Title: Shahnameh

Author: Ferdowsi

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Publisher: Message of Justice

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: Adult

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Number of pages: 1088

Language: Farsi

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Ferdowsi Shahnameh by Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi is one of the greatest epics in the world, the most important letter of Iranian political thought in the Islamic period, the epic masterpiece of Persian language and the national epic of Iranians and also the greatest document of his identity.

Shahnameh alone, more than any other national influence, has been able to be more and better effective in keeping alive the Iranian name and symbol, inspiring the spirit of masculinity, chivalry and courage in the people of this region and guaranteeing the unity and independence of the country.

Shahnameh Ferdowsi (Shahnameh) is a poem of about fifty thousand verses in the convergent sea of ​​Muthanm. It took about thirty years to compose. Ferdowsi himself says in this regard:

I got this letter from Farrokh
I have suffered for many years
Ferdowsi’s role in the national revival of Iran can never be forgotten. Ferdowsi nestled on the glorious path of Iran-friendliness and nationalism, and he was heartbroken by the victory of the bloodthirsty believer over Iran, and this can be seen from the message of “Rostam Farrokhzad” to his brother, so there is a better way to deal with such heartbreak and sorrow. He did not find that by composing epic poems and mentioning the lives of the brave heroes and princes of Iran, he would not open the mirror of glory and pride to the Iranians and call them to reclaim those glories.

By composing his magnificent work “Shahnameh”, Ferdowsi freed the Persian language, which was almost dying to give way to the Arabic language, and in this way, not only did he not suffice to protect it, but also to expand its beautiful composition and terminology. Literary allusions and arrays were tried in the context of Persian speech and exposed brilliant precious gems of pleasant words in a sea of ​​symmetrical weight.

Ferdowsi is a universal figure who thinks about the future of man and wants man to become a symbol of a perfect man and a pure manifestation of nature, like the character of epics, and this is one of the wonders of Ferdowsi’s epic.
Ferdowsi is the greatest poet in the history of Iran who has organized the greatest interconnected mythological and mythological stories of Iran. Ferdowsi, regardless of the order of the story, which was in charge of renewing the Iranian spirit and showing the greatness and courage of the heroes and sultans of Iran, also wanted to get the Persian language out of the dilemma in which it was located and for this purpose in front of Arabic words and He created popular Arabic meanings, words, phrases, allusions, and meanings, making it easy for others to recite Persian poetry.
Some of the stories of Shahnameh are emotional, some are philosophical, some are heroic and epic, and some are imaginative and dreamy. Shahnameh is not just a story and Ferdowsi can not be considered a skilled storyteller alone. His mastery of Arabic and Persian languages, his ability to parable, his mastery of eloquence and rhetoric, his knowledge of the sciences of the time and his complete understanding of the historical creations of the Iranians are clearly reflected in this work.
Shahnameh, according to Ferdowsi, has sixty thousand verses, but the copies that are now available do not contain more than 52 thousand verses. There are different sayings about the beginning and end of Shahnameh and the reason for composing it. It is said that Sultan Mahmud asked him to compose the Shahnameh, it is inadvertent and wrong, because according to Ferdowsi’s text, the Shahnameh was done in the year 400, and according to the narrations, it took 25, 30 or 35 years in the order of that time, and because it lasted 30 years longer. Repeated, as if the rest of the date is approximate or supplementary. Therefore, Ferdowsi started in the order of Shahnameh in 365 or 370 or 375.
Some people think that because of the oppression that was inflicted on him, he went to Ghazni for order and engaged in the order of Shahnameh there. What is certain and can be acknowledged is that Ferdowsi intended from the beginning of the order of Shahnameh to do it in the name of a great sultan and to find a great gift in return for his hard work, through which he can live comfortably for the rest of his life or as a daughter-in-law. Build yourself or close the Tus water dam.
Ferdowsi’s great Shahnameh, which begins with the story of Kiomars, Houshang, Tahmourth, Jamshid and Zahak after praising the Creator of the Universe, narrates the most enduring legends of Iran and continues until the reigns of Farrokhzad and Yazdgerd.

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