The happiness project


Title: Happiness Project

Author: Gretchen Robin

Translator: Assadollah Haqqani

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Happiness – self-improvement

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 320

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book The happiness project by Gretchen Robin
The book The Happiness Project is by Gretchen Robin. This book is the story of Robin’s one-year effort to maximize happiness in her life. The Happiness Project was published in December 2009 and topped the New York Times bestseller list, selling more than 1.5 million volumes for up to two years. This book has been translated into more than 30 different languages.

About the Happiness Project book
What makes people happy varies from person to person because everyone’s interests, desires and personality traits are unique. To achieve happiness, we must not compare our own happiness with the happiness of others. Today, most people have many worrying problems, including social unrest, unstable economy and environmental pollution, etc.

The search for happiness in this situation may seem a bit excessive, but it is not at all. Being happy makes others happy too. Happier people create more resilient societies in which people are more creative, healthier, and have more stable relationships.
The Happiness Project is a way to make a difference in your life. The first step is preparation. That is, when you realize what brings you happiness, satisfaction, and commitment, and what brings you guilt, anger, boredom, and remorse. The second step is to make firm decisions when you realize what actions really increase your happiness. Then comes the interesting part of the project, which is implementing the decisions.

This book is a description of Gretchen Robin’s Happiness Project, that is, all the efforts she has made to become happier and the things she has learned about it. Your project may be different from Robin’s project, but few people do not benefit from a happiness project.

Know that this book is a good place to start, anytime and anywhere you read.

Who do we recommend reading the Happiness Project book:
We invite those who are interested in books in the field of success and self-help to read this book.

About Gretchen Robin
Gretchen Robin, author of the best-selling books The Happiness Project, better than ever, Happiness at Home and Exterior Order, Inner Peace, considers herself a modern observer of human life and the path to happiness.

He shares his observations of human happiness on his blog and podcast, How to Be Happier, with Gretchen Robin. It should be noted that this series of podcasts has also won an award.

Robin was a former employee of the Sandra Day O’Connor Supreme Court. He received his bachelor’s degree from Yale University of Law and, while studying, was the editor of Yale Legal Review. Born in Kansas, he now lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.

His keynote speeches include a lecture at the Ted X Conference Series and a LinkedIn Speaker Series.

Part of the book The happiness project
I have always wanted to go beyond my limits, not so openly. I always thought that if this happened one day, I would not weave my hair anymore, I would not wear sneakers all the time, and I would not eat the same foods every day. Then I will remember my friends’ birthdays, I will learn Photoshop and I will not let my daughter watch TV while eating breakfast, I will read Shakespeare, I will spend more time laughing and having fun, I will be more polite, I will visit more museums and I will drive. I’m not afraid.

One morning in April, which was no different from any other day, I suddenly realized something: I was risking wasting my life. As I stared at the raindrops falling on the bus window, I realized that days passed one after another.
I asked myself, “But what do I want out of life?” “Well, I want to be happy.” But I never thought about what made me happy or how I could be happy.

I had many excuses for happiness. I was married to the love of my life, the tall, green and handsome “Jamie”. We had two beautiful little girls, seven-year-old Eliza and one-year-old Eleanor. I started my career as a lawyer and now I am a writer. I lived in my favorite city, New York, and had a good relationship with my parents, sisters, and my wife’s family.

I had friends. I was healthy. I did not have to dye my hair. But I often whispered to my spouse or Internet subscriber. I was disappointed with a small work problem. I lost contact with my old friends, I soon lost control, and I suffered from bouts of depression, insecurity, boredom, and occasional guilt.

Regarding the importance of the Happiness Project book
In this age, machine life has created many problems for people and everyone is looking to make machine life easier for themselves and to find the best ways to use the facilities available in this age.

All people are looking for work and success in their lives, and sometimes they encounter problems in their lives, and in search of success, they will lose joy and peace, and when they reach their destination, they ask themselves why they are not happy? In the Happiness Project book, you will learn how to succeed without losing happiness.
Happiness and joy play an important role in the life of all eras, and people will not see the rest of their success if they do not achieve happiness and joy in their lives. And that’s why we suggest you read the Happiness Project book and use the tips in this book so that you can find happiness in your life and if you are happy you will find more happiness. But if you are happy in your life, this book will also be suitable for you, because the ways to stay happy and use happiness to achieve your goals are also mentioned in this book.

Happiness Project Book
In a world where time is passing fast, cities are mechanized and people are robotic, how much do you think about living happily? Is being happy your concern? Or are you content with a decent job and do not feel the need to bother yourself to feel happier?

The Happiness Project is the name of a book that examines living happily from different angles. This book takes you on an amazing journey and gives you instructions on how to move away from your mechanical life and take a look inside.

What is the Happiness Project about?
The story of writing the Happiness Project book is an interesting one. On a rainy day on a busy New York City bus, Grichen Robin stared at the water droplets and asked himself, “What is the main purpose of his life?” He had only one definite answer to this question; He knew he wanted to live happily. This thought was the first spark to write a book about happiness.

Gretchen Robin believes that the path to happiness is different for everyone, so she suggests that everyone write a book about the path to happiness. But if achieving happiness is a unique path for everyone, then what good is reading this book?
“Although the path to happiness is different for everyone, reading the experiences of others helps us move in that direction more easily,” Robin said. In addition to documenting his experiences in this book, he also writes articles on his blog on a daily basis that can be a good way to pave the way for people’s happiness. Gritchen and her friends have launched a website called “Tools for the Box of Happiness.”

Gretchen Robin has written this book in twelve chapters. He names the months of the year on the chapters of the book so that the changes made in each month can be felt by the readers. In each chapter, he examines one of the most important aspects of life, such as marriage, work, parenting, etc., and focuses on making that aspect of life happy.

A review of the chapters of the Happiness Project book
Gretchen Robin begins the first chapter of her book with the month of January. The subtitle of this chapter is “Increasing Energy”. “Vitality” is a topic that Robin discusses. At the beginning of the chapter, he decides to stick to the number of sentences he writes.

He decides to exercise more or give more to the needy to increase his energy. He rewarded himself for doing each of these things, and he soon realized that it acted as an activating energy for his mind, and that his mind was forcing himself to do it in order to receive that reward.

In the second chapter of the book; “February”; Gretchen Robin examines the problems of married life. The subtitle of this chapter is “Remembering Love”. This season, he decides not to moan anymore and tries to prove his love for his wife.
The third chapter of this book is called March, for which Gretchen has chosen the subtitle “Increasing Goals”. Money and making money are the subject of this chapter. Robin wants to enjoy the moment and work hard to succeed. He promises himself that if he encounters a problem along the way, he will ask his friends for help and will not be ashamed to ask for help.

Examining parenting issues is the fourth chapter of the Happiness Project book. And the nickname for this chapter is “Open My Frustration”. In this chapter, he decides to spend time having fun and be a treasure trove of happy memories.

The fifth chapter of this book is equal to the month of May, for which the subtitle “Serious Fun and Entertainment” has been considered. In this chapter, Gretchen addresses the issue of leisure. He wants to focus on trying new activities this month. For example, he collects a collection. Gritchen explains that the word entertainment means an activity that, in addition to being satisfying, does not have a significant economic cost.
Chapter 6 of the book coincides with June, and is subtitled “Make Time for My Friends.” In this chapter, Gritchen examines friendship issues and focuses on the issue of not being absent. He believes that the burden of negative words is too much and should be avoided.

The seventh chapter of the book is called July and in this chapter the author decides to deal with financial issues. The subtitle of this season is “Buy some happiness”. In this chapter, Gritchen decides to spend a little and ignore the obstacles created in his mind.
The eighth chapter of this book coincides with the month of August, and this month Gritchen decides to think about “spirituality” and examine the issues of death. This chapter can be called the deepest chapter of the Happiness Project book. In Chapter 8, Gritchen decides to have a notebook for Thanksgiving, and it is writing in that notebook that opens her eyes to the world around her.

September is the name of the ninth chapter of this book, and this month Gritchen decides to pursue her interests and explore the subject of books and reading. He needed more time to pursue his interests, so he first wrote down all the things he liked to do and then free up time to do them.

The tenth chapter of this book coincides with the month of October, in which Gritchen examines the issues of mindfulness, subtitled “Paying Attention”.
November is the name of the eleventh chapter of this book. And in this chapter, Gritchen raises the issue of attitude and calls the second name of this chapter “having a convincing spirit”. “Part of the challenge of staying mindful is to be careful not to get caught up in thoughtless thoughts and actions,” he says at the beginning of the chapter.

The last chapter of this book is called December, in which Gritchen decides to “work hard” and examines the main theme of his book, happiness. After eleven months, he is committed to tough decisions, and his last decision was to work hard to maintain those goals to stay happy. The lesson that Gretchen Robin teaches in the last chapter of the book is that you have to work hard for everything, even to be happy and stay happy.

In a sentence from the book of happiness project, we read:
“Happy people do not need to have fun,” wrote Jane Stanford Scoft. But in fact, research shows that not having a bad feeling is not enough to make you happy. But you should also try to find the source of good feelings. One way to feel good is to spend time having fun.

For me, books are a great source of joy and fun. I collect books, read and search for books on the internet. It is a pleasure to open a “new” book, whether one has read it before or it has just been published.

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