Title: Salome

Author: Hassan Sholeh Saadi

Publisher: Reflection of Culture

Subject: Persian stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 108

Language: Farsi



Introducing Salome’s book, a novel written by Hassan Sholeh Saadi
Our southern neighbor is the planet of demons. Like the planet Earth, its creatures are savage, callous, oppressive, greedy and unbalanced. They wage war under the pretext of establishing peace. They exploit each other under the pretext of creating prosperity and enter in dirty and unjust ways to gain power. They make hasty and mostly irrational decisions, and to cover up the harmful consequences of these decisions, they always lie to everyone, even though They know that lying is the biggest cause of destruction in the world.

The leaders of this planet force people to worship and obey unquestioningly, and if anyone has another idea, they accuse him of espionage and betrayal with various labels, and condemn and punish him in strange courts. Severe punishments that teach others a lesson. Even the death penalty. Page 11
This is a general view of the place of the story. Of course, it should be noted that this story is not limited to a specific time and place. The concept of oppression and justice is the same in all universes and all beings know these concepts because they are born with examples of these concepts The survival of the circle of creation seems to depend directly on this conflict between oppression and justice and the conflict between the oppressors and the oppressed, and if one day someone comes out of nowhere and ends the oppression and life of the oppressors, this world will undoubtedly be destroyed and another world will be established. شد.

The present story is a manifestation of the struggle for justice in the world. Salome is a beautiful girl from another world who is trapped by a witch and her evil thoughts. Saves from the clutches of the wizard. According to the heroes of this story, the earth has been corrupted and insecure by politicians, capitalists, thieves, degenerates and powerful people. Unfortunately, no volume or surface of the earth satisfies their boundless appetite. All this aggression and murder will be suppressed and destroyed with the most severe situation.

All the tools of work and defense are in their hands and the oppressed have no choice but to migrate. Internal migration from city to city and from village to city is not enough because in one country the sky is the same everywhere, so it must be somewhere higher. Earth, and there you will be forced to establish relationships with extraterrestrials. Go to different worlds and unite with others and increase the power to fight the oppressors.
As mentioned, Salome’s story flows outside of a specific place and time. You can put a certain time and place in the context of this story because the oppressors of your city act just like the oppressors of other cities and the oppressors of your country act like the oppressors of other countries. In the same way, the oppressed of the whole world are like each other because they share a common pain and, consequently, a common cry and, consequently, a common solution.

People are confined to frames to escape murder, and because this situation can not last long, they take refuge on other planets, where wizards and demons do not rest. To get rid of them, the earthlings must unite. And the extraterrestrials will work. The destiny of different creatures has a common basis and the laws of life are the same and common in all universes.

It is by understanding this that one can create planetary alliances and get rid of evils and oppressors. Of course, despite all the disappointments, the final victory is with the oppressed.
The main problem is that everyone sees the world with one eye. An eye that can see the world as they like. Of course, the lack of one eye in this story is due to the shooting of a hunter. The hunter shoots with the intention of hunting and the arrow The cutter harms other people as well. The author means that the violation that is committed will be visible to everyone. Note another part of the book:

The painter also had only one eye. He repainted a picture. After it was finished, he put it aside and put another painting on a stool and repainted it. The hairs were being destroyed. Her hair was coarse.

The colors, which it was not clear where they came from, were flowing from inside their tubes. The colors were so high that they reached the painter’s chest. He has been waiting for such a person for years ….. Page 74
Another axis of this story is that whoever harms others, the result is harm to all the worlds, including himself. Note another part of the book:

Once, when I was going to hunt a pheasant, I mistakenly shot the Zagros eagle and caused it to lose its left eye. Of course, both the pheasant and the eagle were both the same. At first glance, I saw a very beautiful deer and I was going to hunt it. He disappeared and then I saw the pheasant. But the deer was very beautiful and unforgettable. At the same time as I was shooting, a sound echoed in the air and prevented me from hunting. But I did not pay attention and fired. He blinded me and the old man Kharkini who was around. Pages 45 and 46

Among the characters in this story, love is an unknown phenomenon. Lack of love seems to have led society to violence and destruction. They lose in gambling. Obviously, if there was love, neither the wizard nor the gambler would do so.
Sally thought about the word love for a while. He asked himself, what is love? Why do you have to have deep love and steely will to save Salome? I know steel is a metal that I do not know how to use in this case, but I do not know love, I have to ask someone. If I have to use love and steel to save Salome I will definitely do this and I will get these two phenomena wherever they are in the universe. Page 53

But Sally is really in love, only the feeling of love is unknown to her and she is looking for it somewhere far away from herself.

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