Title: Yasmin

Author: M. Modabpour

Publisher: neyriz

Subject: Persian story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 496 p

Language Farsi

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Yasmin is a story of love and honor that, like the rest of M.’s works. Modabpour has a life of humor and tragedy together. The main protagonist is a boy named Behzad who, as the only son of a poor family, endures the hardships of living with his family. A family that is taken from Behzad very soon and he has to bear the burden of this difficult life once and for all. Now only a limited amount of family wealth is left for a teenager who is in his final year of high school to get through those difficult times.

Excerpts from Yasmin’s book

Kaveh – Why did you give him so long, boy? The semester is over, now I want to see the children again. I was saying goodbye to them. what about you? Why did you lower your head and leave? Goodbye, something! Kaveh – Say nothing! I especially went to a corner! I promised each of these girls that I would send my mother to propose to them! Now they all want to give me their blood address! At that moment, a stylish and high-end car turned in front of us and passed quickly, so that water and mud splashed in the street on our pants. Kaveh started shouting and moaning and cursing like women: Ouch ….. sister!

Where are you ?! God, the gearbox of your car will be torn! The boy was about to hit you! look ! It got wet up to my pants! God bless your car! look ! Now, everyone who passes by says that this boy has been rude in his pants! – Do you know him? Kaveh – Everyone knows him! The first year. Beautiful and rich!

It leaves no room for anyone! Live in Behzad, this is especially complicated for us! God, shake the glass of your car! No, Dad, it looks like the pheromone is gone. Kaveh sometimes cursed the car loudly and said a soft sentence to me: Kaveh – God, break your car tire! Wash the passionate eyes of those firewood eyes so that they do not look under our eyes! – What are you talking about? Kaveh – Dead salt, take the color of your car that I have two drawers of the same color in the house! I was laughing. He said this and waved towards the car. – Boy, why are you doing this? Kaveh – Maybe he will see us in the mirror and come back! At that moment, the car stopped and the gear shifted backwards, and Kaveh started again: God, let my car burn oil! God bless the pain and calamity of your brake pads in the bowl of this Behzad! – Lal thing! What are you saying? The car had arrived in front of us

But the story has just begun and now we see the story of Behzadi who is going through the last year of medicine. The author puts a lot of effort into creating Behzad’s character and considers different attributes for him, and during the lines it can be seen that Behzad has a pure, honest and faithful personality, and because of the problems he has endured in life, he is very self-made. Comfort does not fit in the face of adversity.
He is also very self-respecting and generous despite having many financial problems. Gradually, other characters such as Kaveh and Mr. Hedayat are added to Behzad’s story, who will both be his close friends. But the main spark of the story is Behzad’s acquaintance with a girl named Farnoosh, who gradually lights the fire of burning love in their troubled hearts. But the fate of this fire, the fire that was both the beacon of Behzad and the warmth of his soul, is determined in the continuation of the story.

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