Title: The Love of Knowledge: The Life of Philosophy from Socrates to Derrida
Author: On the brand
Translators: Parviz Sharifi Daramadi, Aftab Pirzadeh Nahouji
Publisher: Third
Subject: Philosophy
Age category: Adult
Number of pages: 160

Language: Farsi



The book LoveKnowledge : the life of philosophy from Socrates to Derrida is the result of years of addressing key texts and philosophers in academic journals, conferences, lectures, and classrooms; Both as a student and as a teacher.

Introducing the book Love Love Knowledge on the brand
Sometimes the book finds the voice of a student or fellow speaker, and sometimes, albeit very rarely, the voice of a professor. In any case, the following pages are the result of accurate reading, or more precisely, the result of a particular type of reading; A reading that emphasizes performance and effect and considers this tool important for a philosophical message.

The book’s main concern is expressed in its title: The Love of Knowledge. Of course, this title is a distortion of the accepted translation of “philosophy” as “love of knowledge”. I must admit at the outset that this book does not provide a definitive definition. Instead, the term becomes a question that will motivate each chapter and change with each new section. This is the way I have experienced it.

He is a philosopher and museum curator working in the fields of modern philosophy and contemporary aesthetics. He is a Master Lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

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