Unprintable story collection


Title: Unprintable story collection

Author: Seyed Mehdi Shoja

Publisher: neyestan

Subject: Persian short story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 84 p

Language Farsi

Categories: ,


An unpublished collection of stories is a narrative and a kind of revelation of the inner layers of the structure of society. Although the stories fluctuate, each is a carrier of a corner of the society in which we live. The plot of most of the stories arises from the social harms of the victimized and crisis-stricken women.

The stories of the unpublished story collection by Seyed Mehdi Shojaei are a look mixed with humor at external and social realities; Events that the reader of the story may encounter in the real world. The author’s humorous language in this book is bitter and biting, and at the same time awakening and informative.

This book is a collection of 9 short stories with social themes.

Review of unpublished book by Seyed Mehdi Shojaei

The book “Unprintable” is a collection of short stories written by the well-known contemporary author Seyed Mehdi Shojaei. This collection contains nine stories. “Like a foreign actress”, “Eastern Anahita”, “I need a lily”, “Eye to eye”, “Pink pajamas”, “The fourth way, more bitter than poison”, “A woman’s foot is always involved” “Death News”, and “Unprintable” are the titles of the stories in this series.

In the final part of the book, some criticisms and comments about this work are given. The story of “looks like a foreign actress” begins: “The man asked the woman, who was feeling very beautiful: Excuse me! Aren’t you Sharon Stone? The woman said lovingly: No … but. And before he could continue, the man said, “Yes, I thought so.” Because … the woman cut her word: but everyone says I look very similar. Is not that so? The man said firmly: No, everyone is wrong. Because Sharon Stone is a beautiful woman, but unfortunately you are not beautiful at all.

That’s why I thought you should not be Sharon Stone. The woman just realized that she had lost her hand, and shouted angrily: Shameless! Don’t you have a sister and a mother? The man said quietly: Why. But none of them think they look like Sharon Stone. The woman continued to protest: Well, what? “Because you thought you looked like Sharon Stone, I wanted to make a mistake,” the man said. Seyed Mehdi Shojaei (1339) is a contemporary writer with many cultural backgrounds. His works have always been met with unparalleled acclaim by the audience.

“Shipwrecked”, “Father, Love and Son”, “Sun in Hijab”, “From Habib’s Land”, “Green Complaint”, “God forbid you come”, “Water and politeness”, “Praying hand, eyes” “Hope” and “A little later …” are his writings in the field of religious literature. In the context of the screenplay, the titles “Baduk”, “Rainy Yesterday”, “Father”, “Bat Eye”, “Peak of the World”, “Ambush”, “Traveler of Karbala”, “The Last Village”, and “A Man of Light” in His record can be seen. The collection of stories “Unprintable” written by Seyed Mehdi Shojaei has been published by Ketab Neystan Publishing and sent to the book market.

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