comedy, historical and tragedy plays during the reign of James I (England). King James I is considered a follower of Shakespeare’s works and writings, and some of Shakespeare’s plays were written during his time, but most of his writings were compiled and performed during the reign of Elizabeth I.

All of Shakespeare’s plays are a mixture of poetry and prose. With the exception of a few short episodes, Macbeth’s play is more or less completely poetic, that is, poetic.
William Shakespeare is an English poet and playwright who is known as the greatest English writer. Shakespeare is unique both in his plays and in his influence on English literature.

In a way, his poems and plays have added many words and expressions to the English language. Most of his writings have gained a great deal of fame and have been performed on stage all over the world. It is interesting to know that he had no desire to keep his works and all his plays and poems were published after his death.

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