The Constitution of the Athenians


Title: Principles of Athenian government

Author: Aristotle

Translator: Mohammad Ibrahim Bastani

Publisher: Science

Subject: Political science

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 263

Language: Farsi



The Constitution of the Athenians by Aristotle, translated by the ancient Muhammad Ibrahim and published by Alam Publications.

About the book Principles of Athenian Government
This book is one of the most important works of the great Greek philosopher Aristotle. Aristotle was familiar with and discussed all the sciences and sciences of his time except mathematics. What you are reading in this book is the historical subject of the Athenian social organization.

The “principles of the Athenian government” are important in two ways:
First, it is a treatise by Aristotle, the first teacher, whose thought has ruled the realm of world wisdom and philosophy for nearly two thousand three hundred years.
– In the second stage, the importance of this treatise is due to the fact that it informs us about the situation of the government and governmental and national organizations of a country that shone like a shining star during five or six centuries of human history.
The study of this book informs us of a wonderful thing, and that is that this city or small land at the beginning of human history has reached stages that in some ways may still be envied today by many communities that the idea The human intellectual family has approached.
Hence, the translation of the “Principles of the Athenian Government” seems necessary because it is a treatise on the social situation of a land that has a great right to the world of human thought.

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