Khayyam and that Delaviz lie


Title: Khayyam and that lie of Delaviz

Author: Houshang Moinzadeh

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Khayyam, Forbidden, Poetry

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 217 p

Language: Farsi

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Khayyam and that lie of Delaviz is the work of Houshang Moinzadeh.

Man has always been worried about where he will go after death and what will happen to him the day after his death? Many elders – even prophets – have answered these questions, but none have been able to dispel this concern. The author of this book, in a fictional story, answers these questions by redesigning this philosophical-historical discussion and with the help of the famous Iranian thinker, the sage Omar Khayyam Neyshabouri.

We recommend reading this book to those who want to know what is going on in the Hereafter, what Paradise is like, and what those who are there are doing, saying, and how their days are going.

Omar Khayyam’s best poem:
Khayyam, if you are drunk
Be happy with Mahrokhi if you sit down
Because the end of the world is nothing
As if you are not what you are, be happy

Khayyam’s book and that Delaviz lie is written by Houshang Moinzadeh and is in Persian. The number of pages is two hundred and seventeen pages. It is mentioned in this work that he is always worried about where he will go after his death and what will happen to him the day after his death.

This book consists of 216 pages and 7 chapters and is about a Shiite man and resident of Iran named “Haj Rajab” who is a believer and goes to heaven after death … In heaven only with unemployment and weeding and eating And men sleeping and sleeping with nymphs and women with slaves and gay men with slaves … those nymphs who have neither feeling nor emotion … and only open their limbs for hugs and sex .. And they sleep with whoever they want, and it seems that these poor people, by the will of God Almighty, are insensitive sex machines and dolls.

During his travels, he meets his wife, Sakineh Sultan, who is having sex with a young slave. He lives … Then he sees his mother “Ezzat al-Muluk” who is lying on the street with a grocer and sleeps with him in heaven and makes love …

In short, this poor Hajj Rajab even encounters “Bilal Habashi” in heaven, who with his ugly voice takes revenge on the Muslim floggers who abused him and forbade them to sleep by saying the call to prayer. “Abdullah” goes to express his devotion and sees that “Muhammad” is sitting depressed and helpless at the top of the minaret of the mosque, writing the new Qur’an and interpreting it … and it is interesting that he has not seen God yet …

On the other hand, he sees “Umar ibn al-Khattab”, “Marwan”, “Abu Bakr” and “Abu Sufyan” who play two words out of unemployment and misery with pebbles, and he is surprised that Marwan has committed so many crimes and even The wife of someone who was her guest raped her and threw her husband’s head in the fire of the oven, how did she come to heaven with Muhammad’s party … The Quraysh have forbidden it.

Then he sees his older sister in heaven who is unrestrained and sleeps with anyone and even becomes gay, and all this was to take revenge on her mullah husband who made her pregnant at the age of 9, and also to cut her wrist when she Another cleric was committing sodomy

During his journey, he encounters “Khayyam Neyshabouri”, a wise and noble man, who despises the emptiness of heaven and its ridicule … and Khayyam speaks to him about God and the secret of existence … A little later, “Abu Ali Sina” also joins them. He adds and brings them wine that he has made himself and he is drunk unlike the wines of heaven !!!
But shortly after one or two couples of wine, the guidance patrol of heaven comes to them and Khayyam shouts that if you disturb us, here as on earth, I will disgrace God and his prophets … that a call comes from heaven to Khayyam Let go that we can not bear the wound of Khayyam’s tongues … and that is where “Poor Sina” realizes what status Khayyam has in the sight of God

The great Khayyam does not accept heaven and his blessings … because he had everything in Iran and maybe it was the lizard-eating whips who did not have these blessings … Khayyam, sleeping with a maiden and eating milk, honey and grapes And he does not enjoy pomegranate … Khayyam wants purity, uniformity and comfort, and eating a man-made wine that intoxicates him

Abu Ali Sina, meanwhile, was upset that they had ruined the reach of Iranian scholars and elders in the name of “Islamic culture” and linked Iranian knowledge to an Islam that lacked knowledge.
And these two nobles explain that understanding whether God exists or does not exist !! It is useless work that has no use for human beings … because if there is a god, he has nothing to do with the work of the people on earth
And then they explain prophecy and resurrection, which is very pleasant and interesting

Then they explain that man has no duty to God … because man did not ask him to be born and live and die, and they open the same discussion.
Khayyam goes on to say that we, the thinkers, told the truth to the people, and the prophets did not hesitate to lie to the people, and these people again followed the false prophets, because they wanted disciples and not truth-tellers … and the same prophets promised these naive people They were telling lies
Then begins one of the most interesting parts of the book, and that was Khayyam’s trial

How, with his wisdom and present answer, he has twisted all the angels of divine justice and the prosecutor of this court so that they will not be sentenced to sin and infidelity of this thoughtful man … and how Khayyam explains to them that drinking wine and not praying is a sin. No … and in the end he enters paradise without crossing the bridge of Sarat and by the order of God and with “Michael”

During this journey, a young man named “Adel” who was tired of unemployment and the uselessness of paradise, and an old man named “Alishah” were added to them … and on the way they saw a mother named “Rabab” who She cries for two hundred years … because “Babak” came to heaven with her baby, and whatever she breastfeeds, the baby does not grow up and remains in the same condition.
On the way, they encounter dwarfs, ugly and bad-tempered people who were from the village of “Jabalqa” … who had all gone under water together … and the nymphs and slaves, because they did not feel they were sleeping with them.

Furthermore, the whole group doubts that this is not paradise … because all its inhabitants are dissatisfied and depressed … and at the same time, at the insistence of others, Haj Rajab tells the story of his life and his relationship with his cousin. Jamileh “and describes his falling in love and how he protested and cursed God after his death.

Then they see the stonemason, who is “Moses”, the prophet of the Jews, and he admits that the problems started when he claimed to be a prophet, and of course, besides stoning Moses, “the Samaritan” also made golden calves and gave them as gifts.

At the end of the journey, they came to a beautiful shrine with the door on it: “The entry of those who have sacrificed animals is forbidden …” Yes, my dear friends, there was the shrine of “the great Zoroaster” and the wise philosopher …
And of course, dear Zarathustra forbade “Hajj Rajab” to enter the shrine because of following the stupid and stupid rules of Muhammad’s religion and sacrificing animals … And then Zarathustra complains about the glory that prophets like Muhammad, Moses and Other prophets of the Semitic religions, who falsely claim to be God’s mediators with human beings, have misled the true and pure human religion that he had established.

He complained to Muhammad and others that they had killed people in the name of God, and explained that Hajj Rajab, like Khayyam, should disobey the commands of this inhuman religion, Islam, and its erroneous rules … because he was wise. He should have and should not have accepted Muhammad’s words

Then the great Zarathustra said that this place where you are is not a real paradise and this is the paradise of the scoundrels and I have nothing to do with your paradise and then God called him and Zarathustra and his shrine disappeared.

And then they came to John and Jesus, and Jesus said to them, “The swindlers and abusers have called him the Son of God….
And no one came to his aid, and the people thought that he was the Son of God, and later his disciples spread false books among the people and converted them to Christianity, and then Jesus says that Muhammad ibn Abdullah had nothing to say about himself and whatever It is a translation of the Torah and you should not take its stories seriously

Finally, they meet the camel-rider with the sword in his hand, who is “Muhammad ibn Abdullah”, the prophet of the scoundrels and the Muslims … and Khayyam and Bu’ali Sina force him to admit his mistakes … and Muhammad says that if time Go back, I will remove many of the rulings and orders that I gave
And in the final chapter of this book, it is finally clear that if there is no paradise, then where is it !!! Is there heaven and hell at all ?? !! What is the truth ??.

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