Title: Restart; From today, your life will start with a new perspective

Author: Joel Austin

Translator: Flora Nezamabadi

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Self-improvement / success

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 159

Language: Farsi



Introducing Reinvention
A re-start book by Brian Tracy shows you how to start your life from scratch and make the rest of your life the best part of your life.

Recreating life or starting any new business is not straightforward and painless and will not last long. There are countless obstacles and difficulties in this path, and sometimes even human beings face temporary failures in this field. What may seem like a good thing at first often leads to a dead end, but there will always be another factor in the different direction.

The book Reinvention provides you with effective thinking tools to recreate yourself in the shortest time possible and become the person you have always dreamed of.
An important factor in recreating or starting from scratch is to always have the courage to take action. Decide on what valuable goal you want to achieve and then get to work. Try, try again, and try again. Never give up. Keep moving forward.

You have no limit to the amount of productive work you can do; Except for the restrictions you create yourself. Your job is to become the most productive person in your field. Strive to be an efficient human being whenever others want to do something; They trust you to do it.
Brian Tracy is a well-known author of self-help books. He has conducted various seminars on sales, leadership, effective management and business strategy.

Tracy is the Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International. He founded the company in 1984 in Vancouver. The company provides consulting services in the areas of leadership, sales, confidence, goal setting, strategy, creativity and the psychology of success. Prior to founding the company, Brian Tracy worked as chief operating officer for a construction company. He has also worked in sales and marketing, investment, construction, import, distribution and management consulting. Tracy has written dozens of books to date. It is impossible to want to succeed in Iran, but you have not heard the name Brian Tracy.

A re-start book will help you in these areas:
Determine what really matters to you.
– Once and for all, master your job and take control of it.
Aim for your goal and get what you really want in the job.
Turn unexpected and seemingly negative events into amazing opportunities for growth and development.
– Increase your potential income beyond your imagination!
Build self-confidence to take risky steps and take big steps to achieve great and amazing results.

Selected sentences for the re-start book:

– If you do not know where you are going; You will be confused in choosing the path.
– We can do almost anything we want to be productive; Provided we believe in our own ability in this area.
Becoming the person we are now and becoming the person we deserve will be a really important part of our life plan.
– If a person is confident in achieving his true dreams and tries to live the way he has imagined in his mind; It will undoubtedly meet with unexpected and miraculous success.

In a part of the beginning book, we read again:

The first set of tasks is actually both urgent and important. You need to do these things right away. Urgent tasks such as important meetings or phone calls and meeting important customers are almost always assigned by others. But these are the basic prerequisites for your job. If you delay doing these things; You will no doubt face serious problems. Many people do urgent and important work all day long.

The second group of tasks is actually important, but non-urgent. These actions often bring the most important consequences in the long run. Prepare reports and plans; Strengthening personal knowledge and skills; Exercise, caring for health and being with family; They are in this group of works.
Important but non-urgent work can be done with a delay. However, such activities may have a significant, long-term impact on your life. Non-urgent but important tasks and activities will sooner or later become emergency tasks and activities. Writing a student dissertation and preparing a report for your boss or clients are actually examples of this.

The third group of tasks are in fact urgent tasks that need to be addressed immediately; But these things do not matter much. Answering the phone, checking e-mails, talking to co-workers you meet at work, casual conversations about TV shows, etc. can be included in this group.

Index of the book Reinvention
Introduction: Your ever-changing world
Chapter One: You are a unique human being
Chapter Two: How Do You Think You Are Human?
Chapter Three: What Do You Want?
Chapter 4: What is your value?
Chapter 5: How to get the job we want in any economic situation?
Chapter Six: How to Progress?
Chapter 7: How to make the most of yourself?
Abstract: What are you doing now?
The present book with the original title (Reinvention) is a work by Brian Tracy, which has been translated by Sima Faraji and published by Nesl-e Navandish Publications.
The future may seem vague; But as you read this book, you can be assured that the rest of your life is going to be the best part of your life. The successes you have achieved so far are only a shadow of the successes you will achieve in the coming months and years.

Know and Rest assured that every change that takes place in your life today is in fact part of a broader plan that will help you progress toward completing your true abilities and talents. In this book, you will learn about a number of effective thought tools that have been discovered so far. These tools will help you to recreate yourself in the shortest possible time and become the person you have always dreamed of.
In part of this book we read:
“When I started selling, after months of relentless effort, I was asked, ‘Why are some salespeople more successful than others?’ I asked successful salespeople to guide me, and they provided helpful advice. Generously presented to me.
Following the advice of these people, I continued to work and realized that my sales gradually increased. Soon my sales increased so much that I was invited to become a sales manager. At this point, I asked myself again, “Why are some sales managers more successful than others?” I turned to successful sales managers in my field and asked them for guidance. “They guided me well, too.”
Part of the perspective of change is very exciting for us and part of it is very scary for us, but change is really a fundamental factor that you can use to achieve real success, wealth and satisfaction in your professional and personal life. Reach you. In this book, Brian Tracy shows you how you can literally start your life over again. A fresh start book will help you: Identify what really matters to you.
Master your job once and for all and take control of it. Aim for your goal and get what you want in the job. Turn unexpected and seemingly negative events into amazing opportunities for growth and development. Increase your potential income beyond your imagination! Build self-confidence to take risky steps and take big steps to achieve great and amazing results.

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