The power


Title: The Power

Author: Randa Byrne

Translator: Sahar Ezzati

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Control, Psychology

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 192 p

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book of power
“Power” by Randa Byrne (1945) is an Australian television writer and producer. Berne is the author of The Secret.

After the publication of the book The Secret, many people realized that it is the cause of many problems and troubles within themselves. They took advantage of the secret and were able to experience life at a higher stage. The Power Book is a complement to the Secret Book. This book was published in 2010.

In part of the book we read:
You’ve always had a feeling from the moment you were born. So is everyone else. You can stop conscious thoughts during sleep. But you can never stop feeling, because to be alive is to feel life. You are naturally an emotional being, and it is no coincidence that every part of the human body is created to be able to feel life.

How you feel at any given moment is more important than anything else, because every feeling you have right now creates your life.

Your thoughts and words, without your feelings, have no power in your life at all. You think about a lot of things during the day that go nowhere, because a lot of thoughts do not make you feel strong. What you feel is important.

Imagine your thoughts and words are like a spacecraft and your emotions are like fuel. A spacecraft is a stationary device that cannot operate without fuel. In fact, it is the fuel that drives the spacecraft off the ground. The same is true of your thoughts and words. Thoughts and words in vehicles are vehicles that can not do anything without your emotions, because your emotions are the power of your thoughts and words!

Randa Byrne, author of The Secret, believes that creating and changing everything requires only one component and possibility, and that is power. The life of your dreams is closer to you than you think, because you can achieve the life full of happiness and money you need by using the “power” of perfect health, incredible relationships, the job you love.

Every human discovery, invention and creation arises from “power” and through it everything in life can be achieved. Randa Byrne, one of the most influential figures of the last decade, after revealing the inner secret, spoke of the greatest power in the world that is inside man. In his book Power, he talks about this extraordinary force and introduces it as a possibility that can be used to achieve healthy social relationships, lots of money, health, happiness, and a favorite job. This power is in the human heart, it can only be used well.

About the book of power
The Power by Randa Byrne was published in 2010. This book is in the category of psychology and self-help books and talks about unparalleled energy and power within human beings. This work talks about the effect of positive energy, the power of love and self-confidence, and the author believes that any impossibility can be made possible by using inner power. In this work, Randa Byrne, in addition to expressing her personal feelings and experiences, also uses the sayings of important writers, writers and scientists of human history. He shows that successful people have all been able to climb the ladder of success by harnessing this power.

Randa Byrne believes that everyone deserves a good life. Everyone should be able to achieve health, peace and comfort in life and feel enthusiasm. The health of the human soul and peace of mind are important issues, despite which one can overcome the ups and downs of life and achieve goals.
People should be able to create a sense of vitality and value in themselves and overcome problems and challenges through it. Achieving the goals and objectives requires round-the-clock effort, self-confidence and self-confidence. Self-confidence and confidence in abilities and skills are very important when complex problems and issues arise. Now the question arises, how can this self-confidence be achieved? Many people try to improve their self-esteem by reading books, attending various courses, and meeting with a psychologist.

Randa Byrne in The Power shows that self-confidence and self-confidence emanate from power within. All human beings have an extraordinary power in them, with the help of which all desires can be achieved. By relying on this inner power, you can understand the meaning of your life and strive for your goals. Famous Australian author Randa Byrne helps readers achieve the life they dream of.

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