Empty out the negative


Title: Avoid Negative Thoughts

Author: Joel Austin

Translator: Mina Varasteh

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Thought / Attitude (Psychology) – Religious Aspects – Christianity

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 88

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Avoid Negative Thoughts by Joel Austin
In the book “Empty out the negative: make room for more joy, greater confidence, and new levels of influence” you can get rid of fear, lack of self-confidence, anxiety, anxiety, depression and mental and emotional disorders that you have suffered through Sarah in many ways. You should never underestimate yourself and do not be afraid of anything in life. God has placed a crown of mercy, forgiveness and blessings on His servants.

Avoid Negative Thoughts by Joel Austin
This book helps us to clear our minds of negative thoughts, take control of our thoughts, and choose what is allowed to enter our minds. With the departure of negative thoughts, there is room for joy and happiness and self-confidence.

If we empty the space of our mind of worry and jealousy and the useless things that occupy the mind, God will fill our being with goodness and fill us with a sense of peace and self-confidence. By keeping your heart pure and freeing yourself from old and soulless thoughts, you can have a new outlook on life.

Excerpts from the book Empty out the negative: make room for more joy, greater confidence, and new levels of influence

There are unpleasant and negative issues and cases for all of us. People mistreated us, the company asked us to quit our jobs, the company secretary was rude to us, we can be treated like someone who has been humiliated or insulted, selfish, blamed by others and criticized Colleagues even lived offended by God.

Because we always look back and the past, we revive the negative weaves and remind ourselves, and it lived like a backpack carrying a surplus of people. One of the best things you can do and learn is to drop this bag.

Put it on the ground, do something, throw away the bag full of negativity, from the unpleasant events of yesterday to today. If you always carry this bag with you this way and that, if you always revive the things that did not work out, who hurt you and remind yourself of the mistakes you made, life You will not have a victory. The reason these things are called past is that they have been done, their deadline has passed, it is now history. Now play your part and let the past go back to the past.

Stop thinking about negative things, stop reviving them and move on.

A new beginning in front of you. But as long as you renew old wounds and repeat the unjust events of the past, God will not give you new opportunities.

You may have a lot of grief and regret about your past. You can not do anything today because of yesterday. Living as a sinner and being modern does not make anything better than it is.


Empty out the negative: make room for more joy, greater confidence, and new levels of influence from the book
He has clothed His servants and the nobles of His creatures with honor and greatness, and has breathed into you of His great, eternal and eternal spirit, so know that nothing can stop you and prevent you from achieving your dreams. Never let negative and bad thoughts limit you and reach your destiny.

You need to know that you have to fight bad thoughts and things and get rid of them. If you do not get rid of these bad thoughts and get rid of them, those bad thoughts will destroy you and defeat you.
If you do not eliminate your depression, anger, addiction, fear and anxiety and do not stop them, they will stop you and prevent you from reaching your destiny. When you get rid of the bad and negative mentality and build a calm and big mind for yourself and be sure that God is paying attention to you and has surrounded you like a cloak and armor, and at the same time God has revealed many blessings to you. .

Get rid of negative thoughts in the book:
None of your family, your friends, your neighbors know what is in you. They can not stop you from climbing. Of course, those people are good people, they are blind; But their vision is limited.

Do not trap yourself in them. God wants you to be a Samson to liberate your people to create better new conditions for your family. Break the chains that hold you back.

Sometimes it is not the enemy who limits us, it is our friends who tie our hands and feet. Not everyone around you may be completely on your side. They may make disappointing statements. Stay where you are, depression in this inherited family, your father is bankrupt, my grandfather is the same, you are also bankrupt.

These people want to tie your hands and feet. Do you want to accept this flaw and stay in the middle position? Or you want to say: No, I’m better than that. I know there is a power within me that is greater than any force that wants to capture me. When God breathed His spirit into you, He determined your destiny to have a positive impact on the world.
Today I want to talk to you about getting rid of the enemy. There are things in our lives that prevent us from achieving our destiny. Most of what we struggle with does not begin with us but is inherited. Things like depression, addiction, anger, divorce. Research has shown that these may have been passed down from generation to generation.

If your mother is depressed, you are more likely to be depressed yourself. If your father was an alcoholic, had nervous problems, or was unfaithful to his wife, these traits can affect you as well. Like a woman who is addicted, when she gives birth to a child, this child may have the same addiction that her mother has. This is not a child’s sin, this is how his life has become.

The good news is that there is a way to stop this trend. What has become your problem may not have started with you, but it can end with you. God wants to free you from these enemies. He wants to put an end to everything that limits you. Now we have to do something.
As long as we take these traits for granted, they will never change. As long as we know this addiction, this depression, these deficiencies and our share of life, we will not only be trapped by them, but we will pass them on to the next generation. This is what the followers of Prophet Moses (pbuh) did. It is said that they were slaves for 40 years.

An angel appeared to a young woman and told her that she would have a child and give him the name Samson. He will have superhuman power. He will set the people of your land free. As Samson grew older, enemy soldiers realized that he had different characteristics. He tore his bracelets whenever they tried to tie his hands.

The impact of negative thoughts on our lives
Negative thoughts are thoughts that act exactly the opposite of positive thoughts.
For example, due to incorrect prejudice, it induces failure before losing an action.
Negative thoughts can greatly affect our physical and especially mental health.
If we do not learn the skill of managing negative thoughts, it is the thoughts that control us, not us.
Being influenced by these thoughts destroys everyone; That’s why we have to learn the skill of controlling it so that we can succeed in life.
Learning the skill of controlling negative thoughts alone is not enough and requires constant effort.
Why should I read this book?
One way to control negative thoughts is to read books, which can be very helpful. Because when you can identify these thoughts, it becomes easier for you to put them aside.
In Avoiding Negative Thoughts, Joel Austin first teaches you how to identify these thoughts and then teaches you ways to put them aside.

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