The secret Garden


Title: Secret Garden

Author: Frances Eliza Hodgson Brent

Translator: Mohammad Hassan Hosseini

Publisher: Altar of Pen

Subject: American teen stories

Age category: All ages

Number of pages: 112

Language: Farsi

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In The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Brent tells the story of a violent, mischievous child whose only encounter with an astonishing event can change his morals.

Introducing the Secret Garden book
The story of The Secret Garden tells the story of an English girl who returns home from India and is deeply moved by the death of her parents due to cholera. However, he does not have happy memories of his parents. They were selfish, indifferent to their daughter, and also fun-loving. The girl is sent to her uncle, who has never met her.

The girl’s uncle lives in a big, lifeless house, and as soon as she enters the house, the girl becomes very grumpy. But little by little, when he learns the true story of his uncle, who is a strict and disciplined man, he changes his behavior.

In addition to being a film and series, this book has been translated and published in all living languages ​​of the world. Millions of children and even adults have read this book, which shows the popularity and value of this book.

Who is the Secret Garden book suitable for?
This book is very enjoyable for children because its main theme is a mysterious garden that three children have discovered and adults are unaware of.

Learn more about Frances Hodgson Brent:
Frances Hodgson Burnett was born in 1849 in Manchester, England. He started writing stories for adults and children as a teenager and at the age of 16. His first two stories, “Little Lord Fantrellie” and “Little Princess,” attracted worldwide attention and gained worldwide popularity.

Both of these stories are about good-natured children whose children will learn a lot by reading them. But the book Secret Garden, unlike the previous two stories, tells the story of a bad-tempered child.

About the book Secret Garden
Open the door and enter the garden with Mary … Mary Lanks, after losing her parents, sails to the Yorkshire Hills. He lives in his uncle’s depressing mansion and is very lonely.

But one day he discovers a secret garden in the grounds of the mansion; But his uncle does not allow anyone to enter the garden. Mary finds herself in an old key garden, and magically finds her way into a secret garden. He slowly turns the key and enters a world he had not even imagined before …

In a part of the book Secret Garden, we read:
Mary knew nothing of gardening; But the grass on the ground was very thick. He thought to himself that small flocks could not come out from under the grass;

So he looked around and found a relatively sharp piece of wood. Then, with the help of a stick, he started digging the ground and pulling out weeds. Mary worked so hard that the piece of garden was finally completely cleaned for the growth of spring buds.

Then he looked around with fatigue and joy and said: I will be back again this afternoon.

Then he walked very slowly through the dry grass and secretly went out of the garden.

At lunch, Mary’s face was flushed and her eyes sparkled. She ate with such appetite that Martha was really happy.

“Deacon knows anything about flowers and plants and how they grow,” Mary asked.
Martha answered very confidently: “Our deacon can make even flowers bloom from the wall.”

“I wish it was spring and I could see everything growing in England,” said Mary. I wish I had a garden shovel for myself.

Martha asked with a laugh: What do you need a shovel for?

“If I had a shovel,” said Mary, “I could take some seeds from the bin and make a small garden for myself.”

Martha’s face shone with joy and said: My mother said exactly the same thing. He said that you will definitely enjoy planting things for yourself and that it is great to watch Weston flowers and plants grow.

“Your mother knows a lot,” said Mary.

Then he thought and continued: What is the price of a garden shovel?

“There’s a shop in the village that sells shovels and shovels and garden rakes for two shillings,” Martha said.

Index of the book
There is no one left
Mrs. Mary, you are terrible!
In the middle of the plain
Red and red breasts
Someone is crying
The key to the garden
The red chest that showed the way
The strangest house

Can I have a piece of land?
I’m Colin
Raja Jawan
Colin is immoral
Deacon has come!
I want to live forever forever
This is my mother!
in Garden

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