Human rights and the law of the testicles and the atomic bomb


Title: Human Rights, the Testament Law and the Atomic Bomb

Author: Shojauddin Shafa

Publisher: Forbidden

Subject: Atomic bomb

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 300 p

Language: Farsi



Human Rights, the Testicle Law and the Atomic Bomb is the latest book by Dr. Shojauddin Shafa, published in 2006. This book is a kind of summary of the books published by Dr. Shojauddin Shafa and depicts the depth of ignorance and backwardness of this regime by challenging the rules and laws of the Islamic Republic.

Introducing the book of human rights, the law of testicles and the atomic bomb by Dr. Shojauddin Shaf
I dedicate the book of human rights, the law of testicles and the atomic bomb to the youth of Iran
Dr. Shojauddin Shafa is donating this book to the youth of Iran in order to have a clear path for the mission of building Iran tomorrow. The following is an introduction to his book “Human Rights, the Law of the Testicles and the Atomic Bomb” by him:

This book is an enlightening effort like the one I have been doing for the last twenty-seven years.
If I make this new effort today, it is because I think I have an obligation to do so, and I should not shy away from accepting it and taking on the responsibilities that come with it.
The establishment of the Republic of Velayat-e-Faqih and the frauds that began in the name of religion from the very first day necessarily changed my path, because this time the main issue for me was research into the often unknown facts of Islam at the hands of Ruhollah Khomeini and his mullahs. Iran was formed and it was necessary to inform my compatriots about these facts from a documentary point of view, as befits any real research, in order to inform the young generation who are now bitter about achieving their lost human rights. I am trying to help in this way.

Over the past twenty-seven years, I have published numerous books in this field, which have been very well received not only abroad, but also at home, despite all the sabotage and repression. In addition to hundreds of Eastern sources, I also used hundreds of Western works, written by European and non-European scholars, which can be found in my book, After 1400 Years.

The book you are about to read is a summary of the content of all these books, as well as newer material on the current national and international conditions that have befallen our nation, and the catastrophe that a non-national system is simply about to continue. The existence of the mafia has created our country for the deceived and lost generation today.
I dedicate this book to the young generation who, by the force of history, are responsible for the mission of building Iran tomorrow on the catastrophic ruins of Iran today, and I have no doubt that, by the rule of history, tomorrow will be hers, though In the present situation, ignorance, deception, oppression and darkness have left no trace of the dawn that is on the way.

About the author of the book Human Rights, the Law of the Testicle and the Atomic Bomb
During Shojauddin Shafa’s cultural career, he did a lot of work in the field of Iranian history and literature. He has been effective in introducing world literature to Persian speakers and Iranian culture to the world. After the outbreak of World War II and the occupation of France and then Iran, he returned to his homeland and was hired as a translator on the radio. He healed.

By 1978, about sixty titles of translations and writings by Shoja al-Din Shafa were published. He is the translator of the three-volume book of Divine Comedy, a masterpiece of Italian literature, by Dante Alighieri into Persian. He has also translated works by Goethe (East and West) and Andre Gide and French Romantic poets such as Lamartine and Chateaubriand into Persian.
In 1973, Shafa was commissioned to build the “Pahlavi National Library” in the heart of Tehran. The library was to be operational within ten years and initially housed 600,000 books and more than 25,000 publications. Numerous seminars and meetings were held to design the library, many consultants from around the world were hired for the library, a global competition was held to select a library architect with more than 3,000 participants, and a German company won, but the library never Did not hit the ground

Before the Revolution of 1978, he was in charge of various scientific and cultural positions; For some time, he was the secretary general of the Royal Cultural Council and also the director of the Pahlavi National Library, which was the largest library in the country after the National Assembly Library.

He had a doctorate in comparative literature from France and lived in France until the end of his life after the 1978 revolution. This Iranian writer died on April 17, 2010

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