Let Me See You Smile


Title: Let me see your smile

Author: Lucia Berlin

Translator: Marzieh Naserkhani

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 428

Language: Farsi



Let Me See You Smile  by Lucia Berlin: The ravens glow blue and green on the snow. Of course, I could buy a book or call someone and ask about crows’ nesting habits. But what bothers me is that I noticed them by accident.

What else have I lost? How many times in my life have I sat on the back porch, not the front? What have I been told that I have never been able to hear? What kind of love is there that I have never felt? These are futile questions. The only reason I have been able to live so far is because I do not follow my past, I leave it.

If I let them go, the door will open and a storm of pain will tear my heart and blind my eyes from shame and break cups and bottles and smash windows until I close the door with a shudder and sigh. Collect the crushed.
Maybe letting go of the past with the prefix “What if …?” It should not be so dangerous. What if I talked to Paul before he left? What if I asked for help? What if I was married to Etch? They could not happen. Everything good or bad that has happened in my life has been predictable and unavoidable, especially the decisions and actions that have ensured that I am now completely single.

American Writer Lady. He wrote short stories and never published a novel. He was an anonymous writer during his lifetime. Eleven years after her death, a selection of her short stories, The Handbook for Cleaning Women, was published, and the publication was widely acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. After this incident, the name of Berlin emerged as a talented writer who did not reach his true status during his lifetime.
Born in Alaska. His father was a mining engineer, and most of Lucia’s childhood was spent in mining camps. At the age of ten, Lucia developed scoliosis, a lateral deformity of the spine, which plagued her for the rest of her life. He studied literature at the University of New Mexico and in the same years, he married and had two children. After the birth of his second child, his wife left him, and Berlin later became acquainted with a poet named Edward Dorn.

Friendship with this poet and those around him led Berlin to start writing. Berlin remarried, both of which led to divorce. His daily situation was accompanied by poverty and illness, and he turned to various jobs for a living; From teaching in high school to cleaning homes and hospitals. At the same time, he continued to write and used these work experiences in his stories.

In his final years, Berlin, with the help of his old friend Edward Dorn, was hired at the University of Colorado, where he became a professor and became a popular figure at the university, winning a special university award in his sophomore year. However, his health problems persisted, with him always carrying oxygen capsules in his later years. Following a deteriorating physical condition, Berlin left the university and moved to Southern California to be close to his sons, where he died three years later in poverty and anonymity.

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