A quiet romance


Title: A Quiet Romance

Author: Nader Ebrahimi

Publisher: Roozbehan

Subject: Love, Persian prose

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 239 p

Language Farsi



A Quiet Romance is a poetic narrative of a life by Nader Ebrahimi

You will probably remember a lot of romance when you hear Nader Ebrahimi’s name, you are right, because this author’s poetic pen loves paper, let alone the enthusiastic audience who do not read the book to read the pure and sweet words of this author. Pass. A Quiet Romance is the name of one of the most famous works of Nader Ebrahimi, which is recommended to be read as a romantic and educational book to all those who like to experience a peaceful romance in their life.

Book Chapters A Quiet Romance

The novel A Quiet Romance is the most prominent work of Nader Ebrahimi, which has been published more than 40 times by Roozbehan Publications. The writing of this popular book dates back to December 1994, and today, after 25 years, it still stands out as a popular romance on the shelves of bookstores.

The book of a quiet romance is narrated in three chapters and Nader Ebrahimi has chosen interesting and different titles for each chapter. If you put the PDF version of a quiet romance in front of you, you will see that the different chapters of this book are named as follows:

Chapter One: Before That Big Event
Chapter Two: At the Heart of the Event
Chapter Three Beyond the Event
The second chapter of the story of a quiet romance is considered as the most important and fascinating part of the book, and the author, due to the importance of the story in this chapter, divides the event into different parts in the heart, each of which is divided into The titles of the days of the week are named. In such a way that the audience opens the book and sees the list of the second chapter, with different episodes that started on Sundays; Continues until Tuesday and ends on Saturdays.

Book Introduction A Quiet Romance
Before defining his romances to his audience, Nader Ebrahimi summarizes the introduction with a feeling in a few sentences that is worth reading:

I am no longer young, I am not middle-aged! That’s why I always think. This is the last work I present to him and I think of writing it (for the last time to him) but I feel that there is something wrong with this sentence or maybe anxiety! I remember dedicating my first book halfway through my youth to my best childhood friend: (To my brother Rahim Ghazi Moghadam, with whom I have tormented him more than anyone else)

Now, on the verge of aging; I want to say a sentence like this: (To my wife Farzaneh, with whom I have been the only one who has constantly tormented her)
And alas, it can not be returned and rebuilt; But, at least for those who are just starting out, a small souvenir may come in handy. “A Quiet Love” If God wills and I live, “A Very Quiet Love” will be a reminder of me and him to all who are at the beginning of the road.

Book Summary A Quiet Romance
By reading the introduction of the book, you will surely have the impression that you will encounter a book full of romantic words and you will read the dream romances that exist in the author’s mind from the beginning to the end. But if this is your perception of this story, you should change your view, because Nader Ebrahimi, by dealing with a realistic story, has placed the loves that sit in the heart in the heart of the story.

The story of a quiet romance is a story from before the revolution of 1957. The main character of this novel is Gileh, a teacher who, in addition to teaching, does a lot of political activities. On one of his travels, he marries a beautiful girl named Asal and starts Quiet romance is formed after this event.
Throughout the story, Gile Mard is exiled for his political and revolutionary activities, and this, as one of the bitterest romantic days of this loving couple, creates unrest in their lives. But the charm of the story in this part is that the honey and the man complains in no part of the story and despite the many problems they have, they do not stop loving and try to express their love to each other in different ways every day. . Of course, this is not the end of the story, because in order to have a calm romance, one has to endure a lot of unrest, which Nader Ebrahimi has been able to tell the love story of Asal and Gileh Mard with attractive illustrations of his pen in 210 pages.

Some audiences believe that Nader Ebrahimi has added a part of himself to the story.

About the author of the book A Quiet Romance, Nader Ebrahimi
Nader Ebrahimi is a writer that most readers know about him and his fascinating works. It is interesting to know that many readers have started reading and reading books with the interesting works of this author, and in general, it can be said that Nader Ebrahimi has played a useful role in increasing the motivation of young people to read books.

This talented writer was born in April 1961. Ironically, the sunset of the creator of lasting romance has also taken place in the spring and in June 2008.

Many people know this contemporary author with his books and poetic and romantic titles and are not aware of the hardships of the author’s life. Who would have thought that the author of a calm romance that delights every audience has had a turbulent day?

Nader Ebrahimi’s other works are a combination of the poet’s black and white days
The author’s black and white days have been narrated many times by his wife. Farzaneh Mansouri, the author of all those love and poetic letters, has spoken many times about political arrests, interrogations, imprisonment and even winning her husband’s works at the UNESCO festival.

If you are a little familiar with Nader Ebrahimi’s works, you are definitely aware of the many strange jobs he has experienced during his life. Because in many of his works, the author has hosted a short biography of himself in the heart of the story.

For example, Nader Ebrahimi in his two books “Ibn Mashghaleh” and “Abolmashaghal” from different experiences in the field; He mentioned labor, tailoring, repair, accounting, and even calligraphy and bank delivery.
Of course, Nader Ebrahimi’s professional activity became much more widespread, from working in printing houses to documenting and teaching at the university, but the remarkable thing about this author is that in the heart of all his experiences and writings, there is only one word in common. It is “love”.

Sentences from the book A Quiet Romance
A Quiet Romance is one of the books that has many pure and lasting sentences. If you have a quiet pencil in your hand while reading a masterpiece book to draw lines under the lovely parts of the book, you will surely come across a book that is lined up at the end, because in less pages of this book you can find a sentence. Find that is not heartbreaking.

– Love of another is not necessary, it is an accident. Love for the homeland is a necessity, not an accident. Love of God is a combination of necessity and accident!
– Whenever you find a poet who says: “I have fallen in love twice in my life, know that he has never experienced love. He has confused something else with love. Something that can be repeated ten thousand times. I say wanting is not always love!

– Loving “becoming” is not an issue, loving “staying” is a major issue for us. Survival of love, not the emergence of love!

– Do not let love become a habit of loving! Do not let even watering garden flowers become a habit of watering garden flowers! Love is not a habit of loving and hard to love another, it is a constant renewal that wants to be constantly renewed and transformed! Novelty is the essence of love, and freshness is the texture of love! How can freshness and freshness be taken away from love and love remain “love”?

What do you read after reading a book of a quiet romance?
It is impossible for someone not to read the book of forty short letters to my wife after reading a quiet romance to read Nader Ebrahimi’s love letters! This book is written forty letters from the heart of the daily life of a loving couple, which was initially considered as an excuse to practice calligraphy, but later became a poetic habit, and at the end the whole was published as a book. I suggest that if reading a quiet romance has been interesting enough for you, immediately after that, practice writing and even reading romantically with Nader Ebrahimi’s short and romantic letters.

The book is a quiet romance written by the good author of our country, Mr. Nader Ebrahimi, and published by Roozbehan Publications.

The story of this book, as its name implies, is lovers. The story takes place in Iran before the revolution of 1957. Gilemard, a teacher who is also politically active, meets and marries his Azeri wife, Asal, during one of his trips.
During the story, many problems and challenges such as the deportation of Gileh Mard, harassment of government soldiers, financial problems, etc. appear in the way of this couple. But with the help of each other and the empathy of the people they love, they overcome all problems. What makes the story beautiful is that the couple, despite all the problems in life, are happy together and express their love for each other in a different way every day and decide that this love will never be a daily occurrence.

A friend told me one day that this book should be read when you are in love or ready to fall in love.

I suggest reading this good book.

Excerpts from A Quiet Romance:
Of all the animals in the world, only humans are executed – by humans. No more animals will be executed.
In the past, looking for moments of purity clearly meant that those moments no longer exist.
You can fall in love once, once, and only once. Lover of woman, lover of man, lover of thought, lover of homeland, lover of God, lover of love…. Once, only once. The second time is no longer the original.
Not telling is the same as lying – a little dirtier.
Memory is not to make love antique, it is to keep love alive.
A good government does not reject the good. Good housekeeping is the heart attack of the government.
We shout in the revolution; We shout in the most incredible way possible and in the loudest voice. Bloody rain. What should be done is done. Maybe now breathe easily. Perhaps.
It is better to leave love than to turn love into a handful of colorless memories; Silent memories that we add to the sound in our worn-out minds – not in our souls – to hypocritically believe that we still hear the cries of love.

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