Unfuck your brain


Title: Disinfection of the brain

Author: Feth J. Harper

Translator: Ali Dimneh

Publisher: Parseh

Subject: Treatment, psychological trauma

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 208 p

Language: Farsi

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Unfuck your brain : using science to get over anxiety, depression, anger, freak-outs, and triggers by Feth J. Harper.

This book is organized in two parts and one conclusion. It is your brain that is suffering from psychological damage. In the first part of the book, what happened to your brain? Reorganizes psychological damage to the brain, disinfection of the brain, improvement: retraining the brain and getting help from the professionals; Treatment options are discussed.

The second part of the book also addresses this living brain of yours to anxiety, anger, addiction, depression and the importance of sadness. Conclusion It’s a new normal to know that you are both valuable and capable.

The book “Disinfection of the Brain” is for those who ask in unison: “Why?” The same ones who, when they were children, drove the adults crazy with a flood of endless questions. Those who, as children, tried to understand the lives of adults with these questions and find their place in that world. Because that “why” in their heads was the most important information necessary for life.
This book is for those who are disturbed by the advice of others. It is for those who are looking for solutions and information to get out of their work. Maybe you have found this way yourself or you have found a famous psychoanalyst who knows his job well and knows he should not command or forbid you. In either case, you have come to realize that you’s responsible for what you have done to your life, and you have to fix it anyway.

This book is for those who have heard their dirty nerves for a lifetime or thought they were crazy or lazy or stupid or very sensitive or had to do something with themselves. The same people who are tired of being so bad and others have always thought that they have made them even worse. Others say the same thing. It is as if helplessness was the choice of these people. It’s as if you yourself do not want to get better. It is as if your heart wants you to be miserable. This book is for those who do not want so much filth but are stuck and do not know why.

“Harper is a master of expressing the teachings of psychology with the language of humor and humor,” Publishers Weekly wrote of the book. The books he writes are all in the same mood, and sometimes even very specialized and complex medical and psychiatric principles are created and transmitted to the reader with a taste of laughter in the mouth and mind of the reader. “The catchy irony is that you don’t even realize you have a psychology book in the middle.”

“On the very day you decide not to buy another book, this book will appear and reconcile you with everything,” Shotime TV said of the book.

“I recommend reading this book to anyone who wants to flip their minds and break the dry, soulless mental image of psychological issues in their head,” said Alan Novian, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
How does our brain perish? Are you ready to review some of the reasons together? Anger, depression, anxiety, anxiety, grief over the loss of loved ones, substance abuse, insane behavioral patterns, silly choices and friendships. Or, for example, in the words of one of my comrades: “Yes, another, one of those usual Kufta Saturdays.” Most of what we call mental health problems are actually interfering with the brain’s chemical function.

And most of this is the result of the turbulent and terrifying events we face in life. We are accustomed to blaming our unfortunate genes for all the anxiety and pain and the way we respond to these situations. But the findings of the latest studies show that of the people affected by these problems, only two to five percent have defective genes in the body. It was then that we realized that the cause of our problems goes back much more than we think to the same living environment and the way we deal with it.

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