Zero limits


Title: Zero Limit

Author: Joe Vitali

Translator: Masoumeh Nasiri

Publisher: Ordibehesht

Subject: Success, religious aspects

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 232 p

Language: Farsi



Zero limits by Joe Vitali and Ihalia Callahan points to important principles of psychology, science, and spirituality, and examines success and achievement from a religious perspective. This book is taken from the ancient knowledge of the natives of Hawaii.

About the book Zero Constraint
In this book, Vitaly presents what the important principles of psychology, science, and spirituality offer in the simplest possible form. When you summarize all these areas in their basic principles, you come to very simple principles; The only answer to life’s challenges is love and gratitude. Read this book, because it reminds you of the reality and abilities that exist in you

Begin the adventure
Peace be upon you, all my peace

In August 2004, I was working at a booth set up at the annual meeting of the National Hypnosis Association. I enjoyed talking to people, gathering, energizing, and sharing current information, but I was unaware of what was beginning that day, of the miracle that turned my life upside down.
My friend Mark Ryan (16) worked with me at the booth. He is a hypnotherapist and is very intelligent, curious, has a good articulation and has a great deal of analytical power in exploring life and its countless secrets. We often sit for hours talking. We speak of our heroes in healing, from Milton Erickson to the not-so-famous clergy. In the midst of one of these conversations, Mark surprised me by asking that question:

“Have you ever heard of a therapist who heals people without seeing them?” »
I ate one! I had heard about psychotherapy and distance therapy, but it seemed that Mark was talking about something else.
“Psychology is said to have cured a section full of psychic criminals without seeing a single one of them. »
“How did he do that?” »
“Apparently he used the healing method of the native Hawaiians, which is called Havaoponopono. »
I asked, “Huh … what?” »
I asked Mark several times to repeat that word. I had never heard such a word before. Mark did not know much about the story of healing or how to do it. I confess that I was curious to know more. I must also say that it was a little hard for me to believe. I thought it was more like a native legend than reality. “Healing people without seeing them?” Yes, it is! It is a myth. »
Mark went on to tell a story. “I lived on Mount Shasta in California for sixteen years in search of myself,” he said.

Introducing the book Zero Constraint

The method of these natives called Hu Upono Pono is a way to achieve wealth, health and peace. According to Joe Vitale and Haleakalā Hew Len, man can solve many problems by eliminating himself by fully accepting all responsibilities and reaching zero limit – where there is no limit. And raises this practice by this method of the natives. Zero state can be interpreted as pure love.

Hu opuno pono means to be freed from the bondage of toxic energies within a person. In the Zero Limits audiobook you will learn that there are no limits to achieving what you want and you only need positive thoughts and perspectives.
Congratulations! If you have chosen this audiobook and intend to listen to it, you are invited to listen to this book, as well as to receive its message and the peace it radiates. This effect helps you to feel life and freshness in every moment of your life.

Learn more about Joe Vitali:
Joe Vitaly is an American author, musician, speaker, and spiritual teacher. He is known for appearing in the famous movie Secret. His first book, Zen and the Art of Writing, was published in 1984. He has also written books on business and marketing secrets. Among his works, we can mention the factor of attraction, key, faith, a customer is born every minute, and presence in the zero state. The Book of Attraction became the best-selling book in 2005.

Who is recommended to listen to the zero limit audiobook?
Those who seek to change their lives and achieve success and goals will benefit greatly from this effect.

In part of the audiobook we hear the zero limit:
When you become yourself, everything that is perfect, perfect, flawless and suitable for you will be given to you. When you give authority to your reality, you will inevitably see perfection in your thoughts, words, deeds and actions, but if you let your thoughts rule you, you will automatically experience deficiency and lead to illness, confusion, disgust, depression, judgment. And poverty will fall.

Authors: Dr. Joe Whitley and Dr. Ihaliakala Ho Len
Dr. Joe Whitley, author of Zero Limits, believes that most problems can be solved by referring to oneself and accepting one hundred percent of one’s responsibilities, as well as reaching zero limits, where there are no limits. Puno expresses. The zero state in which there are no limits can be interpreted as pure love.

Let me put it this way: everyone has glasses that see the world through it. All religions, philosophies, therapies, writers, speakers, professors understand the world through a specific mental framework. In this book, you will learn how to wear new glasses that are better than all other glasses. When you succeed in this, you will reach a point that we call the zero limit.

Hu opuno pono is the process of giving up the toxic energies within and allowing the influence of divine thoughts, words, deeds and actions. In short, it means making mistakes, the process of asking for forgiveness, repentance and transformation.
Hu Upono Puno: The hidden way of the natives of Hawaii to achieve wealth, health, peace and much more.

Morena Nalamaco Simona, the creator and first master of her method of cognition through Hu Opuno Pono, who was very dear to me, had a piece of paper on her desk that read, “Peace begins with me.”

I witnessed this calmness, somewhat beyond comprehension, during my work and travels with Morena Nalamaco Simوناna, from December 6331 until her death in February 6331 in Kersheim, Germany. Even when he was on his deathbed and those around him were in complete turmoil, peace flowed beyond his perception. I have been fortunate to have received his training since November 1963 and to have been with him for a decade. Since then, I have been doing Ho Opono Pono continuously. Now I’m glad that with the help of my friend Dr. Joe Whitley I can get this message out to the whole world. But in fact I am just a means of conveying this message because we are all one and all things happen within us.
The book Zero Constraint, which we introduce below, presents the important principles of psychology, practice, and spirituality in the simplest possible terms. By reading this book, all the complex and heavy principles are reduced to one very simple principle: the only answer to life’s challenges is love and gratitude. This book is a reminder of your inner reality and ability. This is what motivates you to think and try to change your attitude until the end of the book.

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