The long road home


Title: The Long Road Home: Memoirs of a Survivor of a North Korean Camp

Author: Kim Young

Translator: Monira Jian

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: Political Prisoners — North Korea – Biography

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 176

Language: Farsi



The book The long road home by Mohammad Mohebbi is an attempt to better understand the relationship and marriage, which has been written by collecting information from a collection of books and articles written in this field.

Introducing the book The Long Way Home
The sweetness of life during marriage can be doubled; But the continuation of this sweetness depends on understanding the word life. Everyone who is alive does not necessarily live; It does not necessarily mean femininity or masculinity. A significant portion of this femininity and masculinity matured and will continue into the pre- and post-marital period.

You have heard a lot about the importance of choice in marriage. Recommendations that further refer to the validation of the theory of chance in society; At best, you have training and instruction that will reduce risk and make better choices; But these theories, and even the emphasis on the importance of choice in marriage, can themselves be fruitful but misleading. This is the case when you consider marriage as an end or beginning (project); If marriage is part of the chain and course of life and nothing is more important to man than understanding life. The sweetness of life during marriage can be doubled; But the continuation of this sweetness depends on your understanding of life.

Great sentences about love
Rumi: Love is a sea, its depth has disappeared.
Saadi: More happy than the days of love: It is not a period.
Hafez: The one whose heart was revived by love never dies.
Aristotle: Love: distracts from seeing the flaw.
Victor Hugo: To love someone else is to see the face of God.

In a part of the book, we read a:
Centuries before Martians and Venusians came together, they lived apart and were happy. Until they got depressed and this caused them to come together and realize that the only way to get rid of depression is to get out of their cave. Because they felt a real need.
Men become irritable and empowered when they feel the need for women.
Women become irritable and empowered when they feel attached.
Men go to their caves and women talk
– Women seek peace through talking.
– Men are relieved only if the problem is solved.
– Never enter the cave of men, otherwise you will burn in the fire of the dragon.
Each of Venus and Mars copes with different stresses.
– Men take refuge in their caves to solve their problems alone and be relieved.
To forget her pain, a woman may involve herself in the problems of others.
– When a woman is under stress, her instinct is to talk about her feelings and all the issues related to them.
– After a woman explains and talks to her husband more than three of his problems, the man seeks to relate those problems to each other.
– A woman who is under stress does not immediately seek to solve problems. He is looking for peace and this peace is when they understand him.
Index of the book The long road home
Book: Are You Half Lost?
Book: Secrets About Women
Book: Secrets About Men
Book: Martian Men, Venusian Women
Book: Premarital Education
Book: The Rite of Marriage in Islam
Book: Marriage in Islam
Book: Sexual Knowledge
Book: Marriage to a man and a woman of your choice
Marriage law

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