Title: Aalieh

Author: Fahimeh Rahimi

Publisher: Avaye Chakameh

Subject: Persian stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 447

Language: Farsi

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Introducing Aalieh book by Fahimeh Rahimi
Fahimeh Rahimi (born 1331 – died 1392) was an excellent writer and popular Iranian novels. He holds the record for having 7 books among the 47 best-selling books after the 1957 revolution in Iran. Expressing women’s issues, fears and aspirations, exaggerating emotions and paying attention to the issue of separation and joining are characteristic of her works.

The beginning of life
he was born in June 1931 in Tehran. His father worked in a glycerin and soap factory and lived on Shahbaz Street in Tehran. His first serious literary activity was writing a piece of literature entitled My Heart for a Burning Butterfly at the age of nine. He also had experience in sports journalism and children’s literature.

For a while, he studied religious subjects in a seminary in the Abmangal neighborhood of Tehran. After migrating to Karaj, he became a member of Parvin Etesami’s city library and literary circle and continued writing more seriously.

Rahimi published his first book entitled Return to Happiness in 1990. He wrote and published 23 novels, many of which were repeatedly reprinted. Rahimi has also written works for children, none of which have been published.

Private life
Fahimeh Rahimi got married at the age of 17 and had a son and a daughter.

passed away
Fahimeh Rahimi died on the morning of June 19, 2013 in Mehr Hospital in Tehran.

The doorbell and the kind tone of the gentleman who said I was coming pulled Alia out of the room and up the stairs to watch the newcomers. In the hustle and bustle of greetings and the exchange of kisses on the cheeks, Aaliyah appreciated the guests. Age fifty years and above. Dyed hair.

The clothes are ironed and the models are heavy and appropriate for their age. Summer coat and skirt. White, chocolate, orange and pale purple. Alia stood in front of the mirror, ran her hand through her long, wavy hair, smiled happily as the mirror shone of her youth, and waited for her aunt to call her down. He listened for a while and did not hear any sound. He asked himself, “You mean the Martians have attacked?”

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