‫‪The Book Of Woman


Title: The Woman

Author: Osho

Translator: Mohsen Khatami

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Woman, forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 170 pages

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the ‫‪The Book Of Woman is a beautiful novel by Osho
Osho was a mystic, philosopher, guru, professor at an Indian university, and leader of the Rajnish movement, who became known throughout his life as a controversial mystic and leader of a new movement. In his school, all religions and denominations are considered absurd and all are presented as “great lies of history”. “All the mirrors are based on a fictitious pretext,” says Ashu. All methods are false. They create only one situation and are not motivated. In the following, we will become more familiar with the novel of this great author.

Summary of his wife’s novel
What is love?
it depends. As much as there are men, there is love. Love is a hierarchy: from the lowest to the highest: from sex to the subconscious. There are different layers, different levels. It all depends on you. If you are at the bottom, you will have a completely different concept of love than the one at the top.

Adolf Hitler has a concept of love; Gutam Buddha has another meaning; And these concepts will be completely opposite to each other, because the two are at two opposite poles. Love at the lowest level is a kind of politics, a politics of power. Whenever love is contaminated by the concept of hegemony, it is a political game. Whether you call it politics or not, this is not the case; It will be political.

In answer to the question, it should be noted that from our point of view, Ashu is one of the false spiritualities that is wrongly propagated as mysticism by some in our country. To get more acquainted with Ashu’s thoughts, pay attention to the following points.
1. Although Ashu considers himself the beginning of a new spirituality and believes that these are all his own spiritual and spiritual perceptions and no one shares these thoughts with him, Ashu’s statements about sex do not express his intellectualism and modern thinking, but His bigotry is a sign of some of the ancient schools of India. Those with a brief acquaintance with the Indian school are well aware that his thoughts on sex are not his intellectual faculties, but the gift of the Tantra school.

Tantra is so famous for its sexual rites that many scholars of Indian religions have not paid much attention to its principles and system of thought and have considered this rite as a group sect and local custom. For this reason, this school is not reflected much in Indian history books.

2. Ashu attacks the family and introduces it as an obstacle to love, but commits an excuse worse than sin and invites something that does not show the slightest sign of love. Although Ashu in his most famous book “From Sex to Transcendence” deals with the issue of sex in such a way that the reader thinks that there is spiritual energy in sex and this action can connect man to the world of meaning, but what hurts him the most and It has caused him to oppose marriage and marriage, problems after marriage, such as divorce, conflict, life problems and lack of love between husband and wife. In his interviews, Ashu has explicitly stated:
Humans must live like other animals; With this situation, there is no problem, no divorce; No conflict and no problem. [1]

‫‪The Book Of Woman

Given the above, the question is, is what Ashu called for a solution or an escape from the problem? Is it a solution or clearing the issue? If the best treatment is to clear the face of the problem, easier treatments are available; If the problem of the cold emotional relationship between husband and wife, the solution is “escape from marriage”; Why not “commit suicide” to escape the hardships of life? What Ashu suggests is to get out of the hole and fall into the well. The way he shows not only does not help to develop emotional connections, but also causes other problems.

Removing the family wall and inviting the sexual commune not only does not lead to the birth of love between a man and a woman, but also the bad consequences of sexual intercourse are not limited to men and women and lead to the destruction of society, displacement of children and moral and behavioral crises. Not only will it not lead to a way out of the previous problem, but it will increase the scope of the previous crisis day by day;
Keep in mind that what Ashu invites is to focus on sexual instinct, not on love. Since this desire is insatiable and insatiable; Undoubtedly, it will plunge one into the swamp of “diversity” and one will never find peace.
3. Although the name of God is mentioned in the school of Ashu, but since this God does not have full power and infinite knowledge, he is a limited and imperfect God. He believes that Japan created things that God could not create at the time of the creation of the universe. [2] A God whose knowledge and power is less than his creatures is not God at all, and it is better to be removed from the spiritual life of man. The god portrayed by Ashu is not only the eternal Creator, but also the fabric of the weak human mind.

In short, in Ashu’s expression, although God exists, he is an imperfect and weak being who should not and cannot be the “end” of the seeker’s journey. Ashu considers the goal of human beings to be happiness, not the intuition of God’s infinite nature, nor the attainment of satisfaction and going to His highest paradise. If one does not consider God to be the end of human behavior; It basically invites something that needs an end in itself.
In his view, what is important and necessary is a kind of inner submission, not to God, and this inner submission is not a submission to God, which is a state of being. Of course, since the name of God is involved, this submission and the state of “inner being” is easier, so the name of God in his words is a good excuse and tool to make this state of spiritual submission happen sooner and easier. It is with this view that Ashu explicitly states:

There have been people like Buddha or Mahavira who have surrendered without God, but these are rare phenomena … God is not the goal and he is not a person … If you can surrender without God, we do not insist on being God; It is a matter of surrender, not God. [3]

From Ashu’s point of view, religion is also an inner, individual experience and devoid of social missions, and this inner journey needs to be done in the form of Indian meditation. He calls such meditation, which is performed with the aim of attaining happiness, religion, and thus sums up religiosity in Indian solitude, and strongly avoids that God has conveyed the ideology of religiosity to human beings through a group of His messengers. ‌
4. Ashu is not very good at “beliefs” and “definite beliefs” and constantly asks his followers and followers not to accept any belief and not to accept any belief; “Every belief is the enemy of the search for truth; So discard all beliefs, all the lies that others have taught you. ”[4] In philosophy and theology, such sentences are known as “self-contradictory sentences” and “self-contradictory expressions”; In the sense that this phrase itself; He denies himself and the requirement for accepting and acknowledging such statements is to reject them.

It is impossible for anyone not to have any dogmatic beliefs; Because every judgment, judgment, and attitude requires a presupposition, and without such a presupposition, human beings can have no affirmation, judgment, or even a clear idea of ​​their observations, while all human beings, based on their beliefs, They have a definite judgment and clear evaluation of their phenomena and observations.
Ashu himself repeatedly reminded his followers that he had many contradictory words and that his followers should accept him in this way and continue with the same ideology.
I am violating myself. It’s time for you to understand this.

I will continue to violate myself. This is one of the ways I use it. I will continue to violate myself and I will violate everything I have said. I do not leave a single sentence that I do not violate, this is a method … I do not teach you philosophy. If I were a philosopher, I would never contradict myself. I always said something. The point is to call me a poet.

Fortunately, Ashu has clarified the task of his followers; As he said:
The truth is not passed from one person to another … Whatever others teach you, the upper hand can be a beautiful lie.
As a result, since Ashu considers all beliefs to be barriers to truth, [7] it is not necessary to believe what he says, and as long as Ashu’s claims do not become my personal experience with yours, it is a beautiful lie.

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