From Night to Pass


Title: From Night to Pass

Author: Hassan Sholeh Saadi

Publisher: Reflection of Culture

Subject: Persian short stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 102

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book From Night to Pass by Hassan Shala Saadi
This book is also a collection of 7 short stories called (From the Night We Pass – Underground – The Peace of the Ages – From Another Place – Michka – The Good Morning Visit and the 5th of Farvardin), about which I will explain each of them, respectively. :

The first story in this series, from which the book’s name is derived, is called From Night to Night.
The narrator of the story is not happy about the night and considers it as a manifestation of pervasive oppression and he hopes that with the passing of the night, the morning of justice will blow and the tragedy of oppression will end. Whatever the advantage of the night, which of course has many advantages for many people, especially philosophers and mystics, the narrator can not cope with it.

At the very beginning, he has clarified his task with the night. “Anyway, whatever the night, I have not been able to cope with it! I have always compared the crises of my life to the darkness of the night.

From the outset, it is conceivable that the narrator has political leanings. One of his old acquaintances sees him in Shiraz, next to Shahrdari Square, who intends to buy a house. The name of this acquaintance was Sanam, but in the documents and forms where his name must be mentioned, he wrote Sanam instead of Sanam, with the word Sin and as Sanam.

It is strange for a man to write like this by someone who is a person of culture and literature and this feature is the main reason for their acquaintance.
Sanam is written with Saad. Why did you write with Sin?

Sanam is the name my mother chose for me, but I chose my age myself.
The man thinks:

I did not know much about her, but with this short talk, a character was formed in my mind that will never be forgotten. A brave woman with a steely, taboo-breaking and at the same time polite will.
In our country, many women have such conditions. While they tolerate the anomalies of society and keep the foundation of the family strong, they also tolerate callous men called husbands, and the strange thing is that in none of these cases are they passive. They are not and are constantly trying to improve the situation.
At the next meeting, the woman complains and says:

In this ruin, everything is ruined, but worst of all, ruin is responsible.
The woman’s arrest is related to a simple job in the municipality. She bought a house and asked the municipality to issue a transfer document, but the municipality hesitated to respond.

The man who has a better friendship has a long history and does not want to go to the mayor because of his political background, because he is afraid that if someone sees the mayor with him, the mayor will be questioned. However, he cannot leave the woman alone and leave her Also visit the mayor.

We were sitting in front of the mayor’s desk at 8 o’clock on Thursday morning. The mayor said after greeting:
What should I do in the service of Hosseini?
I was ashamed of all this love. After some thought, I said:

The doctor bought a house and asked you to transfer the document; You have not answered. If there is no legal problem, hurry up with the answer.
Sanam asked him with a strange speed and before and after the mayor’s answer:

Sir, why are you not doing the right thing? This answer does not work for more than ten minutes! Why are you procrastinating? The mayor answers:
Many things have to be done with the permission of a superior. If we do something without permission, it is dangerous.

The mayor’s remarks show that the authorities have no authority in the system of government and all decisions must be made by the higher authorities. Nak.
In such higher political systems, this official of the country decides for the whole nation alone and everyone is forced to implement it, and the least danger that entails doing one’s duty without permission is dismissal from work, in other words, severing ties with the government. The mayor accepts and observes the situation, but does not hide his personal opinion:

Unfortunately, this chair of the presidency is a very bad thing. It makes a person passive and conservative. This chair is the center of job, income and power. In short, it is a very bad gesture.

Of course, the laws passed in such a society are contrary to this behavior.

From Night to Pass

The second story in this series is called The Basement. In this story, he examines the last years of a retired man who is frustrated and confused. had.

He, like many people who suffer from despair and frustration immediately after retirement, and the relevant department has no plans for his agents after retirement and the negative effects that result; He suffers from depression and perhaps regrets. With each step away from his office environment, such a person gets closer to all kinds of illnesses, especially mental illnesses.
The most important psychological effect on a retiree is depression. Many illnesses for which there is no sign of an employee; As soon as the relationship with power is severed, (the administration is not just a simple place of work, but because it is part of the government, it springs from public power and the employee is supported by this power according to his rank and position. The most important of these is cancer.

The narrator of this story is the wife of a retired employee who explains her husband to her child.

“After a lifetime of living together, my grandfather finally retired. A month later, the effects of depression became apparent on his face and movements. I knew why!” Boredom and then gradually depressed. Page 13
Many employees hope to retire and receive a fixed monthly salary in the days when they are old and unable to work. These people do not anticipate psychological and social problems, and even the relevant departments, which have often faced such a situation in their employees, have not found a solution.

From Night to Pass

In principle, formal and semi-formal work makes the employee self-employed and less of a position that is self-sustaining. As soon as the employee retires and loses contact with his office; The people under his control no longer pay attention to them and do not take them over. This is while the employee is attached to the office, colleagues, client and work space summary during the working years and is not able to forget the memories of that year.

The mother quotes her husband as saying:
They eat bread at the daily rate. They have no emotion and think of nothing but money. The main problem is that they treat you with respect until they do something. They flatter you. But as soon as you leave work somehow, the closest people who were even under your control and worked with your help do not know you. Page 15

Meanwhile, the employee’s wife took over the administration and prepared an office in the basement of her house for her husband. He harassed the woman and now it is the woman who starts to be upset and annoyed but is not completely away from her husband who works in the basement of her house. Retirement has had the most important impact on the employee and she has cancer. This woman finds out about her husband’s illness very late.
He was talking in a broken voice. His heartbeat was irregular. I did not understand what was happening. I wanted to lift my head from his chest, but he would not let me go. We sat down. He was on a chair and I was on his knees. He was shaking completely. I felt the whole world was shaking …… His heart stopped working after a lifetime of spreading love and hope in my arms …

Calm the rocks

There is an old unwritten law called Enough Blood. The content of this law is that the disputes between the tribes end with a marriage for a lasting peace. Most importantly;

From Night to Pass

There was a moral question, and in the meantime, if one or more people were killed, the victim tribe would try to kill an equal number or more of the men on the other side in revenge, and this sometimes took years until a girl was mediated by the elders. The killer was married to a man from the victim’s family, thus creating a kind of kinship and ending the war and conflict between the two tribes in peace. Unfortunately, although the conflict ended, the bride’s misery had just begun and should Serve all members of the husband’s family like a captive or a prisoner of war, and always cope with the husband’s misbehavior. Such a marriage formed the gradual death of the bride.

The tranquility of the stones is written according to the same law, but the bride of this story is not so unlucky.
A discussion begins between Farhad and Siamak:

Can you speak easily and clearly?

Yes..I mean your sister Marzieh …… I saw a few days ago she was talking to Rahman, son of Hussein Bana

The same argument continued between the parties until it led to a fight and a quarrel, and in a sharp and angry move, Siamak saw his knife in Farhad’s chest.

The narrator of the story is the victim’s brother. He explains that appealing to the judiciary and appealing to the law have not been successful.

The important point in this case is that both people (bride and groom) are against this customary rule (enough blood). They are looking for a solution that will not stop the marriage and will not act against the custom of the society.
I am very interested in sculpture. The statues are in constant silence with meaningful silence. Unlike us humans, who become sour and sweet with raisins. According to the agreement we made, we went to Florence, Italy, to complete our education ….. This journey made it possible for me and my heart to be freed from the nightmares of false traditions.

It was my statue’s turn. The curtain was removed from her, and suddenly Del Arara screamed and quickly got older and stood next to the statue. Everyone was stunned. The resemblance between Del Ara and the statue was admirable. The statue stood still and I was very restless. Everyone was looking at the statue and I was looking at Del Ara …

From somewhere else
Extraterrestrial travel to our planet goes back a long way. Earthlings are less likely to travel to space. Extraterrestrials are less likely to land. Officially, space travel to space is less than 80 years old. But our story has nothing to do with the history of space travel.

An employee who is employed in a private company and has plans for his future life based on his economic and social status, but less than two years after his employment, will be fired. This issue has become a problem for him in two ways.
The first problem is the opinion of friends and acquaintances who may think that he has violated the law that he was fired, and the second problem is that all his plans for the future life have been thwarted. This situation did not last long because of a strong earthquake in Bam city. It caused great destruction, including the historic citadel of that city and the death of many people, and expelled and diminished its consequences. A man who is single and lives with his mother. The dogs wake up at the sound of dogs. It is 4.5 in the morning.

Light shone in a cylinder from the sky to the ground. At the beginning of the light, there was a much brighter circle that shone with different colors. They turned. One of those phenomena hit the ground, suddenly it got dark everywhere.
So the light he saw was a spaceship and an extraterrestrial coming to Earth from inside the lights.

From Night to Pass

The interesting thing is that a spaceship and an extraterrestrial have come to Earth through the colorful lights. This shows that extraterrestrials can not have a bad nature and intend to take sides. But before 6 o’clock in the morning, the same day an earthquake. It happened and as a result, at 6 o’clock in the morning, except for a mosque, a few cypress trees were destroyed. The man says: Someone who had come through the lights stood next to me. He said your mother is behind the kitchen under the rubble. She is dead. I’m sorry. She asked him where did you come from? Replied from elsewhere. Page 33

The extraterrestrial did not say where he came from. He did not even say his name and only one number was used to identify him. Says:
Now I was faced with various questions about him. The most important questions are what is the real face of 246? Who is he? Where did he come from? What does he want? Is he a friend or an enemy? And many other ambiguities that were constantly running through my mind and I had no answer for any of them. Fear always hinders the proper functioning of the mind and intellect, and ignorance and lack of knowledge about the phenomena are the most important areas of fear.

Extraterrestrials, like all powers and superpowers that go to any country, declare their motive to help the welfare and prosperity of those countries, but in fact they act with the intention of preserving and developing their legitimate illegitimate interests; Says:

I come from a planet that looks exactly like Earth but with different biological conditions. This planet is close to Earth. Your scientists have not discovered it yet. We are afraid that if the Earth explodes, its fragments will hit our planet. So that it does explode! So every once in a while agents from our planet come to Earth to check the situation and make sure the earth is healthy.

The extraterrestrials know more about the planet than the earth. He knows the earth’s pain better than the earth’s, and he knows the cause.
This, as you said, is very natural and common on earth. You work! For example, you start a war and you destroy millions of your kind and you say we are fighting for peace. There is no more stupid and criminal argument on any planet.

No creature kills its own kind, does not lose its kind, and does not destroy its habitat. But you do all these things. You have polluted the earth; Noise pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, deforestation. With this situation, your habitat, the planet Earth, will be destroyed.

From Night to Pass

Another story in the series is called Michka, which is about two endangered birds. Dernas are large birds, some of which live in Russian Siberia and migrate to northern Iran in the spring, to a city called Fereydoun. Only a pair of them remain, one of which is hunted by a chi. The hunter hunts Derna because of unemployment, and the inability to provide medicine for his seriously ill father, but the father still does not survive the disease.

Meet the ghost
The sixth story in this series is called Meeting the Ghost. A person eventually commits suicide due to his disability problems. Suicide fails.

This person defines that:

I was not a weak person, but I was in so much trouble that I wanted to commit suicide. I thought death was better than life with the current situation. Everything went according to plan. My parents had gone to Isfahan to see their grandmother who had died after a dangerous illness, but no one was home.

As he walked over to the chair to sit on it and twist the rope:
Everything in the warehouse, including the chair, began to shake. The chair fell on its own.

This person wanted to hang himself with a rope. In his opinion, life with its conditions is much more difficult than death. Why in a country, there are so many difficulties for people that it is easier to show death than life.

In this story, the main goal is to show that the historical memory of our people is very poor. In our country, throughout history, there have been names who are each a model for a nation. This is not the only problem.

The bigger problem is that, unfortunately, a public will tries to erase their works and thoughts. Current policies have worked. The current Turkish government staged a coup against the Ottoman Empire, but most of Turkey’s most important squares and streets are named after the Ottoman Empire, especially in Istanbul.

The voice that wraps itself in the warehouse introduces itself as follows:
I am the father of your great-grandfather. In the Zarqan War, I was the commander of one of the units of Nader Gholi army, which later became Nader Shah. In 1142 AH, about 398 years ago, I was a 50-year-old man. He chased the Afghans across the city, plain, and plain, until they, led by Ashraf Afghan, waited in Zarqan, north of Shiraz, for the last battle. Found.

There was a fierce battle between the two sides. We fought from the beginning of the morning until about noon. Nader, who was watching the battlefield on a hill, was caught in my attention.
I would fight and crush the Afghans, I would get tired, I would go back to the camp, I would catch my breath and go to the field again. I would fight again and the Afghans would run away from me or be killed. He called his presence. I went to him. After inspecting me, he asked me:

Sardar … Weren’t you there when these thugs attacked?

Sir … it was me, you were not.
This commander expresses the importance of leadership well in one sentence. It is recorded in history that the defeat of the Iranians over the Afghans was due to the incompetence of the king and his commanders.

The last part of this book is the story of the 5th of Farvardin. On the 5th of Farvardin 1398, due to the continuation of heavy rains, a huge flood fell near the Quran Gate of Shiraz, which caused a lot of destruction and death of some compatriots. The main cause of all this destruction was incompetence. City managers and neglect to keep the issue clean and lack of predictive power. This story tells the life of some people whose lives were changed by the flood.

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