Zoroaster and his teachings


Title: Zarathustra and his teachings

Author: Hashem Razi

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Zoroastrianism, religion, forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 170 pages

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book of Zarathustra and his teachings, a valuable work by Master Hashem Razi
In this book, Master Razi recounts all the myths and events according to Zoroastrian documentaries and official sources, from the birth of Zarathustra, Zarathustra’s ascension to prophethood, Zoroastrian followers and family, Zoroastrian friends and enemies, and… along with Zoroastrian principles and beliefs and introduction of Avesta. has done.

This book is one of the best research sources to know about the situation of Zarathustra and his beliefs.

Learn more about the book of Zarathustra and his teachings:
There is a lot of talk about every ancient character and every person named after ancient times.

Researchers, because there is not enough and uniform evidence about these people,

In research and conclusion, he has traveled various ways and each of them,

Or at least some people express their opinions according to the results they get according to their taste.

Zarathustra is one of these ancient men who has been discussed, researched and explored to a certain extent, and different, different and contradictory opinions and opinions have been expressed.

He only mentioned that their list would include a treatise.

But differences are not just about making different statements about time and place.

Before the arrival of the Aryans, about four thousand years ago, there were other tribes in Iran

Little is known about them, and if anything can be found in the form of customs, it is in the midst of later traditions, teachings, and thoughts, including the Zoroastrian religion.

In this religion, many customs and circumstances of Aryan tribes have been preserved.

The education and social life of pre-Islamic Iranians (ancient Iran) was influenced by the precepts and teachings of several religions and rituals, which we will briefly describe.

One of the most important and effective of them is the religion of Zoroaster.

Learn more about the author of Zarathustra and his teachings:
Hashem Razi (1303 in Tehran) Iranologist, Iranian writer and translator. Razi has authored more than 20 books.

Hashem Razi is a researcher in the field of Zoroastrian history and has many books and researches in this field.

Summary of the book of Zoroaster and his teachings by Hashem Razi
What this Iranian prophet taught was a moral religion and a monotheistic way.

The religion of Zoroaster, although it has great moral value,

It also pays attention to economic and social reforms, and fights against nomads

And he is in favor of housing people and building houses.

Training domestic animals and taking care of them in pastures, living in a house, having a suitable house or place of residence, and treating a bull well are among the commands of the great religion of Iran.

It is opposed to sacrifice by shedding the blood of animals.

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