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Introducing the book Step by Step to the Peak of Ziegler
The book Step by Step offers seven strategies for personal growth and success. In each episode, Ziegler opens the door to real experiences for readers, relying on practical steps and unique examples.

Step by step book to the top
You have to try to reach the top. He overcame the hardships and difficulties of the path and achieved victory, that is, a conquest of the summit. This is the secret of victory of people who overcome the problems of life with their thoughts, ideas and attitudes. To reach the peak, one must follow the right path with purpose and motivation. Zig Ziegler, a motivational speaker in the book Step by Step, teaches readers how to achieve the pinnacle of success by laying the foundations.

Who was the book “Step by Step” written for?
Man was created to succeed and reach perfection. He needs a clear plan and path to achieve his goals and aspirations. The book Step by Step is written in simple and motivational language in seven sections.

This book helps people who are looking to get rid of feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness to regain self-confidence and achieve hope in life with hope.
There is no age limit for reading a book step by step, because every person needs a set of strategies to achieve his goals from the time he becomes targeted. The 7 golden keys that Ziegler presents in this book are based on faith, honesty, loyalty and merit, and it is necessary for all sections of society to move on the path to victory by reading it once.

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Attitude: In fact, it is we who make our destiny. Anything that disturbs our peace, good or bad, is all due to our emotional state. Attitude is not something that depends on external conditions, but grows, changes and corrects from within. To succeed, it is enough to focus on our goals with a positive attitude instead of worrying about the achievements of others.

Choice: Depression reduces a person’s chances of getting the desired results. Emotional outbursts and physical conflicts are the biggest enemy of people when choosing a job, partner, etc. Although sadness and depression are not the same, mood swings dangerously reduce a person’s ability to communicate properly.

Master your mood in three ways:
Forgive people. Get rid of grudges

Organize your life and organize your affairs

Help others – try not to be selfish

Courage: Most people tend to give up when they are under pressure and crisis. Try to cultivate your fighting spirit and show enthusiasm to achieve your desire. Achieving such an attitude is not easy, one must be prepared to take the step and dare.

Goals: None of this can be achieved without a goal. Define your goals and plan for them.
How: Use every opportunity to your full potential. Do not be afraid of new opportunities, embrace doubt and walk without fear. First and foremost, you need to be receptive to new ideas before your mind can accept them.

Love: “Wherever there is love, there is God.” Nothing can be more powerful than the ability to love, friendship and mutual understanding. Show your empathy and gratitude. This will give you the energy and motivation to continue and follow your dreams.

Perseverance: Some people are mistaken in thinking that having knowledge is more important for success. In fact, true power comes from the right determination. “With concentration, hard work and focused effort, you get everything you want in life.”

According to the author of the book, after reading each section and following the strategies and steps mentioned, you will soon be at the peak.

About Zig Ziggler; Author of the book Step by Step to the Peak
Zig Ziglar Zig Ziglar was a famous American speaker and economic consultant born in 1926 in Alabama. Her real name was Hillary Hinton Ziegler, but she chose the nickname Zig Ziegler. Ziegler attended college in Jackson, Mississippi, and attended the University of South Carolina.

Zieg Ziegler began his career selling kitchen utensils and later grew into a salesman and senior sales manager for many large companies, including several reputable automotive companies. He became so successful in his work that he gradually turned to writing and motivational lecturing and eventually became known as a prominent speaker in the United States.

Ziegler left his job in the 1970s and, with his verbal ability, decided to teach people effective strategies and strategies for success through his lectures and books. Thousands of people around the world have succeeded with his motivational speeches in the field of economics and success in their professional and personal lives.

Since then, Zig Ziegler has made a name for himself as a man who has inspired and motivated progress, and to this day famous media outlets and publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fortune, Success, The Dallas News, and Square has repeatedly quoted and recommended Ziegler’s words.

In 1975, a small American publishing house called Pelican published Ziegler’s first book, I See You at the Peak, in the field of self-help. The book sold more than 250,000 copies and has been translated into several languages ​​to date.
In 2001, Zig Ziggler received the Silver Buffalo Award from the American Youth Organization. This is the highest award in the United States for youth service. In the same year, the American National Speakers Association awarded Zig Ziegler with a prestigious award for Outstanding Achievement and Credibility in the Field of Speech.

From 1975 to 2012, more than twenty books, audio files, and video lectures by Zig Ziggler on personal, social, and other success stories were published, each containing important ethical and commercial advice.

Step by Step, “10 Rules of Success”, “Magic Tips for Success”, “Better Than Good”, “Motivate the Customer to Buy” and “Secrets to Attracting New Customers” are among the books translated by Ziegler in Iran.

Ziegler retired in 2010 and left the management of his company to his son. In 2012, after nearly 40 years of lecturing and continuous activity, Ziegler died of an illness. Even after his death, the successful lifestyle of this successful man continues to inspire many people around the world, and his words affect hearts and minds.

The exercises in this book are designed so that you can incorporate them well into your daily routine. According to the author, the key to success and achievement is hard work and enduring all the difficulties along the way.
He cites many real-life examples of successful people who, with their innovative approach, were able to overcome all of life’s problems. By listening to this book, you can be refreshed and lay the foundations of happiness in yourself and receive long-term benefits by taking practical steps. To get the most out of listening to this book, it’s best to share what you have learned with your family and friends so that they can accompany you.

If you want to reach the peak and pursue the right goal and motivation, you must have a specific plan and path. This book does exactly that for you. That is, it has a simple plan for you that will help you regain your sense of self-confidence and step on the path to success with hope. Hoping to reach the peak …

In a part of the book “Step by step to the top” we read:
For one feeling more than others, songs are sung, poems are sung, and hearts are broken. This feeling is love. I think we have made love too mysterious, to be honest I believe that love can be learned. Yes, learning to love is different from learning to ride a bike, but love is learnable and that is why some people fail in love lessons. They have never learned to love.

I have a suggestion here. Do not set aside the enjoyable times of life for special occasions. Learn to share it with others. Let your spouse know that you enjoy sharing the enjoyable moments of life, just for the sake of finding out what you both enjoy doing. For example, walking, playing tennis, potting, boating or even washing machines. The important thing is that you split your enjoyable time in two.

Selected sentences of the book Step by Step to the Peak:
– The difference between good and great is just a little more effort.
– How many talents are lost in the world, because there is little courage.
– Today I will listen to the advice of wise people. Because they can help me achieve my goals.
– People show their character most of all by what they laugh at.
Success is a set of small daily wins.
– You can not change the cards that you receive in the game of life. But how you play with those cards plays a role in your winning or losing game of life.

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