City of Ghosts


Title: Ghost Town

Author: Victoria Schwab

Translator: Faezeh Adab

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 232

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Introducing the book City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab
Ghost Town is written by Victoria Schwab. This fascinating and readable book is about ghosts and their presence in human life. This fantasy story is very beautiful and enjoyable. Ghost Town is a story full of exciting adventures. The protagonist in the book City of Ghosts travels to the world of ghosts and narrates the events of this strange journey. For those who are interested in horror books, reading this book will be very interesting and enjoyable.

Who is the author of the book Victoria Schwab?
Victoria Schwab is a fantasy writer. His stories can be more popular with children and teenagers. The young author’s books have been repeatedly named bestsellers by The New York Times. In addition, other interesting books by this author have been translated into various languages ​​and his works, especially the book City of Ghosts, have been used to produce films, series and animations. Victoria Schwab is a resident of Tennessee, USA, but she travels to Paris, Scotland and other cities to come up with new ideas and dream, and in these trips, she develops many of her fictional characters.

Horror genre in the book City of Ghosts
Adventure and horror genre has always had its own fans. We need to remember that this genre is useful for body, soul and mind and enhances creativity. In the book Ghost Town, a little girl can communicate with ghosts after an event, and this communication is very attractive and interesting.

Summary of the book Ghost Town
Cassidy is the protagonist and the main character of this story is an ordinary little girl who accidentally falls into a cold river and is then rescued by a ghost named Jacob. After this, Cassidy finds the ability to see ghosts, communicate with them, and enter their world.

Cassidy’s parents are set to make a documentary about ghosts, which disrupts Cassidy’s summer schedule, and she travels with her parents to cities with more ghosts. After Cassidy and his family travel to Scotland (Ghost Town), Cassidy meets the ghost hunters and goes through horrific events with Jacob.
This attractive and lovable book has been translated into Persian by Ms. Faezeh Adab and its Persian translation is available in the market, and this book can be a very good option for people who want to enjoy reading fantasy and adventure books. . By reading the book City of Ghosts, you will be accompanied by the strange stories and adventures of this book, and you can spend your free time in an interesting and different way.

Excerpts from the book
There were two Jacobs, one standing next to me and the other in the mirror, but they were different. Jacob was next to me as I knew him. But Jacob in the mirror had a pale face, his clothes were wet and water was dripping from his feet. I was not easily afraid of anything these days, but seeing Jacob in the mirror terrified me. Jacob looked dead in the mirror. I did not allow myself to think of the word dead. I said, “Jacob!” But my voice did not sound right. His eyes were focused and empty, I reached out to grab his shoulder, but my hand went through his body.

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