Just Shut Up And Do It


Title :Just Shut Up And Do It

Author: Brian Tracy

Translator: Mehrab Hassanvand

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Goal and goal setting / success aspects of psychology

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 102

Language: Farsi



Brian Tracy as the best-selling author and success expert in the book Just Shut Up And Do It! A seven-part approach will help you succeed in life much sooner than others.

Book introduction Just Shut Up And Do It
We are in the fastest, most turbulent, most destructive and unpredictable period of human history. This rapid change causes people to deviate from the original path, to feel hesitant, insecure, and unmotivated, so they slow down, do nothing, and do not succeed much.

Most people, because of their childhood experiences, when they encounter something new, different, unexpected, or uncertain in adulthood, their natural response is, “I can not!” This fear of failure then prevents one from trying new things, risking and leaving the safe, and thinking about something new.

Most likely, the ability and talent you have is more than you can use in a century. You have all the necessary intelligence right now, as well as the ability to learn all the things you need to achieve your goals.
There is no limit to what you want to be or have unless you limit your mind. Do not follow the instructions in the book! (Just Shut Up And Do It), seven steps away from your goals.

Brian Tracy considers the biggest obstacle to people’s success to be their negative habits, which sometimes unknowingly keep them from recognizing their full potential for years. The good news is that all of these mental and behavioral habits are acquired.

Because we have learned these habits, we can forget them and replace them with new, positive, and constructive habits that allow us to keep going and do things with which we can earn more money and get a career.

the selected sentences of the book,  we read:
Make yourself responsible for achieving a higher standard than what others expect of you.
Having the best goal is wrong, you should measure your success based on your abilities.
– The creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve the goal, not by the desire to defeat others.
– If you are afraid, it means that you have relinquished your power; Do whatever scares you.
Live as if you will die tomorrow and learn as if you are going to live forever.
Do not talk or act on a part of the book! we read:
How can you not blame others? This is an important discovery; It is both simple and effective. It works 100% of the time. Sometimes it changes your mind from negative to positive in a matter of seconds. In this way, whenever you are angry or furious with something or someone

You say, “I’m responsible!” The words “I am responsible.” They are excellent neutralizers. Just like when you unplug the lamp and the lamp goes out. When you say, “I’m responsible.” Your negative emotions will quickly subside.
You can not say, “I am responsible.” And at the same time be angry, worried or scared. The sentence “I am responsible.” Puts you in the driver’s seat. By doing this, you take full responsibility for your life and move from the status of a victim to the position of a winner and a winner.

You move from feeling weak to feeling secure and strong and self-reliant. The sentence “I am responsible.” With a lot of repetition, she becomes the queen of your mind and makes you a completely positive, powerful and powerful person. The words “I am responsible.” You are in control of the situation.

Index of the book
Introduction: Winners win
An important question
The most valuable asset
Get things done
Achieve happiness and contentment
Start and continue
Chapter One: What is the Biggest Barrier to Success?
Develop new and better habits
Challenge your beliefs
What prevents your talent from flourishing?
Elephants of Ram
Training begins
The elephant is delivered
The root of helplessness
Set big goals
Your behavior tells the truth
the key of success
New habit cultivation pattern
The worst disease
Dream Island
Favorite excuses
Chapter Two: Take responsibility for your life
big difference
Escape from Independence
passing of time
The root of misery
the biggest problem
The main cause of negativity
Stop blaming others
Success versus failure
Stimulate your success mechanism
You were responsible
Think for a reason
Control your excitement
Chapter 3: Go Forward with Courage
Self-confidence overcomes fear
Everyone is scared
The Valuable Principle of Success
Face fear
Learn not to be afraid
Forget the answer no
Turn it into a game
Do what you are afraid of
Learn from experiences
Four Steps to Success
There is no failure, you just get feedback
Specify your speed
Chapter 4: Determine your true desire
You have to be eager
You need a big goal
The goals are specific and clear
Change your life
Personal strategic planning
Set your goals
Ten-purpose method
Important question
Create your own miracle
Chapter 5: Overcome Laziness and Negligence
Everyone is careless
What prevents you?
Be practical
Feel like a winner
Chapter 6: Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave
The best antidotes
Self-made billionaires
There is no such thing as luck
Become a millionaire
Daily chores
Keep improving your skills
Become a member of sites offering book summaries and articles
Enroll in more courses
Be smarter every day
Chapter 7: Never Give Up
Perseverance and self-discipline
Develop stability and perseverance
You are responsible
Repeat this dhikr constantly
Be unstoppable
There are no restrictions
Summary: The great period of life

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