The Devil and Miss Prym


Title: The Devil and Miss Prim

Author: Paolo Coelho

Translator: Arash Hejazi

Publisher: Caravan

Subject: Brazilian stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 240

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The Devil and Miss Prym by Paolo Coelho
The Devil and Miss Fairy, a readable novel by Paolo Coelho, is about a man traveling to a remote village. He wants to answer this question: Is man by nature good or evil? This book has been translated by Behnaz Soltanieh.

About the book The Devil and Miss Prim
The Devil and the Miss is one of Paolo Coelho’s trilogy books. The story that should be read in continuation of the books “I sat by the river and cried” and “Veronica decides to die”. Devil and Miss Prim is the story of an adventurous week from the people of the village of Viscose. A man escapes from his past, a woman seeks happiness. All the people of the village must determine their destiny in one week. A man arrives in the village with eleven gold bars. He seeks the answer to his constant question: Are human beings inherently good or evil?

Like the other works of Paolo Coelho, Evil and Miss Prime is a look at good and evil. In this story, there is God on one side and Satan on the other. Two symbols of good and evil. The souls of men fall into the abyss of temptation and Miss Prim rises to fight the devil …

Who do we recommend reading the book The Devil and Miss Prime?
Fans of Paolo Coelho’s work enjoy reading The Devil and Miss Prime. If you are a fan of deep philosophical novels, The Devil and Miss Prime is a great choice for you.

About Paolo Coelho
Paolo Coelho was born on August 24, 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His mother Ligia was a housewife and his father an engineer. As a teenager, he shared his dream of becoming a writer with his family, but went to law school because of their opposition.

He left law school after a year. He lived like a hippie for a while. In his eventful life, he has experience of being hospitalized in a mental hospital, addiction, arrest by the government, and so on. After working as a songwriter and earning a good income, he reconsidered his dream of becoming a writer and began writing his books. He is the best-selling Portuguese author whose book The Alchemist has been translated into 70 languages, which is why he is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. He and his wife currently live in Europe and Rio de Janeiro. One of his most famous works is Veronica Decides to Die.

Part of the book The Devil and Miss Fairy
The inn was a place to sell organic and natural products, with a dining hall and a coffee shop where Viscose people gathered and talked about the same everyday issues; “We have nine months of winter and three months of hell,” he said of the weather and the inattention of young people to the countryside. That is, they had only ninety days to do all their work: plowing, sowing, waiting, harvesting and storing crops, shearing sheep, and so on.

All the people of Viscos were fleeing from the fact that their village was in decline. It was difficult for them to accept that they were the last generation of farmers and ranchers who had lived in the mountains for centuries. Soon machines would enter their village and raise cattle with special fodder elsewhere, perhaps selling the village to a large commercial company and turning their village company into a base for skiers.
Other villages in the area accepted this fact, and only the viscous people resisted it, as its people felt indebted to their ancestors and their traditions had taught them to fight to the last.

The stranger filled in the inn form after carefully reading it. His accent showed that he was from a South American country. It said Argentina because he loved his football team. On the admission form, the address section read: “Columbia Street” because he knew that the people of South America put the names of neighboring countries on their important streets to show solidarity. In the name field, he wrote the name of one of the most famous terrorists of the past centuries.

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