I danced with God


Title: I danced with God

Author: Siavash Avesta

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Mithraism, forbidden

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 435 p

Language: Farsi

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Introduction of the book I danced with God by Siavash Avesta
What was called the miracle of Prophet Mohammad was his book and words! That is, a word that was collected twenty years after his death and was called the Qur’an (readable book).

We know that the wise need reason and argument to accept new knowledge and science, but the masses do not have much research and knowledge.

So the mass of people need a miracle from every prophet, and even when there is no prophet, he remembers that thanks to his graveyard, in the centuries after him, he seeks miracles and healing from graves and names.

Part of the book:
More or less 7,000 years ago, Mitra descended from the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan to establish a large, global organization. He had trained a group of seven as his most loyal allies. Number seven was the number of stars orbiting the sun. Although this number has increased today, at that time in Mithra’s view, the stars of the sun numbered seven.

The moon, and every 12 weeks, and 52 Thus, he also created the week by seven days, and updated the year, and the four monsoons (spring), summer, autumn, and 31, 30, and 29 months, into winter. Also added. The moon was four solar years, and the beginning of every 12 at that time, every year that the season was the beginning of a new year and a new celebration … The last ones were counted every six months and then every twelve months of the year.
Based on Mitra’s effort, which was based on a stable seal on the sun, it was an organized task for which homogenization was performed with great care. Mithras does not call himself a “prophet”, nor a spokesman for God, nor an office, nor a founder of aristocracy and religiosity, as the knowledge of the Mithras advanced with the knowledge and experience of the time, and astronomy, medicine, Pharmacy, Farzan (philosophy), martial arts training and urbanism were the basic examples of Mitra lessons, which were taught to the followers in the caves and in the heart of the mountains, away from the eyes of the masses.

The caves were built and decorated by a group of peymavars (engineers) who were based on Pergal, Gunia, Shagoul and stone-cutting tools. Those who were in the category of “special associates” or from the second rank onwards could enter the caves. Seven degrees were common among the associates.

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