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Introducing the book of teaching Istanbul Turkish conversations in 90 days by Mir Jamal Jalali Zanouz

Istanbul Turkish is one of the most important languages ​​in the world, especially since Turkey is the crossroads of East and West.

When this language is of global importance, it is certainly much more important in Iran, which is neighboring Turkey.

The importance of the Istanbul Turkish language in Iran is also due to the economic and trade relations between the two countries.
These relations are expanding day by day and the importance of Turkish language is becoming more and more.

This is exactly why the number of people who want to learn Istanbul Turkish is increasing day by day.

We recommend the book to you;
The book of teaching Istanbul Turkish conversations in 90 days (in a new way) includes teaching practical conversations in Istanbul Turkish language on common topics such as shopping, travel, daily chores, restaurants, etc. This book is divided into 14 chapters, in each chapter, frequently used sentences with Persian pronunciation and translation in the form of various topics are mentioned.

This book has been written by Dr. Mirjamal Jalali Zanouz and has been published by Daneshiar Publications in 494 pages along with an audio CD ring.
Istanbul Turkish Conversation Training Book in 90 Days is not just vocabulary training but also teaching and strengthening listening and speaking
At the same time, it teaches Istanbul Turkish sentences and words.
The way this collection works is as it should be
The learner listens to a lesson from this collection every day.
Since this collection is audio, you can easily learn and speak.

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