The Miracle Morning 


Title: Magical Morning

Author: Halrud

Translator: Mehran Zohreh Bakhsh

Publisher: Almas Parsian

Subject: Stress, control

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 208 p

Language: Farsi



 The Miracle Morning, The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM is the effect of Hall of Fame. A near-death experience is something that each person experiences differently. But what these people have in common is a change that takes place in their minds, psyches, and life processes. Sometimes this change is limited to individual changes and sometimes to the extent that it attracts global attention. Halrud is one of those people whose experience became a turning point in his life and distinguished his success activities from other people. The book Magic Morning explains to the audience the importance of waking up and ways to start the day with all the mental and physical strength.

Introduction of Hal Al-Rud; The experience of death and writing
Halrud was born in 1979 in California. He is a writer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker – a prominent self-knowledgeer who expresses his writings and speeches based on his personal experiences. In his writings, Al-Roud tries to bring the audience closer to his dreams and, as a result of the transformation of the reader, reminds him of his inner abilities.

Al-Rud collided with a drunk driver at the age of 20 and his heart stopped for six minutes. Eleven of his bones were broken in this accident, and after regaining consciousness, he realized that he could never walk. He saw this as a step towards personal growth, and with his fighting spirit and hard work, he was not only able to stand on his own two feet and walk, but also competed in a 52-mile marathon and became one of the leading entrepreneurs before the age of thirty. Became.

In December 2016, Al-Roud had a near-death experience for the second time. His kidneys, lungs and heart failed for several minutes. It turned out that he had a rare form of leukemia, and that was the beginning of Hall’s difficult year. He completed his treatment and continues his activities.

Activities and works of Halrood
After a near-death experience, Hall of Fame began its work in the field of success and recovery of human inner abilities. In addition to motivational lectures at universities, research seminars, and charities, he has written books on success and business. He has published ten books entitled Magic Morning, each of which offers solutions to success in various fields. Among them are Magical Morning for Professional Salesmen, Magical Morning for Entrepreneurs, and Magical Morning for Network Marketers. One of the most successful books in the Magic Morning series is Six Habits, which will change your life before 8 a.m.. Published in 2012, the book introduced the name Al-Rud to many audiences.

The author of the book said in an interview about this work: “My job is to teach people how to develop their infinite inner potential. I have dedicated my life to the field of personal development and human potential, I can say with confidence that the book Morning Magic is the most practical, effective and transformative method used to improve various aspects of life that I have encountered so far.
For people with a successful personality type, the book The Miracle of Dawn (Magical Morning) can make a huge difference and take them to the next stages of their lives that go far beyond their achievements in the past. Although revenue growth, business growth, sales, or profitability can be such gains, this method is more about discovering new ways to experience a sense of accomplishment and balance in areas that are often overlooked. “These can be huge advances in health, happiness, human relationships, financial, emotional and other areas that you are interested in.”

Another of his most important works is “Bring Your Life to Life”, which became Amazon’s best-selling book in 2012. Halrrud has written an unpublished book, Beyond the Bestseller, Beyond The Bestseller, in which he answers questions about how to write a book that is both a bestseller and can change people and the world.

About the book The Miracle Morning, The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM
Enter the book The Miracle Morning, The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM, which is called The Magic Morning, Six Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8 AM, The Miracle of Dawn, and The Magic Morning, Six A Habit That Will Transform Your Life Before 8 a.m. ” The book is narrated from the author in the first person.

What is the content of the book Magic Morning?
In the introduction to the book, Hal Elrod describes his life, circumstances, and evolution from 1999 to 2008. In this section, he describes the process of facing physical problems, accepting new conditions and limitations, facing psychological trauma, entering a new era, and how to turn failure into opportunities and growth steps.

The first chapter, entitled “Time to wake up with all your might”, refers to the lack of time and the shortness of life. It also emphasizes that human beings should not be satisfied with less than their ideals; Because each person can be one of the few people who can achieve the desired status they deserve.

The second chapter is called “Magical Morning; The Birth of the Peak of Despair is about hope and, of course, despair in humans and its impact on life and society. He describes his personal experience in the face of death and financial crisis to clearly explain the importance of falling and personal advancement. In part of this chapter, he writes: “So I picked up a piece of white paper and wrote on it the most evolving personal developmental exercises I had learned over the years but had never done (at least not consistently). “Activities such as meditation, self-indulgence (positive affirmations), recording daily events, visualizing, as well as studying and exercising.”

Chapter 3, The True Survey of 95% Society, describes the greatest challenge in human history as follows: “The kind of life that has no limits and that very few people have achieved to this day.” He believes that only 5% of people try to make their dreams come true.
The fourth chapter is called “Why did you wake up today?” It is dedicated to the importance of waking up and starting daily. Al-Rud explains that the majority of people are dissatisfied with waking up in the morning, and then prepares the human mind to solve this problem by stating the reasons for this dissatisfaction and the relatively common morning habit.

In the fifth section of the book, the “Five-Step Awakening Policy” provides ways to increase the motivation to wake up in the morning, and in the next chapter, “Lifeguards, Six Vital Ways to Live to the Full,” Indicates the inner ability of man and each person to know himself.

After recognizing and accepting the weaknesses and failures, in the seventh to tenth chapters, how to become empowered in the morning, recognizing the ways that help a person to start his day properly and then leaving behind useful days to get closer to his dreams and ideals. Examines.

Translation and publication of the book Magic Morning in Iran
Sina Innovators Publications published the book Magic Morning in 2016, translated by Latif Ahmadpour. In 1397, two translations of the book Hal Al-Rud were published; Sepideh Fakharzadeh translated this work of self-knowledge into Persian and published “Ma’yar Alam”. “Almas Parsian” also published another Persian version of this work with the translation of “Mehran Zohrehbakhsh”. “Maryam Asgharpour” also published another translation of the book in “Bahar Sabz” publication, which reached its fourth edition in 1398.

In a part of the book, we read about The Miracle Morning, The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM
I was in a coma for six days and when I heard this news I came out of a coma that I could never walk again. After seven challenging weeks of hospital rehabilitation and trying to learn to walk again, I was discharged into my parents’ arms and returned to the real world. Despite eleven broken bones, serious brain damage, and a fiancée who broke up with me at the hospital, the life I knew would never be the same again. Believe it or not, all of this led to good and unbelievable things …

As a result of choosing gratitude for what I had, unconditional acceptance of what I did not have, and accepting full responsibility for creating what I wanted, that devastating accident eventually became one of the best events of my life. Accepting the belief that everything happens for a reason (but it is our job to choose the most empowering reasons for life’s challenges, events, and happenings), I used my accident to make a triumphant return.

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