Twenty-three years


Title: Twenty-three years

Author: Ali Dashti

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Religion

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 701 p

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book 23 years by Ali Dashti
Who was Muhammad really? What were its characteristics? What positive and possibly negative traits were found in his personality? Is he the same man who preached in Mecca with calmness, kindness and sobriety, called people to goodness, and had great respect for the followers of other religions;

Or is it the same commander who in Medina ordered the beheading and massacre of more than seven hundred Jewish men living in that city in one day, and divided their property and their wives and daughters between himself and other Muslims? Is he the same man who at the beginning of his youth married a woman many years older than himself and lived faithfully with her for many years, or is he the same man who in the last years of his life had dozens of young and beautiful women and girls in his harem and regularly Did he increase their number and mention hundreds of verses and hadiths in justifying it?

Indeed, which of the narrations that have been said and heard about him is true and which is contrary to the truth and contrary to Islamic texts and the Qur’an? We who have heard stories of the miraculous power of Muhammad’s children and grandchildren, from every unknown Imam and Imamzadeh, and even their relatives, do we know that Muhammad himself never really performed a miracle and that he himself appeared more than twenty times in the verses? Has the Qur’an emphasized this?

What do we know about the Quran? Is this book really a miracle of Muhammad, or as they say, an eternal miracle? Is it really unique in terms of eloquence and rhetoric? Will not the jinn and mankind really be able to bring forth even a verse like its verses? We have heard a lot of such words and now it is not bad to get acquainted with the opinion of scholars who have studied the Qur’an in terms of eloquence and rhetoric and believe that they have found many lexical, semantic, grammatical, historical, scientific and other problems in it. .
How familiar are we with the history of the beginning of Islam? How did Islam appear in the beginning? How did it grow? What was the difference between the first years of Islam in Mecca and the years after the migration to Medina? How did the poor Muslims who had just migrated from Mecca to Medina earn their living? How did Muslims treat other tribes and clans of the Arabian Peninsula in the time of Muhammad? What is the main difference between Makki and Madani suras? What are the differences between Muhammad’s character in these two times? Who should be considered the founder of Islam, that prophet Raouf Makki or the commander of the civil dictatorship?

The late “Ali Dashti” in the book “Twenty-three years” with reference to many verses of the Qur’an and hadiths and narrations of Islamic texts, as well as looking at the early history of Islam to all these questions and many other questions give very appropriate answers.

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