Learn French conversations in 90 days


Title: Learn French Conversations in 90 Days

Author: Parisa Ghobadi Asl

Publisher: Associate Professor

Subject: Language teaching, French language

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 504

Language: Farsi



90-day French conversation training includes practical conversation training in French on common topics such as shopping in the supermarket, leisure, cinema, university, etc. In the first part of this book, topics related to simple grammar are divided into 100 lessons and in the second part, heavier sentences are divided into 19 lessons. The third part of the book also includes more advanced daily conversations. This book is written by Parisa Ghobadi Asl and has been published by Danshiar Publications in 504 pages along with a CD.

Learn more about French Conversation Training in 90 Days
Learn French conversations in 90 days, including practical conversations in French
Common topics such as shopping in the supermarket, leisure, cinema, university and..

This book consists of three sections
Part One
Conversations that are based on the title of each lesson so that the learner can learn practical sentences related to each topic.
And thus have ready sentences in mind.

This process helps the person, instead of trying to make sentences based on Persian thinking,
Have the correct and of course practical sentences to use in everyday conversations.

Thus, from the first lesson to the hundredth lesson, the first part of the book is arranged based on presence in different situations
And the subjects of the courses are grammatical concepts or grammatically related.

But in this section of the lessons, an attempt has been made to introduce these concepts by presenting practical sentences.

Part II
The second part of 90-day French conversation training consists of approximately 19 lessons.
Includes phrases and sentences with heavier format as well as practical and key words.

The content is presented completely based on daily needs and in accordance with educational books.
The most important difference of the second part is the presentation of more practical dialogues in different sentences, topics and situations instead of single sentences.
Such dialogues are known as short conversations, short dialogues that prepare the learner to attend such situations.
Both as an interlocutor and as an interlocutor.

By learning these sections, the person in each situation has ready-made practical sentences to start the word or respond to the other party’s word.
Meanwhile, in all the lessons of the second part, the structures that the learner has learned in the first part are used.

third part
It includes everyday phrases and conversations, but the sentences have become heavier
Because in this part, the learner has improved according to the previous two parts and has the ability to learn more difficult sentences.

In fact, all three sections are selected and presented based on an individual’s daily needs that include both grammatical and practical concepts.

By learning the first part of the French Conversation Training book in 90 days of key sentences,
The second part is heavy everyday phrases and conversations and the third part is that you can take the exams better prepared.

About the French language
As you know, French has a special spelling
And in some words we see that some letters are not read in words or change with its pronunciation axons.

And since it is important to have a language teacher to learn the language
The 90-Day French Conversation Training Book is designed to include the pronunciation of all sentences.

The book consists of 90 sections, each of which is a lesson
And considering that you study each lesson in one day, after the end of 90 days, you can have a high level in French.

Features of French Conversation Teaching Book
This book comes with an audio CD.
One of the most important techniques used in this book
That you may encounter words or phrases that you have learned in the elementary lessons in later lessons.
And this is because you are safe from forgetting words.

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