A girl in a blue coat


Title: A girl in a blue coat

Author: Monica Hesse

Translator: Hamid Hashemi

Publisher: Milkan

Subject: English teen stories

Age category: Adolescent

Number of pages: 256

Language: Farsi

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A girl in a blue coat by Monica Hesse. A story of war, love and hope that has won the 2017 Edgar Award.

Introducing the book of a girl with a blue coat
“When I was going home that day, I realized I did not answer ‘I like’ the bass. At that time, it was still possible to walk home and not be afraid of being stopped by soldiers; That the government has been militarized or arrested. This was the first time he told me he loved me and I forgot to say I love him too. I should have said. If I knew what was going to happen and what love and war meant, I would say so. It was my fault”.

Read a short excerpt from Monica Hessie, A Girl in a Blue Jacket. A story of war, love and hope that has won the 2017 Edgar Award. The story takes place in Amsterdam in 1943. Hanke spends his days preparing and delivering black market goods to his customers, and at night he has to hide the true nature of his work from his concerned parents. Hanke’s fiancé is killed in a German invasion, and he spends every moment grieving for his fiancé.

Hanke likes to see his illegal work as a small rebellion. On a typical day, one of Hanke’s clients, Mrs. Johnson, asks him for help. When Hanke hears Ms. Johnson’s request, she is very shocked and surprised.

Ms. Johnson wants to find a Jewish teenager who hid in her home but has now disappeared without a trace. Hanke is initially reluctant to get involved in such a dangerous affair, but he eventually enters a wide range of mysteries and adventures that draw him to the heart of the resistance against the Nazis, open his eyes to the cruelty and oppression of war, and compel him. Make him do whatever he wants. American author Monica Hessey has some extremely successful works in her artistic career. He writes for the Washington Post and, like storytelling, has made significant strides in the profession.

Part of the book:
My sorrow is like this. It’s like a very cluttered room with no electricity. It’s dark because of the mourning I got for the bass. This is the first bad thing that happens in this house. As soon as you enter the house, the first thing you see is what overshadows everything, but if you turn on the lights, you will see that there are many things in the room that are not right or wrong.

The dishes are dirty, the toilets are full of mold, the carpets are crooked. The carpet is crooked. The room is in disarray. If my feelings had not been so wrapped up in the dark, I would have felt the grief of al-Zabat. Because Zebat is not dead, Zebat lives twenty minutes away with a German soldier. He says he loves her, maybe he really does. I saw him once, his name is Rolfe.
He was handsome and tall and had a friendly smile. He also said the right thing and said that he works for one of the top officials of the patrol office and I can tell him anything if I want, because Al-Zabat’s friends are my friends. I shook his hand and at that moment I wanted to raise it.

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