secrets about women every men should know


Title: Secrets about women that every man should know

Author: Barbara de Angeles

Translator: Somayeh Movahedifard

Publisher: Rainy Summer

Subject: Male-female relationships

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 360

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book secrets about women every men should know by Barbara de Angelis
Secrets of Women by Barbara de Angelis is written primarily for women and is not intended to make men more aware of women, but to make women more aware of themselves.

A book of secrets about women that every man should know

We ourselves often doubt our own existence and ask ourselves, “Is my behavior normal?” Are my expectations not exceeded? In fact, we do not know ourselves as we should, and this ignorance leads to destructive habits such as lack of self-confidence.

The book Secrets about women every men should know proves to you that there is a logical and loving reason behind every emotion and behavior. Women call their husbands five times to finally get an answer, or they feel uncomfortable when their husbands yell at them for insisting on knowing why they are upset, or when they plan to spend time with their husbands. There are all special reasons.
The reason for this is not that women are nervous or anxious; Rather, we are women and our nature is completely different from that of men, and in many cases our desires and behaviors seem mysterious and ambiguous. It is by this means that women are proud of their unique ability to have deep feelings and replace separation and turbidity with rich love and empathy.

When you have this self-confidence and deep understanding of yourself, then you have a better chance of expressing your wants and needs to your spouse, and you also give your spouse a logical reason when problems arise.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. But you face his resistance and he says: “Why is this so important to you? “Why do you always want to plan everything?” Think for a moment. What is your answer?

Do you really know why planning is so important to you emotionally? Do you know how to explain your reason to him? Most of the time we do not know the reason for our requests and we give an ambiguous answer to our spouse;
For example, we say, “I can not explain” or “Is it not enough that you know this is important to me?” Or when we are disappointed, we say, “Forget it!” “You do not care about my feelings.”

At this point, make sure your spouse is listening; But, not with emotions but with his intellect and lack of logical explanation from you makes him consider you an expected person. In this book, Barbara de Angelis not only expresses the desires of women about love, affection and sexual issues, but also the reason for these desires and their importance.

In a part of the book, you will read secrets about women:
When Mr. Nish mocks you all the more, you become more serious, and whenever you try to talk to him, you have to defend yourself, because he is a master at making your words seem insignificant. In relation to the man, the woman feels that she has been disrespected, and although she does this in an interesting and entertaining way, her sarcastic acts imply that you are too sensitive and emotional and should not be. He took your feelings seriously.

Suppose you go to your CEO and tell him, “I need to talk to you about the projects we are working on,” and he says sarcastically, “Oh! “Is my little employee tired?” You get angry.

When you respond to your spouse with biting, sarcasm, emotions, and needs, he or she will feel the same way and think he or she has been insulted. When you make fun of your relationship with your spouse, remind yourself that she is the woman you love and that she wants to talk to you about something important and it does not matter if it is important to you or not.
If your child cries because he loses his ball and comes to you, do not say sarcastically to him: “What a nagging child! “A ball that is not worth crying about.” So why do you talk to your spouse like this? Try to listen to him and put aside sarcasm and irony.

Table of Contents secrets about women every men should know
Why do gentlemen need this book?
How to use this book for yourself?
How to give this book to gentlemen?
How to make the most of this book?
Are you aware of all the characteristics of women that you hate?
Why is this book popular with you?
How to make the most of this book?
Part 1: What do women want men to know about them?
Great ability; Where does it come from for love and affection?
Chapter One: Women prioritize love over everything
A journey into the minds of women
What do you think of Melissa’s mind book?
The difference between love in men and women
Why do women prioritize love over anything else?
Gentlemen ‘s negative perceptions of these traits
Negative perception of gentlemen
What ladies want men to know
Addressed to gentlemen
Chapter Two: Women are Creators
1. Creation
2. Correction and improvement
Why do men interpret this behavior of women as controlling?
The opposite result of the creative nature of women
Chapter 3: Women have a sacred relationship with time
Argue about giving time
Argue about remembering time
Your weekend trip and not attending religious services
Argument about time planning
Arguing about festive times
Negative perceptions of gentlemen
Three hidden needs of women
Chapter 4: Women need to feel safe
Why do women need men’s approval and feel insecure without it?
Women’s reaction to insecurity and how men help
Ineffective behaviors of gentlemen
What makes women feel safe
What the ladies have to say about this
How can you let your spouse into your inner world?
Some factors create a feeling of security or insecurity in women
Chapter 5: Women need to feel connected and close
What does communication mean?
Do you know the difference between a relationship and intimacy?
What is the difference between a relationship and intimacy?
What causes a feeling of connection and intimacy in women?
What the ladies have to say about this
Factors that create a sense of connection and closeness
Chapter 6: Women need to feel valued
What happens to women who do not feel valued?
Four ways to create a sense of worth in women
Make time for him
How can you ask women for help?
What women can do
Chapter 7: Seven False Beliefs of Men About Women and the Reason for Their Falsehood
Some problems arise from this misconception of gentlemen
What is the result of this misconception, gentlemen?
Myth: Women are jealous and selfish
What are the problems caused by the misconceptions of men?
Problems arising from this misconception
The truth about misconceptions
Myth: Women undermine men’s freedom
Seven Positive Beliefs to Overcome the Seven False Beliefs
Seven Positive Beliefs to Overcome Seven Negative Beliefs (False)
Part 2: What Women Want Men to Know About Love Intimacy and Communication
Chapter 8: How to prevent a wise woman from turning into an aggressive lunatic!
Some behaviors of men that drive women crazy!
Examples of men’s behaviors that drive women crazy
How does not paying attention to the needs of women make it worse for them?
Are you a rebel?
You hate this test
Men’s behaviors that drive women crazy
How rebellion and aggression make women feel the worst
Why can’t men easily seduce women?
Men’s behaviors that drive women crazy
How does not providing security and peace of mind make us feel the worst?
Your Sexual Energy Bank Account
How do you know if you have withdrawn money from your sex bank account?
Chapter 9: How to be a perfect and good lover
What happens when women are thirsty for love?
Why do women tolerate being thirsty for love?
Fish test
What Men Should Not Know About Women’s Sacrifice
Signs of lack of love in women
How do women become thirsty for love?
Love diet: How to nurture your spouse’s heart
Consumption of these foods per day
Snacks of love
How do you express your gratitude?
Gratitude steak before bed
What are the benefits of this investment?
Chapter 10: Five Secrets on How Women Communicate
Why do men not enjoy talking like women?
Some reasons why men are not interested in talking
Wrong gentlemen
Chapter 11: Ten communication habits of men that make women nervous
Ten communication habits of men that make women angry
Why do gentlemen become mysterious?
How does Mr. Slippery behave?
How does a slippery man turn into a nagging woman?
How does an invisible man turn us into a coward?
How does a volcanic man turn us into a considerate woman?
How does Mr. Nish turn us into a serious woman?
How Mr. Chicken turns us into crazy women
Reminder to ladies
Chapter Twelve: What Women Hate to Hear and What They Want to Hear
What women hate to hear and what they like to hear
Interrupting sentences
What gentlemen say to accept responsibility and commitment
Verbal Disadvantages: It is your responsibility to say these sentences
What women like to hear
What to say to increase the balance of the bank of love and sex
Section 3: What Women Want Men to Know About Sex
Chapter 13: Sex Secrets About Women
Two important ways to stimulate women
Sex point about women
Definition of caress
Enemy of Deception: The Principle of “All or Nothing”
Sex Tip: Have sex like a good person
Chapter Fourteen: Cold Factors of Sexual Temperament in Women
What women hate
Chapter 15: Female sexual stimulants
The last word

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