The power of social intelligence


Title: The Power of Social Intelligence

Author: Tony Bazan

Translator: Mehdi Madadi

Publisher: Bo Kitab

Subject: Relationships between people

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 1 page / illustrated

Language: Farsi



The power of social intelligence is the work of Tony Bazan.

Do you want to feel comfortable in social situations? Find friends easily and build lasting relationships? By cultivating the power of social intelligence in yourself, you will be able to understand and admire the people you meet. Find out what motivates them, what their personal needs are, how they can feel comfortable, and how you can make them happy to meet you. This book will teach you the value of navigating the hearts of others.

The secret of social intelligence, smile There is a very simple secret in social intelligence, make people smile. A human smile reflects warmth, confidence, positive behavior and happiness, and also attracts others.
One who does not have a smiling face should not start a business. A “Chinese proverb” A simple smile is the best way to find a friend and impress people. One of the first things that attracts people to us is the smile we have on our lips. When we see a smile, our brain reacts and commands the muscles that smile, and we respond to their smile.

Introducing the book Social Intelligence Capabilities
Or does the thought of entering an unfamiliar group scare you?
Does the thought of saying a few words to someone who is likely to be related to you in the future make you so nervous that you fall into a trance?
Have you ever forgotten the names of people in any of the groups you were introduced to and found nothing to say out of embarrassment?
Do you want to make a good impression in job interviews, but you get so nervous that you can not speak?
Do you want to talk to good people and make friends easily?
If even one of the above applies to you, or if your social intelligence is used with a little reinforcement, social intelligence capabilities are written to help you. “Social intelligence” is simply a measure of “adaptation” and communication with others. Regardless of everything, man is a social animal. If we want to progress in life and enjoy life, it needs this ability.
To be honest, almost all of us agree that “social skills” are applied with a little refinement, and that social intelligence is part of a wider range of social skills. In the first place, you need to be able to communicate with one person, a small group, a room full of people, and even in larger groups. Engage in mental communication.
The human brain is the most complex, advanced and powerful organ known in the world. Coping with oneself is difficult enough, of course, coping with one’s own thoughts and those of others at the same time is a sign of genius. People who have social intelligence. They use all their physical and mental power to communicate and “read” the minds of others. They should adopt methods that encourage others to grow, be creative, communicate and be friends, in addition to being aware of how friendships are created and maintained.

This extremely important intelligence helps the holder to get through the vortex of negotiation and misunderstanding like a skilled sailor and end the discussion. These skills require the social intelligence holder to be both extremely eloquent and a good listener, to communicate successfully in large communities. Be comfortable with everyone, regardless of age, cultural background and social class, and (more importantly) feel comfortable with others.

Book Contents:
Part 1: What does social intelligence mean and why is it important?
Part 2: Predicting the behavior of others, body movements and mastering it
Part 3: The Art of Listening or Listening
Section 4: Communicating
Part 5: How to shine in the crowd
Section 6: How to deal with attitude
Section 7: Interaction, how to make friends and influence others
Section 8: Social forgiveness, or what to do and when
Section 9: Signs of Social Success
Part Ten: Power Ten
The Power of Social Intelligence Author: Tony Bozan

Who am I? The key to social intelligence is to be able to communicate positively with others, to be able to feel comfortable around you, to be happy to be with you, and to be able to communicate with others. These are points of self-awareness. You are at peace with yourself, you are also confident, so you know your values ​​and standards. If you are, this quality will seep out of you and have a positive effect on those around you through body movements.

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