Eat Him If You Like


Title: The Cannibals

Author: Jean Toli

Translator: Ehsan Karam Veisi

Publisher: Cheshmeh

Subject: French stories

Age category: Adult

Language: Farsi

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Eat Him If You Like is a novel by Jean Teule, a French author whose story takes no more than a few hours, and if you start reading it without a background, you will probably be so shocked that you will never think it is true. Even after knowing this, it is not unlikely that you will doubt the truth of the story. You may think you are reading a horror story, but the story of this novel is based on a real event.

Jean Toli is a French writer, poet, director and cartoonist previously known for his book Suicide Shop in Iran. Jean Tolly’s works form a definite image in the reader’s mind, and this is undoubtedly due to his cartoonism. The author first illustrates the scene and then continues the story.

In a part of the text on the back cover of the cannibal book, it is stated:

Cannibals (2009), like Suicide Shop, is one of the author’s most shocking works. A long story written based on a real event. The story takes place in the middle of the French-Prussian War of 1870, which was marked by the catastrophic defeat of Napoleon III and the fall of Paris.

Cannibal Book
As mentioned, the story of this book happens very quickly and there is practically nothing to reveal, so we will continue to examine the story. A story that tells a terrible and horrible event, but what makes this event even impossible to digest is its reality! It should be noted that the author, in addition to studying historical documents, in the village itself heard the event from the language of later generations and portrayed the pure and shocking image of the event.

The story of the cannibal begins as the son of a smallholder named Alain de Money, who’s ironically popular in the area with himself and his family for their services to the villagers, goes to the village to explore and buy a calf for a poor family. . The village is also suffering from famine due to bad luck.

The people of this village were about 45 people and most of them were engaged in agriculture. The characteristics of these people include illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and hunger, ignorance of correct information, etc., which are all more common during the war.
After Allen arrives, a controversy ensues in the village, and as a result of a misunderstanding, he is accused of defending the Prussian government. And the cannibals’ book is a description of the horrible murder of this nobleman. The interesting and important point is that Allen, despite losing a leg and being fired, decides to go to the front and fight for his homeland.

In fact, throughout the book, the image is a mass torture, which of course has a black ending. In this short novel, we see poor and fanatical villagers who have gone mad and suddenly show a terrible face. The tortures in this book will undoubtedly amaze all readers. But what is more important is: is the majority always right?

The translator of the book – Ehsan Kermavisi – who has provided a good translation of the book, writes in the back of his speech:

What is the ruling if a crowd of people commits a crime? What is the verdict if hundreds of people in a village in France, most of whom did not know each other, are arrested and brutally murdered so that everyone who hears the story trembles in terror? What judgment should be at work?

Although the book Cannibals is very bitter and shocking and we do not recommend reading it to sensitive people, it also has very important points in its heart. We believe you should read this book to see how human beings can be predatory and even savage in times of despair, anger, hatred, resentment and hunger! Read this book to see if you have the power to face one of the most embarrassing and terrifying parts of history! And read this book to see how stupidity can turn this simple rural creature into a monster in the true sense of the word and easily turn from human to cannibal!

Sentences from the text of the cannibal novel
How can I look into the eyes of a parent whose son went to war instead of me? I am ashamed of myself.

His quiet life and happy memories quickly passed before his eyes. He had fallen from the Throne to dignity. The land on which he was now dragged to be taken and executed.

Killing Allen had become a circus. A joke from the playfulness of some angry madmen. People were crossing Allen with their left foot because they believed it would give them a chance. They beat Allen as if they were threshing wheat or a harvest. “We did not reap anything this year because of garbage like you!” Dirt! لِبِرو! ” Allen was compared to Libero; The mythical monster Prigo, who was doomed to roam the villages at night. According to legend, LeBreau wore a veil made of animal skins; His food was dogs and he made women pregnant; At night, if he saw a passer-by alone, he would jump on his back and ride with him, but as soon as it was morning, he would become a kind person.

His head was covered in blood. Death nestled in his right eye. His face was swollen and burning with pain. Wounds and cavities could be seen on the blood clot on his face. His face was no longer recognizable and it could not be identified who he was. Allen had become a miserable creature. His naked torso was disfigured and his whole body was paralyzed. In the reflection of the glass, he saw a man behind him coming towards him with an ax in his hand. He was Jean-Bruyne, one of the smallholders in the area.

Allen was laid on the floor with his back to the ground and his arms and legs spread apart like a starfish. With the help of Shambur and Mazir, the Campo brothers tied Allen’s swollen ankles and ankles tightly with ropes and shook hands with the people in four directions to kill them. Everyone started pulling from all four sides. Allen hung between the ground and the air. The ropes held him about a meter above the ground. Everyone was shouting for joy. When the torturers pulled the rope, Allen jumped into the air, and when they loosened the rope, he fell to the ground again. Their movements were in rhythm and they soon came up with a way to get Allen up and down. People laughed and walked on Allen’s blood. It was fun for them, otherwise they could tear Allen to pieces if they wanted to.

Like greyhounds sniffing their prey, people ran after Allen and hurled a barrage of insults at him. Their sharp tongues fluttered and poisonous words came out. Such shameful behavior had never occurred to humans. Allen had lost his life from this war, from this society, and from this game of killing, and he could no longer tolerate a new attack. He asked for help with incomprehensible words.

The crowd was all happy. Burning takes a long time. The sun, on the horizon, was weeping blood. It was a scary sight. The wind blows Allen’s ashes everywhere. Some of this black dust went under the feet of people who wiped their greasy mouths with their dirty sleeves. They were full and happy.

The burnt dust of Magdalen Lewis and Amdi de Moni’s son floated in the air and headed south. That night, the moon had a heavy and sad light. The leaves spun from the branches, and the wind carried them to the road that led to Bertani. Young lanterns run hand in hand to distant houses. A suffering mother was waiting for her child behind the open window of the house. The air was dark but suffocating. The woman went to the piano and closed the wooden door with the knobs. He looked out. A thin, black smoke went from the utterance to the moon. He heard a man running like a sudden hailstorm. It was their servant, Pascal. Allen’s mother wondered why Pascal was running.

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